30 posting ideas for winter 2017-2018

Traditionally, before the onset of the new season, we are preparing a selection of ideas for daily posting, and the next in line are ideas for posts for the winter 2017-2018.

You can adapt ideas from our selection for any social media. networks (VK, Insta, FB, Odnoklassniki) and for your brand, and then add to publication calendar

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December 1 – first day of winter. “Hello winter“, as they say. Dedicate fasting to the coming winter, snow, winter sports and all the wonderful things that the coldest season of the year has in store for us.

December 1 – the draw for the finals of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. On the same day, the distribution of the participants of the main football forum by group will take place in the Kremlin. Here the long-suffering Russian national team will recognize its rivals. Well, whatever one may say, this is a great topic for discussion and discussion. And you can also make a vote – what place will our team take in the group and whether it will leave it.

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December 3 – Networker Day. There are more and more adherents of network marketing in social networks, this is not surprising, at least from the point of view of semantics, they coincide. Therefore, congratulate these brave and persistent guys from the bottom of the heart on their professional holiday.

December 11th – draw for ⅛ Champions League. Unfortunately, the match-supplier of memes will not take place this year (I’m talking about Bayern – Arsenal), but there will be something to discuss – don’t miss this moment.

12 December – Constitution day. One of the most important public holidays. Proud or ironic here – you decide.

December 14 – Premiere of the movie “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi”. The franchise is returning to the big screens ahead of the New Year to cash in on its loyal fans. By the way, you can also not only devote a couple of posts to this event, but also try to monetize the hype: the sale of lightsabers and other souvenirs dedicated to the heroes will go with a bang.

21 December – premiere of the film “Jumanji”. Remake of one of the favorite films of childhood and starring Dwayne Scala Johnson. I would like to hope that a new look at the old tale will delight both fans and film critics. We are giving away tickets for correct answers based on the 1995 original.

December 24-25 – Catholic Christmas. When we still have a whole week to work, somewhere across the ocean they are already celebrating in full. It is Christmas that is their main holiday, and New Year is an appendage. Therefore, you can congratulate your Western colleagues, or publish a post with envy.

December 28th – Movie Day. The best way to congratulate your subscribers on movie day is to donate movie tickets for the New Year holidays. Organize a drawing or competition a week before the event itself and present the coveted prize just before the new year. Do not forget to photograph everything and place it on your pages.

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31th of December – seeing off the old year. Here is the new year on the nose. And there are a lot of topics for posting:

  • write the final post for the last year, what was planned and what was done, do you consider it successful, and so on;
  • plans for the coming year – share your plans for 2018 and make a promise to your subscribers to fulfill them;
  • recipes for New Year’s dishes and dishes: Olivier, herring under a fur coat, mashed potatoes with cutlets and so on;
  • selection of New Year’s music;
  • congratulations and wishes, and I think a lot more.


January 1st – New Year. The main thing is not to forget to congratulate and publish the opening hours on the holidays. To do this, use the auto-posting service so as not to go to social. networks at least once a year ⛄.

January 1-8 – New Year’s holidays. If you work, and this applies more to entertainment venues, then every day make an announcement about the events taking place today, the current discounts, and if you have a full seat and there are no seats – write about it so that people do not waste weekend time days in vain and did not go, perhaps to the other end of the city.

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Jan. 7 – Christmas. In fact, on the night before Christmas in Russia, according to tradition, they went to carols, dressing up in costumes. But Halloween has successfully conquered the opportunity to be a fancy-dress holiday, so on Christmas it is better to write about fortune-telling, family comfort and sell everything that may be useful in their organization.

January 13-14 – Old New Year. No matter how paradoxical this holiday may seem, people in Russia love it and do not mind celebrating it. Offer to do this at your establishment or share ideas for symbolic gifts from your assortment.

16 january – international day of the Beatles. Make a selection with the music of the legendary band and have plenty of nostalgic about the 60s and rock and roll, for now battle rap is in trend.

January 19 – Baptism. The day when people can go swimming in 40 degrees below zero. And this is a common thing for us. Tell in your posts about the origins of this tradition, go swimming in the ice hole with the whole team and post photos on social networks.

The 25th of January – Student’s Day (Tatiana’s Day). Let’s be honest, students are not the most monetized audience, but you shouldn’t forget about them either. As an alternative to congratulations or an offer of entertainment, you can offer open positions for a part-time job or summer internship. The right student is always looking for an opportunity to earn extra money.

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January 31 – International Day Without Internet. No matter how cynical it is to post something on this day, remind your subscribers about the holiday and let them spend at least one evening without the Internet.


February 6 – Day of the bartender. A great reason to invite your subscribers for a couple of cocktails to your bar, and in the absence of it, provide a discount to all bartenders (you can check the bartender or not by asking the composition of Long Island, for example).

8 february – Premiere of the film “50 Shades of Freedom”. Stable supplier of memes and jokes. Take one of the templates and come up with your adaptation that will hit your audience. Do you know your audience well?

February 9th – the beginning of the 23rd Olympic Games in South Korea. Only there is a small amendment, while it is not known for certain whether the Russians will be allowed to participate in the Olympics. If not, then the broadcast of the OI-2018 will not be shown in Russia, which is logical. And if they do, then it may be a compromise option – some athletes will participate under a neutral flag.

12th of February – Maslenitsa celebration. Most residents of the country love this holiday, as it heralds the coming of spring, and during the celebration wide festivities unfold, with traditional amusements: climbing a pole and riding a troika of horses. In general, there is something to say.

February 13-14 – ⅛ Champions League final. Sorry honey, I have these days… Well, you understand, after the winter hibernation, the Champions League, the best football clubs in Europe and beautiful football are back возвращается.

The 14th of February – St. Valentine’s Day. On this day, of course, you should congratulate all lovers and develop special offers for two.

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February, 15 – Premiere of the film “Black Panther”. Another movie comic strip of the Marvel universe. This is the first film in this series. Will a new format of a more serious narrative be tested or Marvel will not change itself and we will have jokes, a bright picture and special effects. Lots of special effects. You, in turn, can give away movie tickets by holding a competition based on the Avengers cinematic universe.

19 february – Forgiveness Sunday. Forgive and you will be forgiven. On this day, publications are only on the light theme of the holiday and forgiveness.

February 23 – Defenders of the Fatherland Day. You know what to do. Seriously. Congratulations, sweepstakes, gifts, discounts, promotions and so on and so forth.

25 February – closing of the Winter Olympics. If ours all get to the Olympics, which we really want to believe in, then of course, at the end of it, we should take stock of the medal standings and recall the brightest moments of the Games.

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