10 cool tools for an SMM specialist

In fact, in this article there will be not ten, but much more. For your convenience, all useful services and tools SMM divided into directions, and there are just 10 of them!

1. Competitor group statistics.

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http://allsocial.ru – it’s free. Works only in VK. Allows you to watch coverage, number of visitors, audience growth. Makes a full analysis of the group.

https://popsters.ru/ – there is a paid and free version. Helps to analyze the content of communities on all platforms.

2. Analysis of viral content.

http://iqbuzz.ru/ – monitors messages about the company in various social media. Analyzes not only social networks, but also thematic forums and media.

https://www.quicksprout.com/ – tailored for foreign sites, but is good at looking for viral publications that have received the most likes and reposts on social networks.


https://brandspotter.ru/ – there is a free (trial) version for 7 days. Sharpened to search for brand mentions on all social networks.

http://vk.com/talk_to_friends – sees which of those who repost in VK got the most likes.

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3. Cover design and pictures for entries

https://www.canva.com/ – access to it is free. It is clearer and simpler than Photoshop, but it allows you to create good pictures and designs for publics. Works best on Twitter and Facebook.


https://quotescover.com/ – it is completely free. Suitable for creating quote pictures for covers on all sites.

https://menumake.ru/ – the tool is intended for registration of Vkontakte groupsto create and upload menus to communities. You can choose the proposed design or create your own.

4. Advertising exchanges.

https://plibber.ru/ – works with different platforms – YouTube, Faceebok, Vkontakte and other social networks. There are statistics indicators, uploading reports, analytics of the target audience.


https://sociate.ru/info/reklamasociat – created for buying ad space on Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte. There are detailed statistics.

5. Parsing the target audience

Cerebro.rf – Cerebro Target is the most famous and effective tool for parsing target audience in VK. Paid but has many features.


http://retarget.target-training.ru/ – the functionality is somewhat limited. Created specifically for Vkontakte, use is free.

http://ok-sender.com/ – a tool for finding a target audience in Odnoklassniki.

6. Content search and automatic posting

http://megapo.st/ – a service with great functionality. Provides search and auto-posting, posting to several social networks, posting from RSS. Works with four social networks, including Odnoklassniki.


https://novapress.com/ – free period – 10 days. Knows how to track content on specified sites and post it at a specific time. Works with Google+, Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter.

7. Deferred posting.

http://smmr.ru/ Is a multifunctional paid tool. Supports posting from RSS. Publishes records in Odnoklassniki, Facebook, VK, Instagram and Twitter. http://ecotime.me/ Service for postponed posting on Vkontakte, use for free. There are detailed statistics and reports on audience response.

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https://kuku.io/ru/ – there is free and paid access. Works with all social networks. There are detailed statistics in a separate tab.

8. Determination of winners in competitions.

http://winnerpicker.ru/ – free, works without restrictions. Selects the winners of the Inctagram contests.

http://www.random.org – the free most famous random number generator. Suitable for all social media but requires more work.

Vkonkurs.rf – free and convenient service for determining the winner on Vkontakte. All you need is a link to a post with a post about the competition.

9. Massliking and masfollowing.

https://manageflitter.com/ – allows you to work with subscribers on Twitter. Shows non-reciprocal and inactive accounts well.

http://linsta.ru/ – paid service with a free period for promotion of accounts on Instagram… Allows you to subscribe and like. Works online, on any device.

http://sobot.ru.net/ – free if you work from one account. Works with social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. Has extensive functionality, allows you not only to invite friends and put likes.

10. Drawing up reports.

http://www.wolframalpha.com/ Is a good service for compiling statistics on your Facebook account. Shows reports on friends, popular posts and topics.

https://reportkey.ru/landing/social/ – a service for automating customer reporting on Vkontakte and Facebook. Reports can be opened even from mobile phones, which is very convenient.

http://www.babkee.ru/ – the service analyzes mentions on various topics in social networks and the media, generates detailed reports on demographics, authors and platforms. Helps as additional reports on the work done.

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