20+ post ideas for spring for Instagram, VK and other social networks


Winter is over, which means it’s time for our hot collection of post ideas for Spring 2019! Use ideas and create articles in the VK editor, write interesting, engaging posts on Instagram, VK and other social networks. Adapt ideas to the format of Instagram Stories and Stories in VK.

How to use ideas for content

It’s important not just to put the collected ideas into your content plan, but to use them correctly. Our selection mostly includes ideas for entertainment and informational content. As such, they should be used primarily to engage subscribers and create communication. This is very important when the posts in the feed are ranked according to activity. So, we use the ideas as follows:

Write an informative text post that ends with a question addressed to subscribers;
running a contest or promotion with activity under the post as one of the conditions;
poll, quiz or discussion related to the event;
congratulations or video greetings to subscribers;
special design of a post or an account (especially good for a group in VK or Facebook).

40 content ideas for spring posting


March 1st is the first day of spring

The first associations that come to mind when mentioning spring are renewal, rebirth, freshness and of course love!

Ideas for posts:

  • Where to go in the evening or your city’s most romantic places to date (parks, cafes).
  • How to spend the first day of spring.
  • A body prep marathon for summer with a weekly fix of the result in the comments.

March 2 is International Match Day

It’s hardly a popular holiday and not many people know about it at all, but that’s even better. “Match Day” sounds unusual, to say the least.

Ideas for posts:

  • history of the holiday;
  • poll: do you use matches;
  • unusual matchstick crafts.

March 6 is dentist’s day

Who wasn’t afraid of dentists as a child?

Ideas for posts:

  • congratulations to professionals;
  • poll: are you afraid of going to dentists.
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March 8 is International Women’s Day

It is a very popular holiday, but it is better to prepare for it in advance in social networks. At least a week in advance, publish posts about your promotions and special offers dedicated to this day.

Ideas for posts:

  • Discounts and promotions on products and services for women.
  • Discounts and promotions on gifts men will give.
  • Congratulations.

March 11 is security guard day

With the easy pitch of the TV show “Nasha Rasha”, the profession of a security guard is associated with Galustyan in the role of Alexander Radionovich Boradach and his crowning phrase “Understand and Forgive”. As an option, you can play around with this phrase in conjunction with your brand.

Ideas for posts:

  • Congratulating members of the profession.
  • Jokes and memes about security guards.

March 19 is submariner’s sailor’s day

Ideas for posts:

  • Congratulations to sailors.
  • Discounts and promotions in a nautical theme.


April 1 – Laughter Day

Every year the first day of April is Fool’s Day or Laughter Day. Be sure to find a way to make jokes to your subscribers, and also be on your guard yourself.

Content Ideas:

  • The most auspicious day of the year for memes and jokes.
  • A selection of the coolest pranks.
  • How to prank a friend – a selection of ideas.

April 4 is Webmaster’s Day

Content ideas:

  • Congratulations to webmasters.
  • A discussion of the most promising professions of the future.

April 12 – day of astronautics

Content Ideas:

  • The latest news in space.
  • Congratulations to subscribers.
  • Drawing of land plots on Mars and the Moon.

April 16 is circus day

Content Ideas:

  • Drawing of circus tickets.
  • Poll – who is the best clown.

April 28 – Easter

Content Ideas:

  • Congratulations to all those celebrating the holiday.
  • A recipe for a real Easter kulich.
  • A selection of ways to dye eggs.

April 29 – World Dance Day

Content Ideas:

  • Survey – do your subscribers do dance and if so, what kind.
  • Overview of upcoming dance concerts.
  • Drawing of the certificate to the dancing school.
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April 30 is fire department day

Content Ideas:

  • Congratulations to firefighters.
  • History of the holiday and how it is celebrated.
  • Discounts for firefighters.

April 30 – Jazz Day

Content Ideas:

  • A raffle for a jazz concert.
  • Interview with one of the city’s jazz bands.
  • Review of upcoming jazz concerts.


May 1 is Spring and Labor Day

Although the holiday has its roots in the Soviet past, it is an integral part of our culture and the country is getting ready for the spring mini-vacation.

Posting ideas:

  • Shish kebab gathering guide.
  • Gardening tips.
  • Ideas for outdoor activities.
  • Promotions and discounts on products in one way or another related to outdoor, gardening and backcountry recreation.

May 3 is World Sunshine Day.

All over the world, the sun and solar energy are celebrated. This is the most powerful of the giant stars closest to the Earth, which rotates around the Sun. All life on our planet depends on sunlight, which is why the sun is worshiped since the beginning of time.

Ideas for posting:

  • An informative post about using solar energy.
  • History of the Sun God.
  • Tips on how to celebrate Sun Day.

May 7 is radio day.

This particular day is considered the day the radio was invented. In fact, the physicist Alexander Popov invented the radio earlier, and on May 7 he presented it to the general public. And it was not the device that arises in our imagination when we hear the word “radio,” but an ordinary receiver capturing electromagnetic waves at a distance.

Ideas for posting:

  • A discussion of who actually invented radio – Popov, Marconi, Hertz, Bell or Tesla (this question is still unresolved).
  • Congratulations to all the people involved in radio.
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May 12 is planting day.

It is celebrated in some countries, including Russia. The holiday is designed to draw attention to the restoration of forests, landscaping urban parks and due to the fact that everyone can plant at least 1 tree on this day.

Ideas for posting:

  • Information on where citywide holiday events will be held and how to get involved.
  • Promotion – all customers a sprout to plant.

May 14 – Freelancer’s Day


The company holds annual celebrations to which it invites freelancers working in a wide variety of specialties.

Ideas for posting:

  • Take a poll in the comments to find out which of your subscribers prefer freelance work and why.
  • Greetings.
  • Experimental format: Post a job or order for a freelancer in your social networks.

May 26 is the day of Russian entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship despite the mass misconception is not an easy thing, requiring entrepreneurial spirit, energy and liveliness of mind. An entrepreneur constantly needs to solve many problems, to make decisions so that his business could flourish and develop. More often than not, business owners are true workaholics who work without weekends or holidays.

Posting ideas:

  • Congratulations to entrepreneurs.
  • Companies working in the b2b sector, as well as various services, can launch promotions for their CA.

May 31 – International Blondes Day.

Blond beauty began to celebrate their “professional holiday” in 2006. There are a lot of jokes, jokes and jokes about blondes. Use them to make jokes, just don’t overdo it so you don’t offend anyone.

Posting ideas:

  • For a male audience, you can take a survey about whether they prefer blondes or brunettes.
  • Companies in the beauty industry and selling products for women is a good time to hold promotions.
  • Well, any holiday is an occasion for sincere, heartfelt congratulations.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the selection of ideas? Write your answer in the comments with an explanation.

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