10 Instagram business ideas

The audience of Instagram in the Russian Federation is more than 40 million users, these are all your potential clients. On Insta, you can find buyers for almost any product or service – if at first there were mostly teenagers on the social network, now there is an audience of all ages there.

In the article, we will share ideas for a business on Instagram, evaluate their potential, competition, investment size and approximate income.

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10 Instagram business ideas

What business ideas on Instagram are relevant in 2020.


The simplest thing is to make money on advertising posts, videos and stories + advertising of other people’s contests, challenges and marathons. Many articles have already been written about this, so let’s just give the numbers:

Blogger @lida_koppalina (179 thousand subscribers) earns from 3,000 rubles for an advertising story, from 20,000 rubles for a post in the feed.

@mad_video (9.9 million subscribers) earns 25,000 rubles for a post in the feed and 16,000 rubles for a story.

@ mimi.comedy (90.7 thousand subscribers) asks for 420 rubles per post.

How to calculate your income – see prices on exchanges, for example, on Epicstars or in VK groups. As a basis, you can take the formula – 10 rubles per 100 subscribers, that is, having 15,000 subscribers, you can take 1,500 rubles for an advertising post. We advise you to start taking orders when you have at least 10,000 subscribers.

Important: The cost of advertising depends not only on the number of subscribers, but more on their involvement in the content.

Potential income – from 500-1000 rubles for advertising integration up to several tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles (depending on the popularity of the account).

Investments – you need investments to promote your account, but you can advance for free (it just takes longer).

Competition – high.

Scalability and development potential – you can open an advertising agency, or simply promote your account to the point where you can take expensive orders.

Storymaker and post designer

We have already written that story-maker is a new trendy profession. As long as Instagram exists, there will be a demand for designers of posts and stories. First, you can take orders as a freelancer, in the future you can hire designers and open your own agency. Or just become a high-paid designer on Instagram and charge a few thousand per story.

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Another popular service is the creation of icons for the actual.

Business creating stories for Instagram

Potential income – from 500 – 1,500 rubles per story and more.

Investments – you can without investment, or spend money on designer courses.

Competition – average.

Scalability and development potential – over time, you can increase the cost of services or open your own agency.

Comprehensive promotion of other people’s accounts

You can provide a comprehensive service for creating and promoting turnkey accounts, or focus on one of the niches:

  • creating profiles and developing a design concept;
  • creation of a promotion strategy;
  • administration of other people’s accounts;
  • targeting on Instagram;
  • Filling content;
  • Direct communication with the customer’s clients;
  • audit of other people’s accounts and consultations.

An SMM specialist offers a service of comprehensive promotion of other people’s accounts

Business on promotion on Instagram

Potential income – depends on a specific service or the whole complex.

Investments – for training (if you are a beginner) and advertising your services.

Competition – average.

Scalability and development potential – individual services can be provided as a freelancer, gradually increasing the price tag; for complex promotion, you can create your own agency.

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Selling services outside Insta

Above we wrote about services related directly to Instagram, and now let’s talk about services for which Instagram is just a platform for finding clients. In this social network, photographers, designers, artists, psychologists, tutors, lawyers, doctors are well promoted. Having gained popularity on Instagram, specialists begin to charge more money for their services.

Business on its services
Photographer promotes photography service via Instagram

Potential income – first, you simply exhibit your work and recruit clients at your usual price, when demand starts to grow along with the number of subscribers, you can increase the price tag.

Investments – without attachments or with initial investments to promote the account.

Competition – average.

Scalability and development potential – the potential to increase the price tag for your work.


In the previous block we talked about services, and now we will talk about selling expertise. For example, a psychologist can earn on individual consultations, or he can write his own book or conduct webinars for subscribers and, accordingly, earn much more than just consultations. As a result, you can switch completely to passive income.

It is good to promote books, webinars, tickets for online and offline events, courses through Instagram. Instagram is a paradise for business coaches, coaches, teachers.

Business on training and sales of consultations
A business coach promotes his books, webinars and trainings via Instagram

To make people buy expert content more willingly from you, create your own personal brand.

Potential income – you need to start from the cost of one copy of the product. The income potential is unlimited.

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Investments – for promotion (you can unwind for free) and creation of a product (course, book).

Competition – average.

Scalability and development potential – you can regularly release new products and, in the future, open your own online school. Topic article: 10 platforms for online learning

Creating games for Instagram to order

This is the creation of games to engage subscribers on Instagram. You can create custom-made simple story games, such as Find the Difference True or False, Get a Discount for Dinner or complex game masks that require programming skills.

Business for creating games for Instagram

Potential income – mini-games for stories are sold at 500 – 1,000 rubles apiece.

How much can you earn from making games

Investments – to advertise services, or you can without investment.

Competition – low, there are very few proposals for creating games.

Scalability and development potential – in the future, you can raise the price tag for creating games or open an agency. While there are few offers on the market, the niche is free.

AR masks

AR masks are a new trend on Instagram, they can be sold to companies, promoted bloggers / media personalities and just ordinary users. Since they are difficult to create, they are usually very expensive.

AR-mask is a filter with augmented reality, with the help of such masks Instagram users try on different images. Masks are created in the free Adobe Spark program. A simple mask can be made in 10-15 minutes, complex ones will take more time and knowledge of programming.

The business of creating masks for Instagram
The author is promoting his masks through Instagram

An example of how much you can earn is a vacancy where salary of 28,000 rubles is offered for 4 masks per month. That is, 7,000 rubles per mask.

How much can you earn from AR masks?

It is better not to work with intermediaries, but to look for customers directly, then you can charge more money for masks.

Potential income – depends on the complexity of the mask and the customer. For 1 mask, you can take from 7,000 rubles, but in general their cost reaches several thousand dollars, especially if you work with large brands.

Millions in business on Instagram

Investments – for complex (that is, more expensive) masks, you need programming knowledge, respectively, you will need investments in training if you are a beginner.

Competition – low, since there are still few specialists who know how to create high-quality masks.

Scalability and development potential – the potential is that you can earn several thousand dollars by making several masks a month.

Sale of goods

As in any social network, they constantly sell something on Instagram – their goods or by dropshipping. Everything is clear with large companies, let’s see what small business ideas have already been implemented on Instagram.

Custom Canvas Paintings:

Business in pictures

Loft furniture:

Loft furniture business

Handmade knitted toys:

Hand-made business

Potential income – depends on the value of the goods.

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Investments – for production, logistics, advertising.

Competition – high, but you can choose a niche with low competition, for example, create unique handmade products.

Scalability and development potential – it all depends on the scale of production and resources. If you sell a mass-produced product, you can reach multimillion-dollar income, and if you sell handmade, the level of income depends on the price tag and the number of units of goods that you can produce and sell in a month.

Affiliate programs

If you don’t have your own products, promote someone else’s and get a% of sales. There are 2 ways to make money on affiliate programs on Instagram:

  1. Promotion of a personal account (or an expert’s account) and promotion of affiliate programs in it instead of taking orders for advertising (or together).
  2. Arbitration of traffic on Instagram – for this you need several accounts for the offers.

Important: Instagram has only 1 active link in the profile. How to promote several affiliate programs at once (methods):

  • make a blog and send traffic from Insta there, and then redirect it to offer sites (minus – an extra step in the conversion chain);
Business on partnerships
A beauty blogger directs traffic to a blog, and from there to affiliate programs

Potential income – earnings on affiliate programs are not limited.

Investments – to promote one or more accounts + on a proxy, if you decide to engage in traffic arbitrage.

Competition – high.

Scalability and development potential – you can reach income from several hundred to several thousand dollars per month, working alone + you can unite with other affiliates and create a team.

Instamats, instabuki, souvenir

Another great business idea. Many Instagram users would like to save a photo as a souvenir in printed form, and not just online or on the phone. What business can meet this need?

Instamats – vending machines that print photos from Instagram.

Business on Instamats

Instabuki – custom-made books with photos from Insta, bought as a keepsake or as a gift.

Business on Instagram

Souvenirs with photos from Instagram – fridge magnets, calendars, mugs.

Souvenirs with photos from Instagram

You can search for clients directly on Instagram.

Potential income – calculated individually, depends on many factors.

Investments – depends on the chosen method – instamats cost about 250,000 rubles per device, for instabooks you need to purchase equipment and launch advertising + delivery costs, similar to souvenirs.

Competition – low.

Scalability and development potential – you can scale your business – arrange more instamates, increase production capacity for creating instabooks and souvenirs.


We have listed just a few niches for business on Instagram – in reality there are many more. After choosing a niche, we proceed to creating an account and promoting it.

The first steps:

  1. Registration.
  2. Instagram profile design.
  3. Setting up a business page.
  4. Working with content – posting, publishing stories, conducting live broadcasts.
  5. Page promotion.

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