10 best programs and services for massliking on Instagram

While Instagram is struggling with cheating likes and mass activities, massliking on Instagram continues to work and show good results. The main thing is to configure it correctly and choose the right service for this.

In this article, we will explain what massliking is and how to use it to promote your account in 2020. Let’s take a look at the 5 best services and programs for massliking on Instagram.

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

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  • No blocks. The limits work as if you were doing it all manually.
  • Safely. You do not need to enter a password for your account.
  • High speed. You can put up to 1000 likes and 500 subscriptions per day.

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What is Instagram massliking and how to use it for promotion

Massliking on Instagram is an automated process of adding likes to posts, photos or videos of users. Usually massliking is launched on a pre-assembled audience, thematic hashtags or geolocation. The goal is to draw attention to your profile.

With the right approach, massliking can provide a conversion rate of 1-2%. The correct approach in this case means preparing the account for traffic, selecting and filtering the target audience.

Parsing the target audience on Instagram must be carried out from the accounts of competitors, by thematic hashtags and the nearest places. Further, the collected audience is filtered from bots, fakes and commercial accounts. Also, you should exclude the accounts of stars and bloggers, where your like will simply not be noticed. Pre-connect your business account and design your page beautifully. Even if users after the like and do not subscribe to your account, they will know about your existence.

Masliking can also be used to increase ER, reach and impressions. To do this, just start mass-liking to a warm audience. your followers or those who liked you.

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10 best services for massliking on Instagram

Of course, putting down the mark “I like it” manually is inconvenient and time-consuming. Moreover, there are special services that perform this procedure automatically.


Masslining in this service is available as one of the many tools for working with Instagram. You can start tasks to add likes, like + subscribe, like + view stories. There are also statistics of all actions for the last 30 days.

In addition to mass-liking in Instaplus, there are tools for auto-posting, sending messages to Direct, auto-commenting, gathering an audience, mass-looking and mass-following.

Test period: 5 days.

The cost: 399 rubles / month for one account. Try Instaplus >>>



Cloud service that allows you to put reciprocal likes on the machine, to mark “I like” subscribers to increase their activity. There is also mass-liking by a given audience or by selected parameters, with filtering “on the fly”.

Also, from the Zengram functionality, it is worth noting the parser, instashpy, autodirect, mass viewing of stories and analytics.

Test period: 7 days.

The cost: 699 rubles / month for one account. Try Zengram >>>



Service for integrated promotion on Instagram. One of the service tools – massliking. At the same time, you can customize the placement of likes not only on posts, but also on comments.

In the starter plan, in addition to the functions for promotion (likes, subscriptions, comments), there is mailing to Direct, auto-posting, and account statistics.

Test period: 24 hours.

The cost: from 490 rubles per month for 1 account. Try Bridgit >>

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The service allows you to put likes on behalf of your account on photos and videos of the target audience, thereby attracting attention to your account.

Tuligram allows you to set up likes, including on the audience’s comments, this is almost exclusive and it is quite difficult to find such a function.

In addition, the service has auto-posting, collecting an audience on Instagram, tracking comments, multi-link, viewing stories. There is a cloud version and a program.

Test period: 3 days.

The cost: 499 rubles / month for one account. Try Tooligram >>>


ZEUS is a service fully adapted to modern realities for promoting Instagram accounts on a cloud platform. The service combines all the functions necessary for high-quality promotion, and has no analogues either in price or in a set of options

ZEUS functions:

  • one potential subscriber accounts for up to 6 interactions, which attracts his attention with a probability of 95%;
  • smart mass following, where “smart” means working only with an active audience;
  • smart massliking (see above);
  • the ability to parse the collected audience by gender, age and city through the VK filter;
  • mass viewing of stories, collection of the database is carried out by competitors, geo-points and hashtags, 100 units of each type;
  • sending messages to Direct to current subscribers and many others.
  • built-in automatic posting to Instagram with the ability to schedule the date and time of the post and the like.

The service provides a trial period for new users of 5 days. If you add an account immediately after registration and launch it, the service will extend the trial period for another 7 days.

The cost: from 218 rubles slot per month.


In the service, in addition to massliking, you can set up automatic likes. Just like automatic subscription, a system to like other users’ photos and videos. This promotion method is most effective for young accounts who are just starting to promote on Instagram.

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For example, the service allows you to process likes only an active audience. If this filter is set, the system will only interact with those users who comments or likes the photo of the selected account.


SocialKit program

A program for automating the promotion. Allows you to fine-tune any actions and imitate the behavior of a living person. A huge plus this is an unlimited number of accounts that you need to add to the program. Minus —Requires installation on a computer.

There is no test period, there is a free demo version of the program.

Cost: a license for a month will cost you 1100 rubles



It is a well-proven Instagram management and promotion system. Like many other sites, it makes it possible to collect the target audience by hashtags, competitors and geolocation, launch likes in automatic mode, and then analyze the performance using statistics.

Test period: 5 days.

Price: from 299 rubles per month for one account (more accounts – higher price);



This is a software that is ideal for promoting an Instagram account. When setting up and starting mass-liking on Instagram through this program, tasks will be performed even when the PC is turned off.

Free free version to promote one account with reduced functionality.

The cost: 499 rubles monthly for Leongram Premium.


Social hammer

Cloud service for automatic promotion on a social network. Offers a standard set of tools without having to install software on your computer. When the task is launched, the service takes into account the limits on likes set by Instagram.

Test period: 7 days.

The cost: from 719 rubles per month for maintaining two profiles and launching three tasks.


Today, you shouldn’t consider massliking on Instagram as the only promotion tool. It must be used in conjunction with other tools. And most importantly, pay special attention to account security.

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