30 post ideas for fall 2017

We continue the good tradition of publishing ideas for posts, and this time we have prepared a selection for the fall of 2017. Use the ideas given in the material to make your profiles on social networks (Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook and even Odnoklassniki) more interesting.

30 post ideas for fall 2017

As we did earlier, posting ideas are divided into categories.

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Festive posting

  1. September 1. By tradition, autumn starts with a day of knowledge. Just be kind, save your subscribers from the dry “Congratulations, we wish you all the best” – seeing this in the feed, the majority, at best, will pass by, and some will unsubscribe altogether.

2. September 30th. Runet day is celebrated. Say a good word about the Russian Internet. For all Internet providers and other companies specializing in working on the Internet, this is a good reason to motivate demand with a small 5-10% discount in honor of the holiday.

3. October 5 “Teacher’s Day”… Language schools, art workshops and other educational institutions can arrange a comic day of self-government (when older students teach to younger ones) and cheerfully highlight this event in their social. networks.

4. October 30 “Day of the motorist”. Discounts on car service, insurance and other car services will come in handy on this day.

five. October 31 – Halloween. It just so happened that from ancient times in Russia they began to celebrate Halloween. And this is not only a reason to post a pumpkin on Insta, but also to arrange a costume party.

6. November 4th celebrate “National Unity Day”. And this means for most Russians an additional day off and a reason to once again visit a pub, restaurant or go on vacation outside the city. Don’t forget to remind your subscribers of this.

7. November 7 “Day of the October Revolution of 1917”… This year it will be exactly 100 years old – an anniversary, after all. What “goodies” you will please your followers on Instagram or VK – you decide.

8. November 27 “Mother’s Day of Russia (Mothers Day)” – mom, this is the most precious thing we have and we don’t feel sorry for anything for mothers. How can you miss a chance to play on this? After all, goods / services of almost any company can be presented to mom in kind or in the form of a certificate.

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Sports posts

nine. September 13-14 the most prestigious football club tournament of the Old World – the Champions League starts. Two Russian clubs Spartak and CSKA are taking part in this drawing at once. Well, the main intrigue of the tournament is whether Real Madrid under the control of Zidane will be able to win the Champions League Cup for the third time in a row. For restaurants, cafes and pubs, this is a great excuse to invite football fans to their place, and for others it is just not to stay away from the most discussed events.

ten. September 15th. Following the Champions League, the second most important tournament begins – the Europa League, where there are also 2 Russian representatives – Zenit and Lokomotiv.

eleven. October 2-8 the world championship in artistic gymnastics will be held in Canada, where the Russian representatives will obviously collect medals of the highest standard. Beauty salons and other beauty companies can rejoice for our girls and encourage everyone to be beautiful and slim and spend money on themselves.

12. October 15-22 the world archery championship will take place in Mexico. You can cheerfully frame the beginning of this event by finding out who is the best Robin Hood in the world today.

thirteen. October 22-29… Tennis. At the final tournament in Singapore, the 8 strongest tennis players in the world will determine the best.

fourteen. 29th of October. The two strongest Russian teams at the time of publication (Zenit and Lokomotiv) will face off in a face-to-face duel at the long-suffering St. Petersburg stadium Krestovsky. There will be a place for jokes about cormorants, and for relaxing while watching good football.

fifteen. November 9-11 and 12-14 play-off matches will be held 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, which will determine the last participants in the final stage of the tournament. We have nothing to worry about, we, as the hosts of the tournament, get to it automatically.

Football Posts 2017

sixteen. November 11-12. Tennis. After the best tennis player in the world is known, it will be time to determine the best women’s team and present it with the Federation Cup.

17. November 13-19. Tennis. The season for men ends. At the final ATP tournament in London, the 8 best tennis players of the planet will come together to determine the king according to the sports principle.

eighteen. November 24-26. Tennis. Further, in the dispute for the Davis Cup, the two strongest national teams of the world will play and determine the new winner.

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Movie posts

19. September 7, “It” – the fall movie season begins a little creepy, along with Stephen King’s clown Pennywise, hunting children.

20. September 21, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” – a new adventure of the English special services, a kind of parody of agent 007, which at first glance fell in love with many viewers.

21. October 5, Blade Runner 2049 – This is a grand sequel to the cult film, the events of which take place several decades later.

22. October 26, “Saw 8”… Saw 8? Are you seriously? It’s almost like a Sherlock TV show (in terms of episodes). And yet, on Kinopoisk, this is one of the most anticipated films of this fall.

23. November 2, Thor: Ragnarok… And although the trailer for this film has spoiled everything that is possible, nevertheless, Marvel fans are looking forward to the battle of Thor and the Hulk.

Movie posts 2017

24. November 9, Murder on the Orient Express… The film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s detective with the inimitable Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer in the lead roles certainly deserves the attention of every movie lover.

25. November 15, Justice League… But this is already serious. After all, it is still not known who will become the main antagonist and whether the resurrected Superman will help the team of superheroes led by Batman.

All films can be timed with a raffle of tickets, themed quests in Instagram Stories or a quiz with a prize draw.

Taste and color

26. September 15th. Autumn is not only the time of writing on the topic “How did I spend my summer?”, But also the time of the most real Indian summer. If it is warm – rejoice, if it’s cold, then troll the weather and invite you to buy a warm sweater or a cup of hot chocolate.

27. According to preliminary information iPhone 8 presentation will take place on September 12th, and sales of the new Apple smartphone will start on the 22nd.

28. Mid-November – it’s time to remind about the upcoming New year, about why it is worth buying New Year’s gifts in advance, selling corporate parties, banquets and New Year’s tours.

29. Almost any day of autumn is cold weather, when you want to wrap yourself in a blanket, pet cats and watch TV shows. Add some coziness to the ribbon.

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30. For others, on the contrary, the first snow that falls is not only an opportunity to make a snowman, but also the beginning of the season, when it’s time to uncover your snowboard and go to conquer the mountain slopes. And if there is no suitable equipment or clothes, it is possible that you can buy them from you.

These are our 30 ideas for posts, share your ideas in the comments!

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