4 cool YouTube channel ideas

Video hosting Youtube is not only a popular and convenient service for posting and watching videos, but also an excellent income option. Not everyone knows that the owners of popular channels receive income from each view. You’ve probably noticed that some videos contain ads – they pay for viewing it. How it’s done? It’s simple: you can connect the Youtube affiliate program to your channel.

But for popularity and subsequent monetization, you need a good idea for YouTube channel… If you have an original and interesting idea, then your videos will be watched and subscribed to the channel. And if not? You can use already proven and interesting topics, only you need to make your videos much better and more interesting than others. What topics are relevant? Let’s see which videos are gaining more views on Youtube.

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YouTube channel ideas

  1. Movie review

We all watch movies, right? Did you dislike or find something interesting while watching the movie? You can record your thoughts, create video clips from the movie and show them to people. Do you think that almost no one has watched an interesting film? Tell us about it. If you like to joke, create a funny review in which you will show the illogical actions of the heroes or a stupid plot. Channels that talk about films, everything related to films, are popular on Youtube. If you learn to tell interesting stories, to decorate your videos well, then your channel will be watched.

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2. Video tutorials

Video tutorials are popular on Youtube (we already talked about the relevance educational content), because many want to learn something, but there is no time to go to courses. If you are good at Photoshop, teach others. Record a video with your comments, where you will show and tell everything. Photo processing, video editing, website creation – if you understand this and learn to explain it in an accessible way, then your channel will be popular.

3. Game stream

What is a game stream? This is a live recording of your performance. You play a game and say into the microphone not a pre-written text, but what you think at that moment. The viewer is interested in your real emotions, your mistakes in the game. Invite a friend to play online and put on a real show together. These videos are incredibly popular on Youtube.

4. Your hobbies

Your hobby can generate income, too. Imagine how many people who visit Youtube are addicted to what you are. Do you like fishing? Create a video about what gear you fish with, record your fishing. Do you like to cook? Teach others to do this. You can record and design a video about any of your hobbies. The popularity of such channels on Youtube is huge.

Leave your ideas for the YouTube channel in the comments!

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