10 auto-posting services on Instagram, VKontakte, Telegram and other social networks

Auto-posting to social networks is the publication of specified posts and stories on a schedule in automatic mode. It allows you to devote a minimum of time to maintaining groups and profiles. For example, download the required content in the morning within 5-10 minutes, and receive publications at the right time: during the day, in the evening or at night. In addition, deferred posting services allow you to publish posts on several sites at once, which also saves time.

We decided to create our own selection and added 10 auto-posting services to Instagram, Vkontakte, Telegram and other social networks. Read, choose, use!

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

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10 programs for delayed posting on social networks

# 1: Parasite

A service for delayed posting and working with social networks with a minimalist design. The most popular platforms are supported: Instagram, Facebook and VKontakte.

Parasite has a fast speed of work and an intuitive interface, as well as many convenient functions for working with Instagram. The main features of the service: creating Instagram stories through a convenient editor, communication in Direct, viewing the feed and commenting on posts, graphical analytics and text templates. The service also allows you to create a post release schedule so that you do not have to manually specify the publication time each time.

there is free period for 7 days, after which you are offered to choose the appropriate tariff plan. The cheapest tariff will cost 349 rubles per month.

Start working at Parasite >>>

# 2: InSMM


Auto-posting service for social networks. With the help of InSMM, you can set up delayed posting on Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook and Odnoklassniki. It is possible to post to Instagram Stories.

The service has a built-in photo editor that allows you to edit images in a few clicks. Publishing analytics, previews of posts and drafts are also available, and on the paid plan there is a video publication.

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Usage cost 250 rubles / month for unlimited posting to all social networks. There is a free plan that allows you to publish up to 50 posts and 5 stories per month. Try InSMM >>

Number 3: Instaplus

Service for integrated promotion on Instagram. Also allows you to customize the posting of photos and galleries.

Subscription cost – from 399 rubles / month for one account. The test period is 7 days. Try the service for free >>>

# 4: SMMPlanner

It is an online social media posting service. In addition to Instagram and Vkontakte, it supports 4 more social networks: Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Twitter and instant messengers – Viber and Telegram.

It allows you to schedule posts in just a couple of mouse clicks. However, there is a small drawback – to specify the time, you need to select it manually in the table. Sometimes you can miss, and then the publication will be released at a different time. But the service is very accurate. In your personal account, you can view the attached content and text of each post, the social page on which it will be published, and the status – “Published” or “Scheduled”.

Smmplanner service

The service is conditionally free. Those who have not paid for access can publish from 50 to 100 posts per month – the exact number depends on the bonuses. There is also a trial period – you can schedule 10 posts at the same time. The cost of paid tariffs – from 450 to 7,500 rubles… You have to pay separately for publishing videos, using your proxies and other services.

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# 5: Amplifer

Amplifer - auto-posting service

This auto-posting service can work with 11 social networks, except for VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and Telegram, there is even LinkedIn.

The service has a convenient post calendar with a customizable schedule and post metrics, an advanced post editor with all the necessary functions at hand, and “Autopilot” for more traffic and coverage. Collaboration with colleagues and clients with flexible access and “Discussion posts” is supported. In addition, there is visual analytics – from post to entire projects.

The cost of the minimum tariff – 15 $ per month… For this amount, 5 pages are available, an unlimited number of posts, as well as basic analytics with email reports.

# 6: Hooppy

The service can work with 9 sites. In addition to Instagram and VK, it gives access to publications in My World, Twitter and other sites.

It also allows you to upload posts to multiple accounts at the same time and set up scheduled posting. Autorepost is also available to users – you can set up automatic copying of posts from one account to another, from one social network to another. Other additional features include searching for posts and photos using specified filters, working with RSS, searching for a target audience and monitoring brand mentions.

Minimum price START tariff – 99 rubles per month… For this amount, you can publish 1000 posts, posts and photos will be searched. Free test period – 7 days

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# 7: Seolit

The service works with 11 platforms, including, in addition to popular social networks, LiveJournal and Linkedin

Users can customize the import of posts to the site, posting at a specific time, or posting from one social network to another. You can set up a separate schedule for each social network. The main distinguishing feature is a simple interface, in which it is difficult to get confused.

Service gives free weekly test period… It has no tariff division – access costs 400 rubles for 30 days… For this amount, you can connect 11 accounts – one for each site. You need to pay 100 rubles for an additional account.

# 8: “Roboposting”

This service allows you to set up delayed posting on 8 social networks. Its creators say that they are constantly improving the functionality.

The basic features are well implemented – posting from the site, auto-posting, posting records on a schedule. You can create a template for posts to standardize them, or use a separate plugin for the Google Chrome browser – it is convenient to search for content through it. The service also provides the ability to publish videos, pictures and animations, create scripts for posting and auto-posting, upload and edit products on Vkontakte.


The service provides free test period 7 days… The initial tariff is 350 rubles. For this money, 5 accounts and work with goods in VKontakte are available.

# 9: SmmBox

This service works with Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, Pinterest and Tumblr. And it offers users extensive functionality.

In the service, you can not only publish posts, but also copy them with one click. A convenient search on social networks works; for the convenience of users, it is divided into topics. You can customize the search parameters, and then publish the post you like to your group, making it unique – for example, adding a watermark. Also, the service can analyze publications, and it also has extensions for 4 browsers.

Free test period – 14 days… The cost of the minimum tariff – 399 rubles per month, it includes posting in 5 groups.

# 10: NovaPress

NovaPress supports auto-posting on Instagram, VK, Telegram, Facebook and 6 other sites.

In addition to the standard posting on a schedule and the publication of posts in several social networks, the service is able to import content from a website or videos from well-known video hosting sites, and it also does this on a schedule. You can work as a team, use auto-hashtags or watermark.

The starting fare is 125 rubles per month… Free test the service for 10 days


Choose an auto-posting service on Instagram and other social networks based on your needs. For example:

  • If you want to work for free, choose SMMPlanner – you can publish 50-100 posts in it a month and not pay anything
  • If the number of sites is important to you, choose Amplifr – it works with 12 sites and messengers
  • If you want to find posts on the topics you need in a couple of moments, use SmmBox – it provides an easy search

What auto-posting services do you use? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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