10 best gamification services

Gamification is the application of game mechanics to solve marketing problems. There are services for holding games / contests in social networks, there are services for training and motivating employees.

In this article, we will list 10 top gamification services for social media and business, and tell you how they work.

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How do gamification tools work?

For social networks

Gamification services allow you to host games / contests on social media and on YouTube. It’s not just a way to entertain your audience, but also a powerful promotion tool if done right. Through games and contests, you can get a natural increase in views and user engagement, and on a much larger scale than just posting interesting content.

How gamification tools work – you come up with a game (or take a finished one) with specific mechanics, for example, write a comment under an Instagram post and mark two friends in it. If the game provides for a prize, use the service to determine and award the winner.

The most common mechanics are:

  • repost prize;
  • mark a friend;
  • last comment;
  • the most active subscriber;
  • the first correct answer;
  • author of the best work (for creative contests).

What does it give – activity on your pages / channels, the ability to promote content using site algorithms, audience loyalty and, as a result, increase in coverage.

What are the risks – you can run into freeloaders who will unsubscribe from you immediately after the game or will not show any activity on the page, which will spoil the statistics. Below we will write how to avoid this.

Tip: If you are running a game / contest that rewards the winners, choose the prize that interests your target audience. For example, you host self-development webinars. Offer the winner free access to one of the practices or an online consultation. Since this is a specific award, only those who are interested in it will participate.

A typical mistake when conducting games and contests is when choosing a mass product for a prize, for example, an iPhone, cosmetics, headphones. Anyone can apply for such a prize, including those who do not belong to your target audience.

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For staff

They allow you to facilitate and speed up the training process for employees, increase involvement in the work process, and form positive emotions. Also, services can be used to conduct competitions in a team in order to motivate staff.

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Principle of operation – depends on the specific service and business area. For example, you can create a quest from several tasks for employees, where for each completed step the game currency is awarded, which will then be paid as a bonus or other bonuses.

What gives – allows to work out the correct actions of the employee, increases motivation, evokes a feeling of excitement and competition.

10 best gamification services

Services for social networks and employees:


SUB is a reward-based game builder. For 1 like, users are awarded 1 point, for 1 comment – 2 points. The points are automatically calculated by the service and displayed in the table.

Mechanics – automatic calculation of comments and likes with points.

Service chips:

  • 12 ready-made ideas for games;
  • activity limitation – you can configure under which specific posts the activity will be taken into account;
  • taking into account the quality of comments – for example, at least 4 words;
  • online table with results available to participants;
  • you can add points for additional actions, for example, for marking your profile in your story.

Platforms: Instagram.

The cost: the price depends on the number of subscribers, for example, for 5,000 subscribers (this is the minimum number), you will need to pay 630 rubles per month.


Service for counting comments and likes on Instagram

Iscrape is a service for counting comments and likes on Instagram + a mass mailing tool. That is, a two-in-one service. Let’s see how you can use it:

For games: The service has the ability to configure filters to search for specific words in comments. For example, you can start a game where the correct answer must contain a specific word. We find the correct answers in the comments using a filter, we offer the winners a discount on the product.

The service also automatically detects a commentator’s subscription to a given profile, whether he liked the publication. That is, you can additionally filter the winners by whether they have met all the conditions of the game.

For bulk mailings: We find the comments in which the user left his email and start the automatic mailing.

Mechanics – filtering comments, determining the fact of subscribing to a profile and liking a post.

Platforms: Instagram.

The cost: 3 rubles for processing 100 comments.


VKontakte gamification service

LetsCover is a service for creating dynamic covers for VK. In the header, you can place the most active commentators, the last subscriber, the best likes, birthday people, donators, the comment of the day. Some widgets motivate subscribers to be active in the community.

Elements of social media gamification

Service chips:

  • more than 30 widgets are available;
  • the activity widget is in the VK application catalog;
  • information on the widget is updated every minute.
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Platforms: In contact with.

The cost: there is a trial free plan for 48 hours, then from 200 rubles per month for 1 group.


Service for playing games on Instagram

The Gamifer service allows you to play games on Instagram, automatically calculate the activity of participants, giving them points. Each participant can track their progress in the activity table.

Mechanics – automatic counting of comments and likes to them.

Advice: using the service, you can build your own loyalty system directly on Instagram, for example, offer a discount for a certain number of points.

Service chips:

  • there are ready-made mini-games that can be launched in a separate post;
  • the service takes into account only high-quality comments, for example, it will not award points for a comment from one word or emoticons;
  • fines can be imposed – for bad behavior the participant loses several points;
  • a spam filter is built into the functionality.

Important: The service is approved by Facebook and works through its API.

Platforms: Instagram.

The cost: from 890 rubles per month.


Reward Quiz Builder

myQuiz is an award-winning quiz builder. You create a test on the website and submit a link to pass it on social networks or on YouTube. It can be used to introduce subscribers to a brand, ask questions about yourself if you are a blogger or about an activity if you are an expert content creator.

Service chips:

  • up to 100,000 people can pass the quiz at the same time;
  • games up to 500 concurrent players are free.

Platforms: Any platform will do, as the quiz must be completed on the myQuiz website.

The cost: Free for up to 500 concurrent players.

You to gift

Social media draws service

You to Gift is a service for holding sweepstakes in social networks. A contest page is created on the service, each participant is assigned a number. There is a randomizer with advanced settings to determine the winners.

Service chips:

  • it’s free;
  • in the service, you can check the fulfillment of the conditions by the participants, for example, whether a comment was left and whether a subscription was made;
  • on the drawing page you can specify the prize fund;
  • the drawing can be placed in the service catalog and thereby attract more participants.

PS A detailed review of this service was made in the article “How to Conduct a Contest on YouTube”.

Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, VKontakte.

The cost: is free.


Draw service

randomPromo is a simple service for holding contests in VK. You need to add a link to the contest post, select the number of participants, conditions and create a contest page. To announce the winners, post a link to the service page with the results in VK.

Mechanics – subscribing to a VK group, reposting a post.

Service chips:

  • you can check compliance with the conditions;
  • it is possible to indicate the exact time when the winners were determined

Platforms: VC.

The cost: is free.

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Work & Play

Gamification service for employee training

Work & Play is a gamification service for training employees and intangible motivation. Competitions between employees, rating system, award badges are available in the service.

Service chips:

  • can be used in the cloud or transferred to your server;
  • it is possible to customize the appearance for your business;
  • rich functionality – competitions, news feed with colleagues’ achievements, prize auction, employee profiles;
  • there is analytics for managers;
  • mobile apps available.

The cost: the price is individual, you need to make a request for a specific business.


Gamified business platform

Gingerbread is a similar service, a gamified business platform. The service has missions, ratings, points, badges, awards, virtual currency, a store where you can spend virtual currency.

Service chips:

  • there is a mobile application;
  • built-in idea exchange where employees can submit their ideas;
  • corporate messenger for employee communication.

The cost: there is a free solution, then from 156 rubles per employee per month or from 2,340 rubles per employee forever.

Donut – an application for receiving donations on VKontakte

How to play a game for VKontakte subscribers

Not a gamification service, but …

We recently described this application in an article about donations in VK. It allows you to display a list of dons (and other information) in the community header. Okay, what does gamification services have to do with it, you ask? It’s simple – with the help of Donut, you can combine games and earnings on donations.

An example of the simplest game:

  1. You come up with a prize for the winner, for example, money, goods, consultation, in general, something that is of value to your target audience.
  2. Then you voice the rule – the one who holds out on the cover in the Don’s list (or at the very top of the top) for 10 minutes is considered the winner.
  3. For the game, set the symbolic minimum donation value – 1 ruble, 5, 10 rubles. The duration of the game is 24 hours.

Such a game can bring more donations per day than a month. Only suitable for communities with an active audience and a large number of subscribers, otherwise the contest will end too quickly.

Platforms: VC.

The cost: is free.


The potential for hosting games and contests on social media should not be ignored. And there is no need to be afraid that you will not be able to count the likes and comments to determine the winner – there are special programs for this.

There are very few services that offer ready-made templates and game ideas (Gamifer, SUB), so you can spy on ideas for games on Instagram in our article.

Gaming services for employees are also not a waste of time, but a contribution to the company’s future. A well-trained, motivated, performance-minded employee who is not afraid of competition can bring you more sales than just an employee doing his job for money.

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