10 best Instagram photo editing apps

If standard filters are not enough for you, then this collection of the 10 best Instagram photo editing apps is just for you! Personal blog, holding promotions, brand promotion or sale of goods and services – all this is possible through Instagram.

Photo processing is important as Instagram is a social network of visuals. It is important to choose the right visual design. It’s about processing photos in a single style. A similar step is necessary to create a general color style, which, in turn, should match the design style of the main resource. Or at least be designed in the colors of the company logo. This is an important point for brand personalization.

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We will use special applications for processing photos. Let’s talk about the main applications and their capabilities.

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Best Instagram photo editing apps

So, what kind of editors can be used to process photos:

1. VSCO.

Platforms: IOS, Android.

Convenient, small editor. Originally developed for the Iphone, it has the inherent simplicity of Apple’s software. According to the developers themselves, this application was created for those who do not like to adapt and study for a long time. Although, an extensive manual is attached to the program, which helps to understand the operation of all functions.

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Of the advantages, first of all I would like to note intuitive interface and the highest level of usability. Low resource requirements with very impressive functionality. In addition, the program is free, except for additional features available in the PRO version.

The only disadvantage is the absence of the Russian version of the editor.

2. Facetune.

Platforms: IOS, Android.

An editor with very powerful functionality. Deep work with photos, up to whitening teeth and getting rid of wrinkles on the skin. Also, it is possible to change the color of any photo elements without exposing them to foreign ones.


The application is great, but usually you do not need such in-depth features for processing photos in order to create a uniform style.

There are many pluses, they all relate to functionality.

There are also disadvantages: the cost of the program (299 rubles) and incorrect work with one of the most common formats “.png”.

3. Perfect365.

Platforms: IOS, Android.

The application, narrow in functionality, however, copes with the task of processing photos with a bang. The program itself is designed for amateurs, which is both a plus and a minus. It is mastered literally in a matter of minutes. But it has a clearly defined “ceiling”. Retouches photos, works with skin, eye color, has several good filters. Free distribution.


Alas, it has no support for the Russian language. And it doesn’t work correctly on Androide.

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4. Pixelmator.

Platforms: IOS, Mac.

An almost professional platform for working with photos. Includes a huge number of filters and ready-made collages. Allows you to apply text of any format to the image, change the color scheme, completely transform the photo. In fact, the possibilities are at the level of Photoshop.

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Also, the pluses include support for all Apple devices.

Cons: cost (379 rubles) and the need for a fairly long study.

5. Snapseed.

Platforms: IOS, Android.

This editor has a basic set of functions. Retouching, working with size and format, several filters. Ideal for fast processing of large volumes of photos. Developer – Google.


The app is free.

There are practically no downsides, except for the amateur level of functionality.


Platforms: IOS, Android.

A very powerful editor. To describe it, just go through the numbers: 120 different filters, more than 300 frames of different styles, more than 130 layouts of magazine collages. True, all this splendor is available only with the purchase of additional functions. In the free version, the application is much more modest in terms of capabilities, which can be attributed to the disadvantages.


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7. Mextures.

Platforms: IOS

An innovative application that enables processing with grainy film and gradients. It has interesting filters that cannot be found in any other editor.


It is also possible to create your own filter and save it. And then overlay on all the photos, creating a truly unique style.

Cons: paid (RUB 149), works only on one platform.


Platforms: IOS, Android

An editor that stands out for its specialization in distortion removal. Smoothes lens distortion, brings the photo to perfect symmetry. Otherwise, it has average functionality.


Buying such a program will cost you 149 rubles.

9. Afterlight.

Platforms: IOS, Mac, Android.

The program is mainly aimed at working with color. Has a dozen different films for leveling and color correction. Allows you to work with saturation and contrast settings at a very high level.

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Paid, although the price is relatively small – only 33 rubles

The disadvantages include the poor overall functionality.

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10. Adobe Photoshop Express.

Platforms: IOS, Android.

A simplified version of Photoshop aimed at using smartphones. This is not to say that the program has unique features. Therefore, the main advantage will be “familiarity” for those who use Photoshop from their PC.

Adobe Photoshop Express Edition (1)

There are also disadvantages: the presence of paid functions, as well as too narrow functionality in comparison with its “older brother”.

Select and test several Instagram photo editing apps, and choose the one you like.

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