Best instabloggers to follow. Part 1

If you spend at least an hour a day looking at content on Instagram, you will find this article useful. A few years ago, it was thought that the media shaped society’s consciousness. Today, opinion leaders – instabloggers – have taken over their role. Who you subscribe to on social networks determines your outlook and creative development. We have collected 5 accounts that are interesting to follow, and added some tips on how to promote a personal Instagram-blog.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk – @garyvee

Gary Vaynerchuk is an American serial entrepreneur of Belarusian origin, a leading investor in Facebook, Twitter and other Internet projects, a writer and speaker. His books have made The New York Times bestseller lists four times. In the business community, he is jokingly referred to as the King of Instagram. But he can be called an Instagram blogger without any jokes.

Gary’s Instagram audience has more than 8 million followers. He publishes 3-5 posts and about 20 storis every day. In his feed you can see fragments of recordings of public appearances, funny tweets, memes and short funny videos.

2. Chris Burkard – @chrisburkard

Instagram blogger Chris Burkard is one of the world’s most famous landscape photographers. He specializes in extreme wilderness photography. In his profile you can admire landscapes of Kamchatka, Iceland, Arizona, Hawaii and the Japanese islands. If you dream of faraway wanderings and are looking for a profile for inspiration and visualizations, Chris’s account is the one for you.

3. mari Andrew – @bymariandrew

Mari Andrew is a writer, illustrator and speaker from New York City. Her style of posting is different from how other popular instagram bloggers in America do it. She often writes short handwritten notes, embellishing them with drawings, and posts photos without further description. Or she prints the notes on a printer and creates collages on a watercolor background.

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You, too, can try designing your posts this way. It’s a good format for notes or favorite quotes from books. Grab your paints and start creating! Or use ready-made templates with watercolor backgrounds from Canva.

4. Rich McCor – @paperboyo

Rich McCor is a creative photographer and instablogger. Each of his shots can without exaggeration be called a work of art. He complements landscapes with silhouettes cut out of paper. Check out his page for some inspiration.

In the header of his profile you’ll find a link to Rich’s cutout templates. With them, you can try to make a photo in the author’s style (don’t forget to post with the @paperboyo tag).

We were inspired by Rich’s ideas and added some more templates like this to Canva.

5. Seth Phillips – @dudewithsign

Among America’s popular Instagram bloggers, Seth Phillips stands out for his unique “Dude with a Poster” style. He’s photographed on the streets of New York City (or leaning out of his balcony when it’s best not to show his face on the street) with cardboard signs on which he handwrites ironic slogans. Like this one, in honor of Independence Day: “Nobody Watches Your Salute Videos.”

In partnership with the WHO, Seth has produced a series of posters to remind us to take precautions about the spread of the coronavirus (“Elbow bumps are the new handshakes,” “Good weather doesn’t mean the covid is over,” and others). Sometimes Seth collaborates with brands or joins mass actions. But more often his “protests” are humorous in nature.



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