Reels trends, view times and a new editor – Instagram updated Reels


Instagram unveiled a big update for Reels that should help bloggers increase engagement and grow the community around their content.

Prepared an overview of the changes that await users.

Reels Trends

First, Instagram added a new “Reels Trends” section, where you can track popular tracks and hashtags specifically for Reels. The list shows current trends, you can select music and use it, or save it as a bookmark.

“Trends Reels” will be available to authors on the professional toolbar, where you can also find out the interest in a particular song or song, at the moment. Information about the popularity of certain hashtags is also available here.

By and large, this is analogous to the Creative Center TikTok, where information is collected on all elements of popular videos in TikTok. That said, TikTok gives a wider range of data, including region-specific data.

Editor update

Instagram has consolidated its video editing tools to simplify the process of creating Reels.

The new Reels editor screen will include editing videos, stickers, text and soundtracks on one screen. It will be very similar to CapCut within the app.

Viewing time

Reels statistics will show data on total and average viewing time for clips.

“Average viewing time” shows the average time users spend watching a video. Calculated by dividing the viewing time by the total number of views.
Reels view time

The new data in Reels stats will help you understand which videos hold users’ attention better and which videos need work on engagement.

In addition, Instagram will add notifications showing that a user has subscribed to you after watching Reels.

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