4 new YouTube features for live streaming


YouTube has announced new features for live streaming, some of them are already being tested, and some will be launched soon.

The new tools will help stream writers better engage with their audience.

New features:

  • A circle around the avatars of the channels currently streaming.

  • Guests in live streams. YouTube will soon be launching testing collaborative live streams. This will allow creators to invite a guest to their broadcast by simply sending a link.

At the same time, the author of the broadcast will be able to test the connection of guests before launching the stream. The guest channel and information about the user will not be shown.

  • Q&A, which will allow viewers to ask questions during the live broadcast.
  • Function “Redirect to other channels”. Writers with more than a thousand subscribers can now redirect viewers from a live broadcast or premiere to another live broadcast or premiere on their own channel. It is now possible to redirect viewers to other channels.
  • Inviting a guest to air and highlighting streams will launch in the next couple of weeks, with other features coming later.
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