10 best books on YouTube: what to read for a beginner video blogger

There are a lot of videos and articles on the Internet that tell you how to decide on the topic of the channel, how to create, promote it and start earning. Bloggers share their secrets with audiences to gain more views. But if you do not want to look for information in different places, reviewing one video after another, it is better to find a book on promotion, and after reading it inside and out, get answers to your questions.

In this article, we will list the 10 best YouTube books from which you can learn about the secrets of promotion, and put them into practice, you will achieve a good result. Their authors are successful bloggers who share their development secrets.

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10 best books on YouTube

Below we list 10 books that will help you grow your channel:

“How to Become First on YouTube. Secrets of Explosive Promotion ”.

The author of the book Timur Tazhetdinov is the owner of the YouTube channel with 95,000 subscribers. Together with him worked on the creation of the book: A. Parabellum, N. Mrochkovsky. The guys talk about how you can attract viewers to the channel by posting videos filmed on a phone or an inexpensive video camera. You will learn everything from the stage of creating content for your channel to how to bring a video to the top of Google and YouTube.

“YouTube School. How to create a channel and make money on it. “

YouTube school. How to create a channel and make money on it

The author of the book, Matvey Severyanin, is not the only book on his account. He has achieved great success on YouTube: taught hundreds of students and has 2 silver buttons. You can get this award when you have over 100,000 subscribers on your channel. In his book, he answers such questions: why do you need to create a channel, how to maintain it correctly, how to promote your videos and how to make money on the channel.

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“YouTube: the path to success. How to get trucks of likes and tons of money. “

YouTube: the path to success. How to get trucks of likes and tons of money

The creator of this book is one of the most popular bloggers – Nikolai Sobolev, whose channel has more than 4.6 million subscribers. In the book, he explains how to create a successful channel and what it is for. Its co-authors were: K. Zhukovsky, R. Nazarchuk.

“YouTube. The magic button of success. “

YouTube. Magic Success Button

Create a channel with a million views! Robin Hoodin is a girl who barely reaches half a million subscribers. She tells how to find a niche and create interesting content for users, shares the secrets of attracting an audience.

“How to Make Money on YouTube for Dummies.”

How to make money on YouTube for dummies

This book was written by Rob Chiampa and reveals the secrets of creating a channel, the author describes how to evaluate your development results and the current measures for promotion.

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“Promotion on YouTube”.

YouTube promotion

The author of the book is Stas Bykov, with an army of 121,000 subscribers. The author of the How to Make Money on the Internet channel tells his viewers how to design and set up a channel, reveals the secrets of shooting, editing and optimizing videos. You will also learn how to bring videos to the TOP, gain the first subscribers and start earning.

YouTube: your traffic lab

YouTube: your traffic lab

A girl wrote the book Irina Lawrence, on her channel about 10,000 subscribers. The uniqueness of its publication is that, in addition to instructions on how to create a channel, it gives tasks, during which you acquire new knowledge and develop your channel. This book is suitable for companies and online stores developing their YouTube channel.

How to make money on YouTube. Step by step guide

How to make money on YouTube. Step by step guide

This is another book from Matvey Severyanin. Its essence is not much different from the first, but after reading it, you will learn how to become a cool blogger on YouTube. It is more suitable for beginners who are just planning to create their own channel.

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Dan and Phil’s YouTube sensation story. The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire “.

The story of Dan and Phil's YouTube sensations. The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire

The book has two titles: in Russian and in English. Dan and Phil have more than 11,000 subscribers on the channel, and they have not released videos for about a year. But, nevertheless, in 2016 they published a book that will help budding bloggers develop their channel. In addition to giving the guys recommendations on how to blog, they share with readers interesting stories from life that are not covered in the videos.

“Promotion and promotion on YouTube. How to attract customers through video marketing ”.

Promotion and promotion on YouTube. How to attract customers with video marketing

The author of the book Sergey Arkhangelsky is the creator of the YouTube channel “Promotion and promotion in youtube”, where there are about 27,000 subscribers. Despite the fact that the book was released in 2015, novice YouTube users will be able to find relevant tips and tricks for themselves. The author writes how to optimize the channel and how to set up the software.

We do not urge you to read all 10 books, moreover, some recommendations of bloggers may be similar. But if you want to promote your channel, then 3-4 books must be read.

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