10 Instagram parsers: review, comparison, choice


Instagram parser is a program for collecting data. Depending on the tasks and capabilities of the parser, you can get from Instagram email addresses and phone numbers (specified in the profile), find users by hashtags and geolocation, gather a database of active users (who like, leave comments). Parsers are mostly used for automatic search of the target audience according to the specified parameters or for collecting competitors’ subscribers base.

Important: we are talking about collecting data that is in the public domain, not to be confused with programs for profile hacking (the latter is illegal).

In the article you will find a review of the 10 best parsers for Instagram. We will also tell you what to look for when choosing a program.


Selection criteria for the parser

What to pay attention to when choosing a service (first of all, we start from the objectives):

  • what data the service collects;
  • What other functions are available besides parsing;
  • is there an opportunity to manually change the parsing settings (eg, specify the time interval between commands) or does the
  • service works according to pre-programmed settings (usually self-written scripts work this way);
  • whether the service has the ability to clean the database from bots, commercial and inactive accounts;
  • what other social networks the service works with;
  • how safe the service is (what are the risks of bans on the account or data leakage);
  • what the price is and whether there is a test period.

In order not to put your main account at risk, use a specially created profile for parsing.



Service of comprehensive promotion in Instagram. In addition to parsing includes several other functions.

What data it collects: collecting accounts by hashtags and geolocation, parsing competitors’ followers.

Parser capabilities:

  • Exclusion of closed profiles when parsing;
  • filter by the number of subscribers and your competitor’s publications;
  • filter by avatars presence/absence in a profile;
  • commercial accounts can be excluded;
  • filter by languages;
  • Possibility to set up White and Stop words while parsing.

Additional features: automatic search and likes, auto unsubscription, automatic search and subscription to CA accounts, mass storis review, distribution of comments.


  • filter of the collected base;
  • after parsing, two files are available to choose from – the audience before filtering and after.

Cons: one and the same profile can get into the database repeatedly, if you do not specify in the settings “skip users who have already worked with”.


Service of promotion in Instagram, as well as the previous one – combines several functions, except parsing. The service includes 4 main products – Instaspion, Spamgard, Parser, Instatracker.

What data is collected: subscribers of competitors, audience by hashtags and geolocation, logins, profile descriptions, phones, links and emails specified in the profile.

Parser features:

  • filtering by gender;
  • filtering by number of subscribers/subscribers;
  • exclusion of duplicates;
  • Cleaning of database from bots, commercial and foreign profiles;
  • Sorting collected profiles by topics, using keywords in descriptions;

Additional features of the service: setting up automated actions – subscriptions, likes, comments, direct mailing, viewing other people’s posts, analytics.


  • The ability to get the contact information of users when parsing;
  • developers guarantee account security and protection from blocking;
  • an unlimited number of accounts;
  • a daily report to the e-mail;
  • you can additionally order the service of setting up and running targeted advertising in the Instagram feed;
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  • the rate includes payment for standard parsing functions – audience by competitors, hashtags and geolocation. If you set up
  • additional data collection (phone numbers, emails, profile description, links), the balance is written off 3 times faster;
  • automatic deduction of funds for subscriptions, you need to look carefully at the settings of the account.



Socialkit is a multifunctional software for Instagram profiles. The service performs a wide range of tasks, from account registration to content and promotion.

What data it collects: audience by hashtags and geolocation (as well as just geo tags), competitors’ followers, phone numbers and mailboxes from accounts where they are listed, users commenting on specific publications.

Parser features:

  • phone numbers and emails;
  • collection of photos;
  • filter by the number of subscribers, subscriptions and publications;
  • exclusion of private profiles;
  • exclusion of duplicates;
  • geo-tagging filter by stop-words;
  • collection of profiles who like photos or videos of selected competitors, as well as those who comment on photos of selected
  • competitors;
  • base analysis and filtration.

Additional features: working with accounts (registration, setup, password change, automatic captcha recognition, avoiding Instagram and VK protections and problems, mass profile operations), tasks for accounts (subscriptions, unsubscriptions, likes, review posts, comments, Direct mailing, auto posting).


  • In addition to Instagram still parses VK;
  • The collected base can be sorted by the number of subscribers, subscriptions and publications;
  • Many additional functions, in addition to parsing – the program is built on the principle of the “full cycle” of promotion in
  • Instagram and VKontakte;
  • is not tied to the hardware of your computer;
  • you can immediately buy working proxies for the service;


  • lack of statistics;
  • The software can be difficult for beginners because of the large number of settings.



Tooligram 2.0. – is an updated version of Tooligram, which mimics the behavior of a live person on Instagram (watching the feed, liking and subscribing intermittently). The program is needed to find CA and mass activity.

What data it collects: audience gathering by hashtags, geolocation, competitors’ followers.

Parser capabilities:

  • search for competitors by logins and keywords;
  • filter by the number of subscribers, subscriptions and publications;
  • exclusion of private profiles;
  • filter by stop words;
  • exclusion of profiles with links;
  • Possibility to indicate number of days since last publication (eliminates abandoned profiles).

Additional features of the service: likes, massfollowing, comments, welcome messages in Direct to new users who interacted with your profile.


  • Imitation of live behavior in Insta (protects from blocking);
  • you can immediately enable filters for parsing, and not to clear the collected database later;
  • The first 25 subscriptions are free.


  • No ability to adjust the time between actions;
  • problems with autopayments;



Instaplus.pro is another service for comprehensive promotion in Instagram. It differs from its competitors by its extended set of functions, for example, it allows unlimited diplinks, contests, and communication in Direct.

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What data it collects: competitors’ followers, audience by hashtags and geolocation.

Parser features:

  • filters by gender and language;
  • list of stop words;
  • filters by the number of subscribers and publications;
  • date of last publication;
  • filter by account type;
  • filter by avatars and links in the profile.

Additional features of the service: delayed posting, integrated Direct, mutual PR, unlimited diplinking, contests, account analytics.


  • no need to separately connect and configure third-party proxies – the service offers private ones;
  • Many functions in addition to parsing;
  • it is possible to receive notifications from the service in Telegram;
  • quick technical support.

Disadvantages: The parsing function is tied to a specific task (for example, subscribing to competitors’ subscribers). There is no independent parsing with data output to a separate file.



Bridgit.me is a service for searching for CA based on geoposition and competitors. You can work with the resulting base using seven additional tools. There is a promotion setting service if you don’t want to understand the program by yourself.

What data it collects: competitors’ subscribers, audience by hashtags and geolocation, phone numbers, links and email addresses in the profiles, you can also collect a list of those who liked and commented on competitors.

Parser features:

  • anti-bot system that avoids bots and empty profiles;
  • filtering by sex, avatars, privacy;
  • filtering by business profiles and the presence of a tick (verified account);
  • filtering by presence of pinned storis;
  • filtering by number of subscribers and followers, publications, profile flags and IGTV videos.

Additional features of the service: direct mailing, deferred posting, web version of Direct, statistics and analytics, storis review, Direct autoresponder.


  • You can upload your list and filter through the service;
  • One of the few services that filters by verified profiles and the presence of a business account;
  • there are additional services – promotion for you and writing posts for Instagram.

Cons: not found.



Pepper.Ninja is a cloud-based parser for Instagram. The difference from competitors – the parser finds VK accounts associated with Instagram and pulls from there the data that is not in Insta (interests, presence of children and relatives, age). As a result, it is possible to collect the base of the target audience with an accuracy of 99%.

What data is collected: usernames, IDs, emails, phone numbers.

Parser features:

  • collecting followers or those who liked a competitor (for the last 2 weeks) by his ID or login;
  • finding accounts in VK connected with Instagram accounts.
  • Additional features of the service: monitoring groups of VK, a tool “Who is my client.


  • Parsing across multiple social networks;
  • Selected database can be used in VK and Instagram (no need to collect separate databases);
  • the rate includes parser on several social networks;
  • cuts out bots;
    does not take into account users who have not entered the profile for more than 2 years;
  • there are several modes of parsing;
    parses not only Instagram, but also other social networks: VK, OK, Facebook.


  • more grounded for VK, there are few filters for Instagram;
  • There are problems with parsing Facebook;



Assin is a service for attracting a live audience to Instagram. Thanks to 30+ parsing settings it is possible to gather the maximum target audience. In addition to parsing, the service has tools for mass activities and an ad order exchange with bloggers.

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What data is collected: audience gathering by hashtags and geolocation, competitors’ followers, audience by activity parameters (for example, leave the likes and comments from a competitor), collecting links in the profile, emails and phone numbers and a couple dozen other data.

Parser’s options: more than 30 filters for parsing – the link in the profile, the user search with the full name, Stories presence, the number of publications, the search by keywords.

Additional features of the service: masslucking, massliking, comments, subscriptions, unsubscribes, multichannel analytics.


  • many filters;
  • Each account is given a personal proxy server and IP address;
  • You pay only for actual days of use (for example, you pay for a month, use 20 days, the next 10 remain on the balance, they can be used later);

Disadvantages: may seem complicated for beginners;



SocialHammer is a cloud-based promotion service for Instagram and VK. Allows you to promote an unlimited number of accounts. The service has been in operation for more than 10 years.

What data is collected: the collection of the audience by hashtags and geolocation, subscribers of competitors.

Parser features:

  • exclusion of private accounts;
  • Exclusion of accounts without a description;
  • removal of duplicates;
  • filtering by sex, language, avatars;
  • filtering by number of publications and last publication date;
  • exclusion of accounts with links;
  • filtering by keywords in the description.

Additional features of the service: mailing to Direct, auto-replies, semi-automatic subscriptions/unsubscriptions/like, parsing, notification of new comments, auto-posting, mass activity.


  • Parses not only Instagram, but also VK;
  • You can use proxies SocialHammer or your own;
  • Work with an unlimited number of accounts;
  • daily charges, not per month;


  • there are interruptions with proxies;
  • parsing function is tied to a specific task (for example, subscribing to competitors’ subscribers). There is no independent parsing with data output to a separate file.



Chotam is a service that tracks comments on social networks. Allows you not to miss clients because of a late response to a question, helps you keep track of your reputation (for example, to respond to negative comments in time).

What data it collects: collecting comments by keywords, posts or publications of advertising accounts.


  • You can set a template for responding to standard questions in comments and send with one click;
  • sending notifications of comments to e-mail, Viber, Telegram, personal VK;
  • there is a history of comments and statistics;
    the ability to unload comments in an Excel file;


  • in addition to Instagram supports VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, YouTube, Twitter;
  • service recognizes comments that do not require a response, you can turn off notifications on them;
  • the possibility of teamwork in the service.

Cons: were not detected.

What service to choose

A few criteria to ease your choice.

The cheapest: SocialHammer, Instaplus.me, Chotam.

The most filters for parsing: Assin.

Parses comments: Chotam, Assin, Socialkit.

Parses emails and phone numbers: Socialkit.

There is support for other social networks besides Instagram: Socialkit, Pepper.Ninja, SocialHammer, Chotam.

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