11 most unusual commercial accounts

To get people to sign up, you have to do more than just produce quality Situs Judi Slot Terpercaya content and activities. Sometimes you have to come up with activities that are unusual for companies, or prepare illustrations that will make the organization recognizable even without text. This is what many companies are striving for if they want to grow and become bigger.

Lego Toys

Lego toys can be marketed beautifully through Instagram – create a setting, arrange the figures and take pictures. You can come up with a storyline and pick models that fit into it. All the shots have to be in the same style to make it look organic. And this store has succeeded. So far the page has just over 70,000 subscribers, but there’s more to come.


GoPro Cameras

If you sell video cameras or gear for quality shots, take a look at the GoPro account. They post pictures that people take with their cameras all over the world. What’s more selling than thousands of photos taken with your product? Subscribers send in their own footage to show the places they’ve hit with the camera. And that’s nearly 18 million people!


A clothing company

For those who sell clothes, an interesting solution might be to use dogs instead of men and women models, for example. The creators of the account wrote an entire book with tips for men to create an urban style. And to promote the book, they dressed up the dog in human clothes as a joke. They hardly expected the photos to become so popular and so fast. Now it’s a big channel with 400,000 subscribers.

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A company that sells Swedish vodka

Have you ever followed a vodka account? It’s about time you started. It’s certainly not an egg or bread account, but there’s something to it, too. Bright publications and popular bloggers, a good mix of colors – everything is just right. There’s something to learn and something to take away to promote the profile. There are already more than 50,000 people subscribed to the account.


Big Picture Sales Company

The owners of the company want to sell big art so badly that they don’t just fit them into the standard design of different apartments in the photos. They take them outdoors, place them in interesting ways in the frame and try to approach the process unconventionally in every way possible. Combined with the unusual images, it’s really fascinating and intense. Only 20,000 people have subscribed to the account so far, but there is potential.


A company that sells fashionable outfits

Street fashion straight from Tokyo. Japanese unusual images, nothing superfluous in the frames, accents on clothing and blurred background of the city streets. That’s an easy way to promote any brand. More than 800,000 people subscribe to the page.


A company selling eyeglasses

To sell eyeglasses – show them in all positions. And on a dog. EyeBuyDirect is a company that sells eyeglasses and publishes their subscribers with eyeglasses in the feed.

For many, judging by the reviews, such publicity becomes the impetus to make up their minds and buy their first glasses.

To always have content to publish, the owners of the page invite customers to take photos and send them pictures. There are now nearly 390,000 people subscribed to the page.

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A clothing company

The fact that celebrities create their own clothes has long been a familiar fact to many. But Rihanna’s outfits are notable for their frankness, with many plus-size models in the collections. The profile cap urges to be brave and to love themselves. The profile has already been subscribed by more than 4 million people.


Polaroid film and cameras

Who doesn’t know what Polaroid is? The company has a successful Instagram account and does a great job of tuning out the competition. Most of the photos on the profile are designed in the inimitable Polaroid film style. The account is followed by more than 700,000 people.


A company that sells colored icicles

Another company that does weird stuff is colored wax icicles. Just enjoy. You can order these colored icicles. A portion of the money from the successful sale of each one goes to charity. Nearly 350,000 people are interested in the account.


Carbonated Water Sales Company

A page for a company that sells sparkling water. The account is designed in light colors, airy and unusual. Not a bad positioning for a soda and a clear similar design in all the posts of the feed. Lots of humorous posts – a can in clothes, with a stroller, near a mirror or on an x-ray. Great imagination on the part of their designer. There are now 84,000 people subscribed to the account.



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