11 most unusual bloggers’ accounts

Now let’s look at the unusual accounts situs judi slot online yang sering menang that people keep about themselves. Here, too, it’s important to maintain consistency, pay attention to style, and try to engage followers in communication.

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To take your mind off commercial accounts, here’s an illustrator-designer page. A great way to show off your skills and abilities, present your own services, and tell what you’re capable of – posting everything on Instagram.


From a different angle

If you don’t know how to position your account – try changing the angle. Literally. For example, teaforbear did exactly that. All the shots are built with a different angle, they are deployed and juicy. An out-of-the-box perspective can be used in the positioning of many companies.



Another unusual way to present any product is to add cats to the frame. All it takes is a little Photoshop skill, and there’s already a recognizable profile. The name is creative – “Odnoboko”, but in fact it is another unusual way of looking at the world from the owner Andrey Shcherbak.


Home and Home

Another interesting way of looking at life. Each frame has its own atmosphere. Unites the frames repeated in most photos of the main characters and geometry. There’s a lot to take in if you’re out of ideas for running a page. Some kind of charm and serenity just reeks from the page.

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The owner of this page just brings a can of Nutella to every one of his frames. It’s simple. He does not do any dizzying tricks or can’t draw. But he already has almost 3,000 subscribers. Why not start with something like that to promote his page?


Jupiter is a makeup artist

The main thing is to build off the competition, they said. So the owner of this page, a guy named Jupiter, does not only everyday or evening makeup for clients, but also unusual. Sometimes even intimidating, sometimes even directly on himself. His audience is growing, now just over 3,000 users. There are more and more people who want to have their makeup done by him, too.



The popularity of the mirrorsme account is growing. A girl has decided that a mirror in her bathroom is enough for her to travel the world. And her drawing abilities help her do that. Each frame is a new unusual drawing on the bathroom glass, in which she incorporates her selfies. Her 117,000 followers agree with her.


Mr. Boo

Another way to show off anything unusual. Just add a ghost to the page. Over 90,000 subscribers are watching the adventures of a ghost, and the audience is growing. A ghost account is like a reminder that content is all around us all the time.


Remmidemmi is a photographer

A classy photographer with a great imagination. He shoots people. But not just any models, but certainly lying face down in really interesting poses and settings. Each frame makes a lot of sense, you can look at them for a long time, guessing what the photographer wanted to convey to the viewer. Even for Instagram, this is an unusual account, with nearly 180,000 followers on a regular basis.

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Kosherfoodie stalker

A food consultant’s page isn’t always about a combination of healthy and wholesome foods. This account can be saved as a guide to delicious treats – unusual flavors, rare varieties of popular candies, chocolates, and buns with vivid descriptions to make you want to try them. Not a bad way to make money from advertising individual products. This account has 66,000 subscribers.


Helen / Miss Baddie


They say life only begins after 50. And at 85, it’s just about time to start running your own Instagram. Helen Ruth van Winkle is the image of a grandmother, as far from templates and stereotypes as possible, who feels the taste of life and will teach you too. She’s in her 90s, but that doesn’t stop her from leading a busy life, wearing bright makeup, traveling and promoting alcoholic beverages. She is now followed by 3.5 million people. Special kudos to her for the hashtag #Stealing Your Man Since 1928.



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