10 best programs and services for promoting a group in VK

Promotion of a VKontakte group is not an easy job. Fortunately, today a huge number of programs and services have been developed that are aimed at simplifying this work. But how not to get lost in this diversity?

The larger the choice, the more difficult it is to make it. Services differ in cost, functionality and many other parameters. Which one do you choose to accomplish the same task: a free single-task web service or paid feature-rich software? There is something to think about.

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In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right tools for promoting the VK community. Let’s discuss the criteria for doing this. Let’s talk about the functionality that the administrator cannot do without. We present an overview of 10 programs, services and applications that will be useful for promoting the group. Let’s evaluate their pros and cons.

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Service selection criteria

Let’s start with the fact that you need a correct understanding of the process of promoting VKontakte groups. The “more subscribers, the better” strategy doesn’t work.

A whole range of activities is needed here:

  • Search and collection of target audience… What’s the use of several thousand bots following you? Or, if most of the subscribers leave the community in 2-3 days (in SMM this is called a “rollback”)? To avoid this, you need to look for “your audience”. Services and applications for collecting the target audience – parsers in VK, are created precisely for this.
  • Sending invitations in groups and meetings, she is “inviting”. Work algorithm: bots are added as friends, and then those who have added are invited to the community. Likes and comments are used similarly. There are probably the most of such instruments. This promotion method is a rather “dirty” way of organizing the growth of subscribers, but no one canceled it.
  • Sending messages – Automatically sends messages to multiple users. Useful because people may not see the publication in the community for various reasons, but they will definitely receive the newsletter. With the help of mailings, you can also attract new followers.
  • Filling content… Whatever one may say, but both current and potential subscribers need to be interested in something. Posts should be interesting, unique, and most importantly, permanent. Here, various posting services come to the rescue, which perform the tasks of finding the best posts from auto-posting competitors.
  • Moderation… “Dead” or inactive subscribers pull statistics down. It is important to keep your finger on the pulse for promotion. You can track this more easily using apps.

From this we can conclude that one of the main criteria for choosing automated assistants in promotion is functionality.

Whether you choose a specific tool, for example, for inviting or will use a service that is widespread in terms of functions, is a matter of preference. The main thing is that one or more programs on which you stopped, provide a full range of promotional activities.

The second criterion for selection is “price / quality”.

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Once again, there are many tools for promotion – both paid and free. Sometimes they do, in essence, the same thing, but one developer asks for money for the service, and the other does not.

Here you need to assess the “solvency” of your VKontakte group and answer the question: “Are paid solutions suitable for you?” Many promotion goals can be implemented for free, but you need to understand that this can take a lot of time, and the result is not a fact that will meet expectations.

If paid programs are still affordable for you, then decide on the budget and you can start choosing. But do not forget to evaluate each application for price / quality ratio. Developers don’t always assess their product objectively. Sometimes, if you search, you can find a much more functional, but at the same time budget solution.

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10 programs and services for promoting the VKontakte group

We present an overview of the tools for the administrator of the VKontakte group, which we consider the most suitable for use. Programs and services differ in the specifics of their application, prices and the number of functions.


A program to promote groups and communities on VKontakte. One of the largest in terms of functionality. The developers have provided almost everything for an SMM specialist: a parser and inviting based on the received data, tools for mailings, mass-liking and moderation, and much more.

The license is paid. 1 pc – 990 rubles. A free trial version is provided.

pros: the peculiarities of the requirements of the moderators of the social network Vkontakte were taken into account, ensuring work with the target audience.

Minuses: the distribution of invites is limited to 40 invitations within 8 hours.

Target Hunter

10 programs and services for promoting the VKontakte group

Service for audience selection. The tool is able to find potential subscribers for you. He searches for places of work similar to communities, music and many other parameters. In addition, it will make it possible to find VKontakte any content by keywords, and also has moderation functionality. Sends notifications to Telegram.

The service is partially paid. There are only 20 functions in free access (there are more than 90 of them) Subscription: 799 rubles / month.

pros: ratio “price / quality”, popularity.

Minuses: rather complex interface.

More details: Target Hunter overview

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LParser VK

LParser VK

A specialized tool for targeting and parsing. One of many programs for gathering target audience, but LParser stands out for the unique opportunity not to create multiple accounts to use it. Allows you to pick up the “audience” quickly and without consequences, because knows how to bypass VKontakte restrictions. The functionality is not as wide as that of QuickSender, but it is more than sufficient for the target.

The license is paid. 1 PC – 790 rubles. There are no free features.

pros: bypassing VK limits, simple interface.

Minuses: no trial version.

VK app: “Compare several audiences”

VK app:

Compares the subscribers of two communities and finds common users. Useful for an SMM specialist to select an audience “manually”. Visually displays the results and helps to formulate a marketing strategy.

The application is partially paid. Free of charge 9,999 checks. Do you need more?

pros: availability, simplicity.

Minuses: limited opportunities.

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VK Target

VK Target

Mass following, massliking and much more. Cheat likes, subscribers, comments for money. You post an assignment, such as Join the Community. Someone performs it and receives, for example, 1 ruble for it. You can pour money into the service, or you can perform similar tasks yourself and earn them.

Registration for the service is free. Subscriber price – from 1 r.

Minuses: “Live” subscribers with minimal investment.

pros: a quick “rollback” about 9% of subscribers.



Service for filling the community with content. A simple and intuitive tool for maintaining a VKontakte group 24/7. You can configure deferred posting, post interval, subscriber moderation. Ideal for newbies in administration.

The service is paid. The current price for 1 post is displayed in the “Statistics and price” section. Average: 1.9 rubles / post

pros: popularity, technical support for developers.

Minuses: Any additional settings (for example, adding image effects) will increase the cost of publishing.



Leading posting post. The most popular application for auto-uploading content to various social networks. Almost all types of content are published. It has no analogues in terms of functionality. Allows you to schedule not only posting, but also deleting posts.

The service is partially paid. The tariff for maintaining 5 accounts is 450 rubles / month. There is a trial period of 7 days with restrictions. Free: 50 posts per month.

pros: ample opportunities, trial period.

Minuses: complex interface, lack of statistical functionality.

More details: SMMplanner overview

Grabber VkDog

Grabber VkDog

Reposting software. Allows you to set up borrowing posts from other communities to your VKontakte group. You can specify the keywords by which the bot will identify and automatically repost publications that suit you. Or, conversely, you can configure which publications to ignore.

The program is free, but its use constantly requires passing the captcha. Better to use in conjunction with the Antigate recognizer. The price is 5 USD for 5000 captchas.

pros: the ability to debug the constant filling of the group with content.

Minuses: the need to buy a captcha recognizer.



Multifunctional application for community promotion. Can do a lot at once: mass mailings, reposting, inviting and more. And also has the ability to search by criteria. You can search for people, communities, videos. But to tell you the truth, it has no functions that distinguish it from other services.

There is a free limited version. The extended PRO version costs 99 rubles for the first 7 days of use. Further more expensive.

pros: simple interface.

Minuses: lack of support and unique features.



Service for automatic bulk messaging. Sending messages is a great way to engage, encourage, and sell. It has the capabilities of group and automated sending, setting up a local audience, personalizing letters and more.

The service is partially paid. Free 150 messages per day. Further, prices vary depending on the scale of mailing, starting from two thousand messages for 150 rubles. and ending with two million for 100 thousand rubles.

pros: high open rate and deliverability of messages, flexible prices.

Minuses: lack of analytical functions.

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As you can see, there are many programs and services for promoting the VKontakte group, and they are very diverse. Our review should help you choose the most suitable tools for you and make the process of promoting your community as efficient as possible!

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