25 post ideas for summer 2017

Copywriters and content managers are daily racking their brains over which post to write down today and often resort to banal cats and memes. To solve this headache, we created 25 post ideas for summer 2017… Read all the material completely, choose the ideas you like, adapt to the topic and add to your content plan for Instagram or VKontakte, and maybe even Classmates… You have it, right?

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25 post ideas

For a more convenient overview, we have divided all topics into several headings. Having read the article to the end, you, at least for 3 months, will not face the question: “What would be interesting to post today?”

Sports posts

1. At the very beginning of summer, namely 3rd June, we are waiting for a football festival called the Champions League Final, in which Real Madrid, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, will face off against Juventus and his legend Buffon. Whether Ronaldo breaks another record or Buffon takes his first Champions Cup is one of the main intrigues of this evening.

2. June 16th to 27th – The best women’s basketball teams in Europe will determine the best at EuroBasket 2017, which will be held in the Czech Republic.

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3. Next from June 17th to July 2nd we are expecting the Confederations Cup in football, which will be held in Sochi, on the eve of the 2018 World Cup. Kokorin and Mamaev will not be there, which means there will be no champagne either, but in case of a negative result, there will be their own antiheroes and there will be many reasons for jokes.

4. All sports fans know who Usaina Bolt is. Therefore with 5th to 13th August, during the Athletics Championships in London, they will freeze in anticipation of his 12th and 13th gold medal races at the World Championships.

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Movie posts

five. The first day of summer will delight us with the premieres of two films about superheroes “Wonder Woman” and “Fantastic Four 2”. And so, where a movie about superheroes appears, the appearance of new memes is inevitable and at least you can raffle off a couple of tickets for the premiere among your subscribers.

6. Next, we are waiting for the premiere of the explosive “Transformers: The Last Knight”, which will take place June 22nd

7. Then, 6th July, the next restart of the Spider-Man franchise, where Iron Man will become his mentor (probably by this time he had already solved his problems with alcohol).

8.With the release of the film adaptation of the legendary “The Dark Tower” by Stephen King 3rd August, you can also link multiple posts on your social media pages.

Festive posting

9. Traditionally, summer begins with Children’s Day. Isn’t that a reason to post a cute baby face?

ten. 6th June in Russia Pushkin Day is celebrated. Make a test or survey on his creativity and try to fit it into the concept of your brand as organically as possible

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11. One more day off will give us June 12th and Day of Russia. Congratulate everyone on this holiday and do not forget to write about barbecue in the country.

12. The next holiday, although not marked in the calendar in red, is more noticeable to the inhabitants of our vast Motherland. Don’t forget about Youth Day June 27th

13. A very positive holiday, to which you can time a contest for lovers, on the theme of their first kiss. 6th July – World Kiss Day.

14. Another popular holiday, 7th July – Ivan Kupala, a good reason to remind about the importance of water procedures in the summer, as well as tell the girls about fortune-telling on the night of Ivan’s bath.

15. Everyone loves to treat themselves to a delicious treat, and International Chocolate Day, 11th July a great occasion to invite guests to your cafe or restaurant and arrange a tasting. Or maybe vice versa, remind you of a strict diet if you have a fitness club.

16. Do you know how many photographers appear on social networks every day? And although it is very difficult to keep track of their number, not all of them know that 12th July the Day of the photographer is celebrated.

17. Did you know that depending on aging, there are 5 types of tequila, the day of which is celebrated 24th July… Even if you don’t have tequila in your assortment, you can tell about this holiday.

18. One of the most famous professional holidays takes place 2nd August and it’s the Day of the Airborne Forces. And although the topic is hackneyed, it is very relevant every year.

19. Next, 6th August another popular professional holiday is the Day of the Railwayman of Russia.

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Taste and color

20. Also at the beginning of summer, namely 6th June, The Elder Scrolls Morrowind will be released as an addition to the online version. What to prepare for gamers a lot of new tasks, adventures and possible hype in social networks around the game.

21. Festival of Russian cinema, which begins 7th June we deliberately did not put it in the appropriate section. Maybe on your brand page you will be able to review this problem.

22. At the end of summer, 21st August it will be possible to observe a solar eclipse, which can only be contemplated in the full phase in the United States, which is an excellent reason to offer a trip in this direction at a discount. Quite a good idea for tourism companies.


Without date

23. Graduation Is a fresh look at an old problem every time. Rental of dresses, hairstyles for prom and limousines for rent is relevant.

24. In the summer of 2017, a new station wagon is preparing to be released Lada Vesta Cross… The domestic auto industry has always given many reasons for skeptical publications and jokes. The first pictures of the car at the exhibition, feedback on the test drive, interviews with developers.

25. Smartphone sales are expected in the summer Nokia 6, 5 and 3. Return of the giant to the market, but triumphant? ..

When mentioning any of the topics described in this article, the most important thing is not just to post “Today is something, congratulations and wish you happiness”, but think over how to fit the newsfeed into the content of your brand page

If you want more ideas for posts next time, write the number of ideas you need in the comments under this post.

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