10 ways to upload photos to Instagram from your computer


Anyone who has ever tried to upload a photo to Instagram from a web page using a browser knows that you can’t just do it that way. It’s done with the help of:

  • browser tools;
  • extensions for Chrome (two examples);
  • Creator Studio via Facebook;
  • Instagram promotion service;
  • Android and iOS emulator on PC;
  • online services;
  • delayed posting service;
  • applications from Microsoft’s website (two examples).

Let’s look at each of them below.

With the help of handy tools of the browser.

This method is suitable for those who want to upload rarely and little. To start uploading a photo:

  • Log in to Instagram through the browser on your computer.
  • Press F12 (or Shift+Ctrl+I, or right-click anywhere on the page, then “Explore Item”).
  • In the window that appears, click the phone icon.

The icon is called the Toggle device toolbar.

  • Refresh the page.

Окошко с правой стороны не закрывайте!

  • Use

Нажмите на плюс и загрузите фото

Using extensions for Chrome

If you have the Chrome browser in your arsenal, you can use extensions designed to publish photos to Instagram. There are a lot of them, but most of them work crookedly or don’t work at all.

Consider Upload photo to Instagram.

After downloading, go to Extensions and enable the downloaded one.

You can go to Extensions in Preferences through Advanced tools, or click on the Extensions icon in the panel in the form of a mosaic piece
Find the desired Extension and enable it by clicking
Значок Upload photo to Instagram появится на панели Расширений, сбоку от адресной строки
The Upload photo to Instagram icon will appear in the Extensions panel, on the side of the address bar

Clicking on the extension icon will open a new tab in your browser with the Instagram home page. If you’re logged into your Instagram profile in your browser, that’s what will open.

Of course, with this method of uploading photos, we’re not talking about filters or any complicated settings. You will only be able to add an image, make a caption and mark people in the photo if necessary.

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Another extension is App Phone for Instagram.

Install the extension in the same way as the previous one.

После нажатия на значок расширения, откроется новая вкладка с изображением смартфона. Добавьте фото с компьютера так, словно вы используете смартфон

After you click the extension icon, a new tab opens with a picture of your smartphone. Add a photo from your computer as if you were using a smartphone

With Creator Studio

The official service from Facebook. All the work happens in a browser, after logging in you can add and delete photos, set up delayed posting and see page statistics.


After logging in to Creator Studio and creating your Page, connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Page by clicking on the Instagram icon.

Follow the instructions and enter the Login and Password of the desired Instagram account and confirm the Facebook account binding from your smartphone. Subsequently, you will be able to switch between Instagram and Facebook via these two icons at the top.

In the window that opens, add a picture via the “Create a post” button, add text and post

Features of the service:

  • you’ll have to authorize through Facebook, create a page and link your Instagram and Facebook accounts to each other;
  • it works only with business accounts and Author accounts;
  • you can’t post Stories;
  • there are additional limitations due to Instagram access rights.

You can switch to an Author account as follows.

Go to Instagram Settings on your smartphone, select “Account,” and then “Switch to Professional Account
Select the publication category that best fits your content
Select “Author.”

With Instaplus.me promotion service

Instaplus is an automated Instagram promotion service. It can automatically give likes, subscribe and unsubscribe, see Stories, and more.

We’re interested in being able to use Instaplus to upload photos from your computer to Instagram. You sign up on the home page through the “Try for free” button, and then link your Instagram account.

You can add a photo through Instaplus as follows:

Go to the Autostreaming tab, select your account and add a photo or gallery of photos from your computer

Next you will be able to edit the photo, add a description and geotagging.

Using Android and iOS emulator

Using an emulator of Android apps would be more popular if it were not for one “but”, about which a little later. The essence of the emulator is the following: by installing it on your computer, you will work with applications on your monitor as if you were sitting in your phone.

Consider BlueStacks.


After installing the application, log in to your Google Play account

Вы можете войти в Инстаграм, кликнув по значку Уведомлений…
  • You can sign in to Instagram by clicking on the Notifications icon…
    … or the next time you enter the program, you can find it under My Games
  • To upload images to Instagram, these photos must first be added to the emulator’s library.
  • Enter Media Manager, the yellow icon in My Games
  • Click “Import from Windows” and select the photos you want.
  • You will see them in the imported files here
  • Now go to Instagram in the emulator and upload photos just like you would on your phone: the plus sign at the bottom center of the screen, and the Gallery will already have the photos you want
  • There’s another way. When you launch Instagram through the emulator, and tap the usual plus sign at the bottom of the screen to create a new post, expand Gallery.


Select Others.

Expand the list as shown in the screenshot
Click Select from Windows, and check the desired photos on your computer
They are now stored in SharedFolder
You can find this section in the list from the Gallery when you create a post. After selecting an image, continue to create the post by clicking on the blue arrow at the top of the screen

Now for the “but” moment about your computer’s performance. If you have 4 GB of RAM or less, then each process in the emulator will take you from 5 minutes or more; to put it simply – everything will slow down, and can even refuse to work at all.

With online services

The situation here is the same as with browser extensions – there are a lot of online services, but few of them work. Consider the principle on the example of instap.ru.

Service is designed specifically for working with Instagram accounts. Before using the service for the first time, register for it.

  • To add a photo from your computer, enter the Login and Password from your Instagram account in the appropriate window and click “Add”. Next “Upload from PC”.
  • After selecting the desired picture, you will be able to access the settings window.


Through the service you will be able to add a description, mark users, publish photos both in Lenta and in Stories. But such free services have bugs. This one is frustrating because after applying filters to the photo, it is published without them.

Disadvantages of the service: without premium service not more than three posts per day, you can not make a gallery of photos and apply to the photo settings from the Stories when you publish it there.

With Deferred posting service

The deferred posting service is designed to make it easier to keep your Instagram accounts. You plan today and see the result tomorrow (and even a year from now).

SMMplanner lets you add and delete photos and videos, publish to feeds, stories and IGTV for a minimal amount of money.

You can apply all sorts of filters and settings to content, edit the overall appearance of the page and, of course, do many posts at once and set their publication time.

Read more about the service in the article “How to post photos to Instagram from your computer” on the SMMplanner blog.

Using apps from the Microsoft site

Until recently, by installing the official Instagram application from Microsoft it was possible to upload photos and videos from your computer to Instagram. The creators have updated it, and now there is no such opportunity left. Despite the outrage in the reviews of the product, no one is going to return the ability to upload photos yet. But to discount this method is not yet possible. As they say, what if?

It is worth noting that on the Microsoft Store you can download other applications that allow you to upload photos to Instagram from your computer.

App for Instagram: View, Upload Photo, which should allow you to upload images. By the way, this is the only function of this app, in addition to View Ribbon and Profile.

Стоит ли платить за простую загрузку фото $10?

Winsta is an unofficial Instagram client for Windows 10.

In the app you will be able to add an image, edit its size and make a description for the post.


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