10 services for working with Instagram: the most necessary and useful

Instagram plays an important role in promoting your business and attracting customers. At the same time, the functionality and audience of this social network are perfect for promoting both goods and services, and a personal blog.

But to promote your account, manual administration is usually not enough. To increase efficiency, as well as to save time, you should use services for automation.

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

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We have compiled a selection and, for your convenience, divided the services and programs for Instagram according to the types of tasks they cover: promotion, deferred posting, analytics, selection of hashtags, tracking comments, mailing to Direct and others

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The most necessary and useful services for Instagram

Before starting the review, it is worth mentioning the limitations of Instagram. The social network has practically completely closed the automation by means of third-party services. Nowadays, most services cannot use the API to connect to Instagram, and therefore ask for authorization data.

Services for integrated promotion

These are services that, depending on their functionality, help to solve several problems at once.


A cloud service that has all the necessary set of tools for working on Instagram. You can launch mass activities: subscriptions, unsubscriptions, likes, views of stories. Set up delayed posting of photos, videos and stories. Work with private messages: make a mailing list or turn on an autoresponder.

The price of using the service depends on the number of connected accounts. 1 account 399 rubles per month, and 1 199 rubles per month you need to pay for 5 accounts to the system. There are discounts when paying for several months in advance.

EThere is a free trial period of 5 days. Test the service >>>



This online service with simple operation without daily tasks allows you to promote Instagram on autopilot. Thanks to flexible settings and thoughtful filters, you will attract a live, targeted audience subsequently, users can become customers of the business.

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For an additional fee, you can connect several more tools: Instashpy, Instatracker and Parser.


  • you can promote any number of accounts;
  • there are automatic strategies for promotion;
  • easy setup.

Price: free trial period 7 days, minimum rate 699 rubles per month. Try Zengram >>>


Bridgit is another cloud-based service for generating leads on Instagram.


  • simple control;
  • many functions and settings, including masslooking, auto-posting, working with directives and comments, and more.

Price: test period – 1 day, then from 490 rubles per month (depending on the number of accounts). Try Bridgit >>

Services for auto-posting

These are services in which you can configure the delayed publication of new posts at the right time. To use it, you need to create posts in advance and set the publication time.


A convenient service that allows you to schedule posts on the most popular social networks: VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram. In addition to deferred posting, the service allows you to communicate in Direct, create stories for Instagram in a special editor, watch analytics for Instagram accounts, as well as view the feed and comment on posts.


The service makes it possible to work in a team, create text templates for frequently used text and set up a publication schedule.

Despite its functionality, the service is distinguished by its fast speed of operation, pleasant design and inexpensive tariffs – the cheapest tariff plan will cost only 349 rubles per month.


Perhaps the most popular service for scheduling posts on Instagram and not only today. Favorably distinguished by interesting free offers. In fact, if you plan to administer only one account, then the free package will be enough.

Service for auto-posting on Instagram

For more serious projects, there are special offers. The main one is unlimited on the number of accounts at a price of 1200 rubles per month. For large projects or when present on various social networks, it is an ideal choice.

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Instagram account analysis services

These services will help the account owner analyze statistics, which is important for both commercial projects and bloggers.


The service allows you to collect important information about your Instagram account and check bloggers for cheating. Makes a cut by 40 parameters, among them: content quality assessment, analysis of hashtags and comments, comparison of two profiles.

LiveDune - bot checking service

LiveDune users can open access to statistics to their clients or colleagues, as well as upload data to Power Point, PDF.

The service stands out among the competitors for its convenient visualization. The graphical distribution of analytical data allows you to assimilate them without long-term adaptation.

Price: Depends on the number of accounts and employees, as well as functionality. For a blogger – from 300 rubles per month, for agencies – 9,900 rubles per month. The test period is 3 days.


Using this service, you can make a deep analysis of your own or someone else’s page on Instagram. In addition, there are functions that allow you to check Instagram bloggers for cheating and matching the interests of your target audience, which makes ordering advertising easier and more effective.


The site has a large database with 16 million bloggers, where you can sort opinion leaders by subscribers, demographics, activity and engagement.

Price: Depends on the number of checks. The minimum is 10 checks for $ 7.99, the maximum is 200 checks for $ 79.99. After registration, you can check three accounts for free.

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Tracking comments and sending them to Direct

A system that notifies the user about new comments. Provides the ability to quickly respond to positive comments or erase negative ones.


The service allows you to customize the sending of messages to Direct Instagram to target users and track their reactions. To send messages to Leadfeed, you can choose one of three strategies – by new subscribers, by your list, by new subscribers of competitors.

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In addition, Leadfeed allows you to start a mailing list, track new messages and comments, and respond to them directly from your personal account.

The cost of using the service depends on the number of connected accounts – from 190 to 2860 rubles per month. +5 days free trial to the selected tariff for promo code POSTIUMTry Leadfeed >>


The resource quickly responds to comments and sends appropriate notifications to the customer by mail. It is possible to set up sending notifications to Telegram.

Prices from 120 rubles per month. But, it’s worth noting that this is the price for only one account with a limit of 40 posts per month. Exceeding the limit is charged separately. As well as connecting additional accounts.

Search and selection of hashtags

Sites for the selection of hashtags by keywords.


A simple resource that has managed to recommend itself from the best side. Although the resource is in English, search is also available in Russian. After entering a specific query into the search bar, it displays the corresponding posts and associated accounts.

Selection of hashtags for Instagram

It is very easy to operate and does not require any financial costs. However, the functionality is at a low level. Copes only with its immediate task.


A powerful and expensive system capable of searching almost any social network, including Instagram. Provides a lot of useful additional information, determines the most rated posts according to your requests, sorts them according to a variety of criteria.


A great tool for working with a large project. Cons – everything is in English and the price starts from $ 49 / month.

Determination of competition winners

A randomizer that automates the process of selecting a winner in a competition or drawing.


A convenient and nimble service that is independently capable of identifying a winner in a particular repost or comment contest. In addition to saving time, it is also a guarantee of the integrity of the results.

To increase the level of publicity and trust from users, it allows to determine the winners during the live broadcast.


Adopt the services listed in the article and Instagram promotion will seem like a game to you!

Picks of tools for Instagram:

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