10 parsers for users from VKontakte groups

Parsers of users from VKontakte groups are programs that collect various information according to a given algorithm. There are various parsing services that help to gather the right audience for setting up targeted advertising on VKontakte.

Not sure which service to use? In today’s article, we have collected a dozen programs for parsing the VKontakte audience, having considered their advantages and prices. You just have to make a choice in favor of one of them.

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How VK parsers work and how they are used

Before you start parsing, you need create a portrait of the target audience and understand where your target audience might live.

The parser will help you easily build a database of people who may be interested in your proposal. The service collects an audience according to the parameters you set. Today, parsers offer audience collection for more than a hundred different parameters.

Usually, the audience is parsed from groups in VK according to the following parameters:

  • groups are collected in which the people you need can be members (for example, by keywords);
  • gathering subscribers of groups of competitors;
  • active audience that likes and comments;
  • community administrators and leaders;
  • users who have just joined thematic or groups of competitors;
  • by age, gender, name, who will have a birthday soon, with the number of children you need, etc .;
  • filtering bots and deleted accounts so that you have a really live audience at the exit.

As a result, you will receive a finished file with the target audience base. The collected base can be used to set up retargeting in VK for it, or add it to the cheat service.

10 services and programs for parsing in VK

Let’s look at what services for parsing in VK are on the market today.

1. TargetHunter.

Cost: from 100 rubles (for 2 days). Promo code: postium – 2 days of access and 1 month as a gift, when purchasing from 1 month.

Test period: you can try the basic features of the service for free. The free plan includes 24 tools and 1 task flow.

Personally, I like this parser the most. The perfect combination of price and feature set that you can try for free. If you need to quickly launch a small advertisement, it is enough to connect access for 2 days for only 100 rubles.

Knows how to collect groups, group members, find the right users by their contacts. There is a function to clear the list from bots.

From the new – ready-made databases are available for purchase (and many are free). Your work has already been done for you.

Brief conclusion: an excellent service for gathering a VKontakte audience, understandable for beginners and affordable for everyone. If you do not work as an SMM, and you need to collect databases from time to time – just what you need.

Promo code: postium – 2 days of access and 1 month as a gift, when purchasing from 1 month. Try Target Hunter >>

2. Pepper.Ninja

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Cost: from 490 rubles per month. Promo code: POSTIUM – a month as a gift, when buying from 1 month.

Test period: there is a free basic account, but with it you can only search for communities.

Pepper ninja

This parser works not only with VKontakte. It will help you find the right audience in other popular social networks: Instagram, Facebook and Odnoklassniki.

You can set periodic tasks that will run themselves after a certain period of time.

Brief conclusion: a good tool for those who work with several social networks at once. A wide range of functions at an optimal price. The service has a developed VK community and a blog with many useful materials for beginners and not only.

Promo code: POSTIUM – a month as a gift, when buying from 1 month. Try Pepper.Ninja >>

3. Segmento Target.

Cost: from 60 rubles per day to 1500 rubles per month.

Test period: 7 days.

Segmento Target

This parser works not only with VKontakte, but also with Instagram and Odnoklassniki. Allows you to collect phone numbers, survey participants, promo posts, Skype and Twitter. There are tools for analytics and audience filtering.

Brief conclusion: excellent combination of price and feature set. Suitable for those who want to promote in several social networks at once. Try Segmento Target >>

4. Pabler.

Cost: from 300 rubles per day to 20,000 rubles per year.

Test period: there is a free demo mode with restrictions.


This is a multifunctional service for monitoring social networks and teaser networks. For yourself, you can use two cool features: search for intersections between groups (take two groups of competitors and find subscribers who are there and there). You can also analyze engagement.

Brief conclusion: this service is more suitable for affiliate marketers and those who make money from affiliate marketing. Try Publer >>

5. Cerebro Target.

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Cost: from 1225 rubles / month.

Test period: no.

Cerebro Target service

One of the most popular VK parsers. Offers more than a hundred ways to find your target audience. It will help you parse the communities where your target audience is, find a similar audience, collect clients from the photo albums of competing communities. You can make a combination of audiences, for example, select those who joined the community and left a comment.

Brief conclusion: a powerful tool with a huge number of functions, but more suitable for experienced targeting experts. It’s bad that there is no test period. But a huge plus is the knowledge base and a developed VK community with a bunch of useful material and practical cases. Review and feedback on Cerebro Target >>>

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6. “Barkov.net”.

Cost: basic limited functionality is free; you can purchase access to all scripts for 1 day for 149 rubles.

Parsing in Barkov.net

With basic free access, you can gather an audience by basic parameters, parse communities, active and new subscribers (only with a limit on the amount of calculations).

The service will even help you find people with an open wall and an open face, collect phone numbers. There is a function to clear the lists of banned and deleted users.

Brief conclusion: this service is perfect for beginners who are just delving into the intricacies of targeted advertising.

7. OKTarget.

Parser cost: 490 rubles / month.

Test period: all parsers can be used without payment and download the trimmed result.


OKTarget allows you to parse users and communities from VK and filter them by many parameters. There is also a set of parsers for Odnoklassniki for subsequent upload to MyTarget.

You can collect subscribers of groups of competitors, an active audience (which puts likes and writes comments), friends and relatives of a given audience. The resulting list can be filtered by gender, age, country and city, as well as when was the last time you were online and whether you can write in private messages. The data can be downloaded and uploaded to the VK advertising account to launch advertising to the assembled audience.

There is a functionality that allows you to put VK and OK communities on monitoring, to collect target audience groups, and also to parse groups by keywords and types of communities.

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Brief conclusion: a convenient and functional tool for collecting the target audience of VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. Suitable for both individual parsing tasks and permanent work.

8. VK Parser.

Cost: 900 rubles.

Test period: no.

VK Parser program

This is not an online service, but a desktop program. That is, you need to download and install it on your computer. It collects data about subscribers – country, city, age, etc., but besides that, it catches whether the user accepts messages, what phone number and Skype, Instagram accounts.

Brief conclusion: simple program, but a little limited functionality. Yes, and inconvenient because you need to install it on your PC – it’s easier to use online services.


Cost: is free.

Target Training

This service is able to find keywords on the walls of VKontakte users. Moreover, he understands them in direct occurrence (in quotes) and in an indirect one. As a result, you can collect a base of people who are concerned about some common problem and offer them your product.

Brief conclusion: just one feature, but free. This can be useful if you have a single product or are looking for partners.

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10. Turbo Parser.

Cost: from 60 rubles.

Test period: can be tried for free.

Turbo Parser

This is a scraper for those who trade through social networks, especially those who are engaged in joint purchases. The main function is to parse goods from a specified site to upload them to VK or Odnoklassniki. There is another interesting function – parsing of VKontakte product albums.

Brief conclusion: this parser is not suitable for setting up ads. However, it will make life easier for those who trade through this social network.

11. Flashlight.

Cost: free.

Parser Flashlight

This is a fairly simple tool with an “ancient” interface that will help you make your VK ads more effective. Gathers retargeting audience, the most basic tools are available. What’s more interesting – you will receive notifications about activities in groups.

Brief conclusion: not bad for those who just want to “feel” what retargeting is, learn how to gather an audience without paying a dime for it.


As you can see, there are a variety of tools for parsing data on Vkontakte on the market today. Some of them are suitable for those who are professionally engaged in setting up advertising, others can be handled by a beginner.

Save your selection so you don’t get lost!

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