16 powerful services for SMM

Still doing all the work on social media. nets with your hands? Then this collection is for you! Today I will introduce you to powerful SMM services that will help automate routine actions (posting, analyzing communities, tracking comments and trends, selecting an audience, and so on) and increasing the return on social media promotion. So, meet 16 powerful services for SMM.

Profession SMM specialist

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

Recommended: Jesica is an Instagram promotion app (from the creators of Instaplus.me). Install Jesica on your Android phone or computer and the app will like, follow, and unsubscribe as if you were doing it yourself:

  • No blocks. The limits work as if you were doing it all manually.
  • Safely. You do not need to enter a password for your account.
  • High speed. You can put up to 1000 likes and 500 subscriptions per day.

Try 5 days for free >>

Powerful SMM services: TOP-16


A service that allows you to automate promotion on Instagram. Instaplus combines functions such as mass following and mass liking, deferred posting, sending a message, auto commenting and more.

Tariffs… The service has a free trial period for 7 days, and then you can choose one of the tariffs. 399 rubles / month – for one account or 899 rubles / month – 5 promoted accounts. Try Instaplus >>>


hash-master - smart hashtag generator for Instagram

It is a smart AI-powered hashtag generator for Instagram. To find hashtags for a post, enter a keyword, for example, sport, fitness or training… The service generates hundreds of carefully selected hashtags for your niche. All that remains is to copy and paste them into your post.

Tariffs. There is a free 7-day trial period. The minimum plan is $ 10 and includes up to 50 searches per month. Try Hash-master >>


For definitions popularity of groups, publics, profiles on social networks use this service. He specializes in data analytics. Popsters helps to assess the popularity of various posts (reach, activity, engagement, ER) and identify the most effective ones. One of the advantages is the ability to upload reports in various formats PDF, PPTX, XLSX.


To the pluses you can also include a trial period of 7 days and analysis of 10 social networks.

Minuses: one account – one social. net. With the cost of access to the service for a month 399 rubles, it turns out to make an analysis of the main social. networks are required to pay more than 1000 rubles.


This service allows you to automate the publication of posts. You can set the publication time yourself and publish the same post on several social networks at once. The main advantage is the ability to publish posts that include both photos and videos (the video publishing service is paid) on Instagram. With the help of SMM planner, you can make delayed posting on 8 social networks, including Viber, Telegram and even Pinterest.

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Tariffs. There is a 7-day trial period, and you can also get 100 free posts every month. Further, the minimum cost is 450 rubles (posting on no more than 5 different pages or accounts). For an additional fee, you can purchase proxies, post videos and watermark images.


Pros. Convenient and intuitive interface. Extensive blog knowledge base. An active group in VK, where cases and useful guides are published. More details about the service in our SMMplanner review

Minuses. Lots of tariffs and paid services that create confusion.


A program for automating work with Instagram. Allows you to parse the audience not only on Insta, but also on VK. Set up deferred posting, automatically put likes on selected parameters (for example, geotags), collect popular hashtags, and also register new Instagram accounts in automatic mode.


Tariffs. The price is 1110 rubles per month.

Pros. Replaces many other services (auto-posting, like + subscription, parsing, auto-commenting).

Minuses. You need to download and install on your computer. Continuous operation requires an always-on computer or a rented server.

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Ideal service for creating social graphics. networks: in addition to all known formats for various networks, it supports the creation of images with an arbitrary size. You can create infographics and presentations.


Pros. Completely free (there are only paid templates). Shared with the entire team. Learn more about using the service in our Canva instructions

Minuses. Images with transparent backgrounds (.png) cannot be created.


The system allows you to monitor emergence of new comments on posts or videos (for YouTube). The service automatically sends notifications (by email or telegram) in case of new comments. Allows you to track not only comments, but also mentions of a brand or any keyword.

Tariffs. Test period 7 days. The minimum rate is 190 rubles / month and comments are tracked only in one community in any social network available in the service (VK, FB, Insta, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, YouTube).


Pros. No need to enter your passwords, so you don’t have to worry about security. It is also powerful to track comments in competitor communities and write to their subscribers or send them invitations / suggestions.

Minuses. The main drawback is the inability to respond to comments through this service. If the developers make changes and improve the service, then there will be many more users.

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With Supa, you can quickly create short videos for social networks, in a very simple maker, using ready-made elements or uploading your own. Video is now one of the trends in SMM, so the service is growing and developing very quickly.


Tariffs. There is an unlimited free version that will include the SUPA logo on your video and will be limited to 40 seconds in length. The unlimited package costs 990 rubles per month.

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Pros. Convenient video creator.

Minuses. Few ready-made templates.


The system works exclusively with Instagram. Perfect for those who have business account… The service collects information about the interests and preferences of your subscribers, about their publications, joining various communities and activity in groups. Allows you to track hashtag activity, audience growth, as well as the effectiveness of Stories. The finished report is exported into one document format PDF.

Tariffs. There is a free 14-day version. Further, the minimum tariff is $ 20 for analyzing accounts that have no more than 20 thousand subscribers – the more subscribers, the higher the cost of the packages.


Pros. Detailing the subscribed audience.

Minuses. Available in English only. Analyzes only Instagram. Expensive.


Program perfect for professional targeting experts and everyone who deals with promoting groups in VK… The system collects users and forms a single base for targeting: community administrators, active members of competitor groups, and more. The platform has a rather complex mechanism, but the result is effective.

Tariffs. 20 features of the creator service give the SMM community completely free. The standard tariff includes 90 functions for collecting target audience and costs 799 rubles for 30 days.


Pros. High-quality audience collection for targeting or massliking… In a separate post, we have covered all functions and settings of Target Hunter

Minuses. Weak tech. support. Authorization via VK is required.


A multifunctional platform, the capabilities of which are auto-posting, content plan creation and social analytics. networks. In addition, the service allows you to combine different accounts into groups or projects, adapt content for different networks, and automatically put likes on new friends’ posts. Is the official partner of 10 social networks. networks. Reports are uploaded in PDF format.


Tariffs. There is a 14-day free trial period. Further, the minimum tariff costs 399 rubles (no more than 5 accounts and no more than 500 posts).

Pros. Replaces several other services.

Minuses. Not found.

Brand Analytics Express

The platform was created to track brand mentions both on social networks and in means mass media. This way, you won’t miss a single angry comment or compliment. Reports are produced online, then information is processed and content is transferred in a convenient format.

brand analytics

Tariffs. Demo mode 7 days upon request. Further, from 700 rubles per 100 mentions or from 22,000 rubles / month.

Pros. Monitoring of mentions in real time.

Minuses. Narrow functionality. Very expensive.


This platform allows you to automatically generate beautiful reports for clients based on data Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrics, advertising accounts on VKontakte and Facebook. Convenient in that it exports data in any of the selected formats (pdf, doc, html) according to a ready-made template and sends it to the mail. It will be useful not only for targeting people, but also for context specialists and SEO.

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Tariffs. Free for 14 days. The minimum “Freelancer” tariff is 800 rubles, but there are only 5 projects and there are no report templates.

Pros. Reporting automation.

Minuses. Not found.

Pepper ninja

The program is clear and easy to use, it parses VK users who have joined various groups. Cuts off dead and commercial accounts, and also finds users with the highest activity. The service pleases users with the presence of a convenient button with which you can find the community of interest by just one keyword. Works for Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.

pepper ninja

Tariffs. Only 490 rubles per month + trial period.

Pros. Works with classmates.

Minuses. Authorization via VK is required.



The main function is to automate the management of social media accounts and effectively use SMM to promote your business. The platform was created to work with social networks from one place, without having to open dozens of tabs.

Tariffs… The free plan Free contains tools for managing social media accounts to help make SMM more effective. Tariff plans Content ($ 19 / month) and Team (from $ 49 / month) – functionality that will help overcome the difficulties of finding ideas for publications, as well as provide professional tools for working in 300 social network accounts, a team of 50 people.

pros… Availability of a free tariff plan without additional conditions. Added the ability to work in the Graphics editor with a free tariff and use the Pixabay, Unsplash and Giphy stocks combined with the platform (more than 5,000,000 free videos, photos, animations in high quality, free). The ability to set up auto-posting even for years to come. Makes work in SMM more compact due to the tools collected in a single place. There are built-in boost-posts for your Facebook business account.

Minuses. An expensive starting rate and an incomprehensible algorithm for generating ideas for posts.

More details: A complete overview of PublBox

Cerebro Target

Allows you not only to parse, but also to analyze the VK audience by such an important indicator as purchasing power. Analyze advertising posts. In addition, find mutual friends of those subscribers who have joined a particular community. A very useful tool for professionals.


Tariffs. Depending on the functionality, the cost of packages is from 490 to 1500 rubles.

Pros. A large and active group in VK, where cases, service users and a lot of other useful content are published.

Minuses. No trial available.

Instagram advertising


Monitoring social networks, review sites and media. Tracks mentions of a brand or any other words. User-friendly interface, informative reports and 24/7 support will make using the program pleasant and useful.


Tariffs. The package with the minimum features costs $ 399 per month. Demo is only available upon request.

Pros. Support by professional analysts.

Minuses. Very expensive.

What services for SMM do you use? Share in the comments 🙂

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