40+ Instagram photo ideas in familiar locations

To differentiate yourself from thousands of other pages, you need more than just quality photos, you need atmosphere, a suitable setting and ideas. Get comfortable and let’s discuss the coolest and most story-driven photos that are sure to increase profile engagement.

Ideas at home

When the weather outside is unpleasantly overcast – it is worth taking advantage of one of the Instagram photo ideas at home.

A lot of users go to Insta in the morning to wake up and flip through the feed. It makes sense to create an image of small objects for the photo, for example, a cup of coffee or kefir at the table, in the dawn twilight.

Если кофе пахнет даже через экран, то он идеален

It’s worth showing readers on Instagram that mornings can be almost magical.
Another eye-catching gesture is the view from the window at dawn.

Кто не хочет проснуться под шум моря?

Sometimes it’s worth taking a shot like this. It may not be too professional. The main thing is that it should be emotional and vital. It’s more important to show life and movement, even if it’s imperfect, because many of us are always rushing somewhere and forget to look around, being late for a memorized route.

Such simple shots attract attention. These are not polished pictures with perfect retouching, but bright moments from everyday life.

If a person is used to posting snippets of his life on Instagram Slot Gacor and is blogging, you can try one of these home photo ideas for Instagram:

Selfies. Even though some critics say this type of posting is outdated, bloggers continue to use it. The point is that personalizing any page increases its conversion rate. It’s easier for users to trust a person rather than a faceless account.

  • With animals. Cute dogs, cats, ferrets, weasels, and even hamsters get a lot of likes. How can you resist and not click on the heart when there is such a funny fluffy kitty. And you can also create a photo in action – take a shot when the pet gets in the way of work or lies down slot gacor gampang menang on the keyboard. The pet’s playful or lazy mood is transmitted through the screen.

  • Books, magazines, a cozy plaid on the couch. You can share pages or the cover of the publication you are currently reading. Ideally, if you can provoke a heated discussion under such a post.Of course, ideas for home photos on Instagram do not end there. You can always take an unusual picture:


  • Monochrome walls. On it the character who occupies most of the picture, and nothing else unnecessary, no distracting details. The main thing is to wear such clothes beforehand so that they stand out. 
  • Static or motion. Two opposite actions. You can stand still or vice versa, to show that something is going on in the frame. In this case, a bright hat or a funny T-shirt will come in handy, and you can also think of another small accent for Instagram.

  • Playing with shadows. They are especially well drawn before dusk or just after dawn. The object in the photo is played up, adjusted to the shadow. The shadow can be on the face or body, on a product or just a cup of coffee.

Немного задумчивости и тени создадут загадочный образ

  • Working atmosphere. Instagram subscribers often wonder how their idol works. It can be a harmonious mess or, on the contrary, clean, well-groomed surfaces. Popular people quite often show their followers on Instagram how they work, do not hide their workspace. It’s like a piece of something personal, which increases confidence.

Крутые идеи для фото в Инстаграм — создать рабочую атмосферу не сложно

  • Lists and notes. Another interesting Instagram photo idea for those who have beautiful handwriting and have interesting things planned. Write on a sheet of paper what you will do, and beat in the composition. Ads fit seamlessly into this format.

  • Vintage stuff. If a person makes money writing articles, it’s worth finding a typewriter and making some humorous shots about the reduced turn-in rate due to the new gadget. Compositions with beautiful rarities look good with the right clothes.

  • Old (or new) printed photos. A great way to draw attention to the page is to show memories. All you have to do is hang them up or spread them out on a table, and in the description under the Instagram post, tell a story about those on the film.

Photo ideas for a girl’s Instagram

When subscribers open a girl’s profile, they want to see impressive shots from the life of a successful and confident young person. And they will be very upset if instead they see blurry photos with the image shifted to the corner. If you want something whole or a whole series for your posts, use our post ideas generator. We’ll show you how to summarize the day, highlight some trivia or life stories. We’ll tell you how to publish the bow of the day or how to build an entire series of posts.

Below are a few more ideas that are especially good for girls.

  • Near the window. These are often the best shots on Instagram, because there is natural light, which makes faces softer, and natural shadows only add to the appeal. It can be a plain silhouette or a clear shot of a girl sitting on a window. They are often used, but no one prevents you from playing up the image and come up with something new. Even the view from the window can be either blurred or, on the contrary, highlighted, so that it catches the eye and emphasizes the atmosphere.
  • Street shots. You can do it walking or standing next to interesting objects, spontaneously, or just repeating your own recognizable movements. Especially suitable if they sell clothes or accessories through their Instagram account. If the girl is moving a personal page, then it is worth paying attention to the facial expression. It should not be angry or tense. And there’s no need to look for the perfect pose. Better a couple of superfluous details than a picture with nothing to catch the eye of subscribers.

  • More space. Another popular idea for a home photo on Instagram. You can create a lot of empty space around the girl being photographed – a field, a forest, a frozen river, just the wall of a brick house. This will create an emphasis on the heroine herself and cause a stronger reaction from visitors to the page.

  • A set of clothes for today. You can show it on yourself, lay it out on the floor, or invite readers to choose from two outfits to wear to a walk or meeting 
  • Unusual or very bright makeup. A close-up shot of a face with an experimental makeup look draws attention in the feed.

  • Magic lights. You can hang Christmas lights behind you or walk to the nearest bakery with a decorated window display. Some girls wrap themselves in garlands. At the same time the lights themselves look great both in focus and blurred. And in the lead-up to the holiday, it’s especially welcome to viewers on Instagram.

Don’t worry too much about the quality of the photo. The soul of the frame is sometimes more important. In many famous photos you can find a crooked horizon or cropped feet, but it doesn’t ruin the photo, it makes it unique.

Fall ideas.

Some cities are still warm enough to wallow in the leaves. Below are plenty of ideas for fall photos on Instagram.

For a photo shoot, you should take a beautiful umbrella that harmonizes with your clothes, and don’t forget a soft sweater. Surely you can find a bench or steps sprinkled with leaves or the first melting snow.
So, options for the outdoors…


This is traditionally the most popular Instagram trend for fall, which seems to have already been beaten. But if you approach it from an unusual angle, it won’t look hackneyed anymore.


  • You can cover your face with leaves, make a wreath, or bury it in a mountain.

  • The foliage itself has an interesting texture and color scheme, with the right filters each such frame will look lush and vivid.

Снимок настолько яркий, что хочется собраться и пойти погулять

  • It is worth thinking about the movement in the frame, make it dynamic. It will help you stand out among the masses of similar leaf lovers.

  • Pull the branch closer and examine the leaves on the tree.

  • You can come to nature with bags and collect the garbage thrown there, fix it in a photo and give an example to your followers.
  • Try climbing up a tree that is yellow and red from the leaves and take a picture sitting on one of its branches.



You can take pictures from either side of a storefront. The main thing is to catch a good shot and create an atmosphere in the frame. Maybe the character in the frame is standing in the window, because he wants to buy something. Or maybe he is standing inside and selling.
They start decorating for the New Year as early as mid-autumn.

Стильные витрины регулярно оказываются в прицеле объектива

The movement in the frame arouses interest. The character walks along the window or waves his hands, proposes to his mate or talks on the phone.

An attractive shot is to carry many colorful boxes, stacked in a pile, past a brightly colored display case. A sense of celebration quickly occurs to those who see such photos.


This gadget has long been part of our lives, and it’s hard to imagine even part of the day without it. Of course, it looks pertinent on the photo, too. A simple conversation on the phone in the center of the photo attracts attention, especially the emotions of the speaker, and they can be different.

Разговор по телефону часто делает снимок живым

You can take an old landline phone outdoors and “connect” its wire to a tree or foliage.

Таксофоны настолько редко используют по назначению, что скоро все будут считать, что это просто локация для фото или декорация на стене

Well, another option is to use a payphone on the street. Even if it doesn’t work, it’s a great fall photo idea for Instagram.

Hats and other accessories

Hats and berets never go out of style, especially in combination with interesting textured scarves and shawls.

You don’t have to take only selfies. The image is well conveyed through details – a hat on a bench, a shawl on leaves or snow, even a purse with leaves peeking out of it can be the hero of the photo.

Layouts of socks, candles and stuff

At home, prepare a surface and lay out on it a set of things in harmony with each other items. You need to think in advance what you want to say such a picture, it must make sense.

Among the interesting items in such photos are:

  • a guitar;
  • indoor or cut seasonal flowers;
  • leaves in a vase;
  • candles and socks;
  • apples and vegetables in season;
  • berries;
  • cloth napkins;
  • gadgets.

Consider how the elements in the frame are in harmony with each other. I like it when there aren’t a lot of bright spots – everything is about the same color calm or one thing stands out.

Instagram photo ideas for guys

There is less competition here. Therefore, any original idea causes a lot of reactions from visitors.

Humor and imitation of a woman’s account

Some guys know how to present a photo. They simply take popular women’s photos and repeat them. The result is unusual, yet very recognizable shots that quickly gain popularity among the audience.

Joke shots or, on the contrary, serious selfies – all together make a guy’s account attractive and interesting to people. Let’s see what ideas for Instagram photos can be implemented without much difficulty. The main thing – enough courage and humor in the frame.

After beauty treatments. Especially funny looks bearded guy in a bathrobe and turbans on his head, who does the usual things for girls – file nails, make masks, apply cream to the hands. That doesn’t mean they can’t do it, it’s more of a joking comparison, a parody of girls.

Забавнее этой позы только тюрбан на голове

  • Exercise. Men can be very good at sports, but heroes in leggings who do yoga and work out at home also resonate well.

Может быть, было бы полезно девушкам посмотреть на ребят и перестать делать подобные фото?

  • Picnic. Another hackneyed image for girls that provokes a storm of reactions in a guy’s profile.
  • In a bathtub or near a body of water. Of the memorable moments – foam, funny swim trunks, towels, a pensive look and a pose with his back to the viewer.

Отдых после тяжелого рабочего дня. Парни тоже любят ванну с пенкой

Photo of the work

This is where guys behave very differently. They are eager to show that they are strong, smart and successful. Athletes are photographed in gear and in motion, lawyers are photographed in a suit and courthouse, and programmers are photographed near a computer. The purpose of photography is to bring the visitor closer, to help them trust you.

The sea and travel

The most attractive photo ideas for Instagram readers are shots from places that not all visitors to the page can get to.

Красивые пейзажи всегда привлекают внимание. Так хочется лето и на море

Mountain slopes, sea beach, fields or forests all attract barks. It is important to make sure that there is no trash or bag spoiling the atmosphere in the frame.

Покажите мне того, кто отказался бы сейчас сидеть на качельке около океана и не думать об ипотеке

Nearby almost everyone has a small park, a forest belt, or just a couple of trees in the yard. Some have an entire lake across the street. If you find an unusual angle, you can always take a good photo for Insta.

The food

This is still the most popular part of Insta. How a person eats, how they order, what the table looks like and the character in the middle of it.
And the main part of the frame is the food. You don’t have to go to a restaurant to take nice and juicy pictures.

Еда в профиле мужчин отличается от той, которую публикуют дамы. Здесь больше масла, жареного и безусловно аппетитного мяса

It is enough to place the dish neatly on a plate at home and not to let garbage and crumbs in the camera lens. You can have fun in the frame and defiantly eat with your hands – it all depends on the overall mood and character of the hero.

Ideas for Instagram photos on the street

In any city, there are places where you can take photos. And if you think that you do not have such a place, it only seems. Any empty wall can become a great place for a photo shoot, if you think of the image.

Of course, subscribers won’t understand if you take pictures near monuments, like in the 90s. But it’s not hard to come up with new ideas. Here are some of them.

Reflections in puddles

Autumn and early winter are almost always accompanied by rainy weather. But the puddles themselves are rarely the center of the frame. And you can have fun jumping in them, standing next to them and looking in.

Кто бы мог подумать, что слякоть — это красиво и интересно?

The reflection with a little processing also becomes an interesting part of the photo.

Quay and central square

Many would like to be near water more often, but because of work it is impossible. But you can see such photos on Insta. Water is soothing, that’s why they are so popular.

Набережная в Сочи. Кто не хочет в отпуск, хоть на пару дней?

Standing on the shore, going knee-deep in water, or pretending not to notice the sea or river – the choice is up to the owner of the Instagram account.

Берег моря или реки успокаивает и помогает сладить с мыслями. Все течет, все меняется

The water is out of focus, and no one is in the frame except the central character. It’s a perfect picture. In other shots, the water is bright and noticeable, drawing attention to itself. It’s worth sharing such photos, they evoke many fond memories for many.

If there is no river or pond in the city, you can use the square in the same capacity. The sea of people is also the sea. But here it is better to blur the silhouettes that will be behind the hero.

Ideas for Instagram photos in winter

The main theme of many photos in December is waiting for the New Year! January is all about unpacking presents and holidays, and February is all about the snow. Even if there are no ideas at all, you just need to go outside and they will start to appear.

The important thing in winter photos is the atmosphere. Sometimes just changing the angle or depth of field completely changes the frame, making it spectacular and three-dimensional. Below are examples of original ideas for Insta photos.

Сноуборд — это здорово. Наблюдать за активными спортивными людьми интересно. Даже если герой просто сидит на снегу и никуда не едет


A technique that can be used at home by a window or near a store window. Behind the window you can blur the image or, on the contrary, make the reflection sharp and noticeable.

The same applies to objects. Pay attention, maybe some objects are reflected around you in an interesting or peculiar way.



Every city is beautiful in its own way at any time of year. But before the New Year and the first time after it looks special and magical. The embossed borders, vaults and decorated walls are worth seeing. Happiness is in the little things, and so is beauty. It’s important to see it and show it to your Instagram followers. And beautiful photos will convey the New Year’s mood and collect likes.


Atmospheric interior photos are just as popular. And sometimes scattering tangerines on your desk or plaid is enough to set the right mood.

Here’s what comes in handy for making layouts:

  • cinnamon;
  • marshmallows;
  • Christmas tree sprigs;
  • garland;
  • cappuccino;
  • gingerbread or cookies;
  • candy;
  • hat;
  • calendar.

The garland is worth mentioning separately. Probably half of social network users do not hesitate to like photos with garlands. People wrap themselves in them, hang them behind them, decorate the room with them.

Photo with feet

Another popular winter theme is to spread a plaid or climb on the bed and take pictures of feet and coffee in hand. It is better to wear loose pants, such as pajama pants, or leggings, because even quite skinny legs can look chubby in an Instagram shot. You can pick up bright socks or with a fun pattern, the main thing is that they fit into the picture you came up with.


We’ve been looking for a long time and have selected for you more than 40 very different ideas for Instagram photos at home and outdoors at any time of the year. They are different and leave a lot of room for creativity and your own thoughts. That’s enough to draw attention to your Instagram account. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to express yourself, experiment and try new things. And to plan your publications – use SMMplanner.


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