40+ YouTube video ideas

Not sure where to start your channel? Looking for inspirational ideas for your channel? Are you developing a content plan for your business? Our list of 40 YouTube video ideas will help both those who can’t get off the ground and people who are looking for ideas for the future.

But before you implement the ideas from our selection, we recommend that you prepare a channel – make the correct design (header, avatar) and cool description text.

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Original ideas for YouTube videos

Ideas for children’s channels

1. Cartoons. This option is the most labor-intensive, but it will pay for itself over time. It’s about creating simple cartoons with original characters. This format is in great demand, and children can watch their favorite cartoons hundreds of times. You can also upload content other than your own production, but this requires a good understanding of the copyright issue of the material.

2. Reviews for cartoons, films and TV shows that are interesting to the target audience. This format is in no less demand than the previous one, but it is much easier to implement it. Reviews can be done in a separate section.

3. Baby products from Aliexpress. Aliexpress is a very popular site. If you yourself often order goods from there, then you can do reviews on them. New products are constantly appearing in this area, so themes for new videos are provided for you.

4. Educational videos. Make preparing your children for school easier and more convenient. Basic educational materials in a colorful and interesting presentation will surely please both children and their parents.

5. Video about animals. These can be cuts from programs on Discovery or your own content. It is not necessary to devote the video to animals, children will also be interested in watching videos about birds, fish and other representatives of the fauna.

6. Bedtime stories. These videos are often played to children before bedtime and for educational purposes, so there will certainly be an audience for these videos.

7. Reviews on trend toys. New toys come out all the time, and they don’t get to Aliexpress right away. Here you have a chance to collect first views without competition.

Ideas for women’s channels

8. Educational videos about makeup. Many girls cannot afford the services of makeup artists, and they do not see the point in them. It is easier for them to watch such videos and learn from them. They also allow you to keep track of fashion and what kind of makeup is intended for what occasions.

9. Parodies. In general, they are suitable not only for women’s channels, but there are many topics that only girls will understand jokes about. It can also be parodies of popular female video bloggers or pop singers.

10. Contents of the bag. Surely many have heard the joke: “a girl can have anything in her purse.” Such videos help girls somewhere to laugh at themselves, somewhere to adopt your experience, if it turns out to be useful.

Video ideas for girls

11. Reviews for cosmetics and other women’s products. Such videos are also in demand among girls, because they make their life much easier. We recommend doing reviews in an interesting format, but without unnecessary information – only on the topic.

12. Video about manicure and nails. Makeup is just a small part of the information on personal care. Educational materials for applying manicure, especially original ones, will definitely find their viewer.

13. Video about hair care. Proper hair care is a routine. Therefore, many girls are looking for the cheapest, high-quality and not time-consuming methods of hair care.

14. Video about yourself. Especially useful material for audiences under 18. Young girls are active YouTube users, so they will benefit from the experience gained over your life.

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Ideas for sports channels

15. A selection of the best goals / knockouts of the week / year / month. This format is suitable for team sports such as football, hockey, volleyball, basketball and American football, as well as for boxing and mixed martial arts.

16. TOP athletes in any discipline. Make the top 10 football players of the past or this year. Such a video will definitely be watched, and the more popular the sport, the more views you will have.

17. Performances of athletes at the Olympics / World / European Championships. Sports events of this magnitude are followed by the whole world. This means that you will be able to collect not only the audience of the CIS, but the whole world.

18. Parodies. These can be parodies of both popular personalities and sensational events in sports. Often this happens in the world of boxing and football.

19. Reviews of sporting events. These can be the final matches of the most significant tournaments on the planet (Champions League, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, and so on), as well as fights for championship belts in professional boxing or the UFC. The format needs competent editing and a deep understanding of the nuances.

20. Comparison of athletes “Who is better”. Who is better than Messi or Ronaldo is a topic of dispute for a huge number of football fans.

Sports video ideas

And there are a lot of similar topics for comparing representatives of different sports. But, be prepared for criticism, for some people your arguments may seem insignificant and they will rush to throw it out in the comments. On the one hand, this is good – you involve the audience, on the other hand, it is better not to gesture with controversial opinions, otherwise your video will simply Likes

21. Cutting funny moments. These can include failures, misses and major failures. This happens even with experienced athletes, so you can find a lot of content.

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Travel Channel Ideas

22. Travel vlog. The most common format. These videos are based on your travel experiences where everything is. You just travel and show it on camera.

23. Video guides. Designed to inspire and help other travelers. This is a heavy format and not suitable for everyone. In fact, you must convey your knowledge in the most accessible format, so you must be able to both travel and teach others.

24. How to plan your trip. Such, at first glance, a simple action requires certain knowledge. Planning a budget is impossible if the traveler does not know what awaits him and what he may face.

25. Reviews on exotic food. Everything that is rare in our area attracts and attracts the attention of dreamers, except for travelers, reviews will be of interest to those who are fond of cooking.

Travel video ideas

26. Video about culture. Each country has its own culture and traditions. If these are exotic countries, then you will have a lot of content. All that remains is to edit the video correctly to make it interesting to watch.

27. Interviews with local residents. Just prepare a few questions that will surely interest your viewers and ask the locals. This format will require knowledge of at least English and a transcript of answers for the channel’s viewers (it is better to make subtitles).

28. Reviews of interesting places. Review interesting places and attractions. Almost every city has these, so you won’t have to look for them for a long time. We recommend choosing places with a historical past, they are easier to observe.

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Business channel ideas

29. Business ideas 2019. A selection of the most relevant business ideas in 2018 (or the year you have now). Modern entrepreneurs follow trends, so they are sure to be interested in promising directions in business.

30. How to create a startup. If you have a similar experience, then you can easily talk about how you went this way. If the video contains a lot of useful information, then it will be reviewed repeatedly, which is undoubtedly for your benefit.

31. Errors aspiring entrepreneurs. Very helpful and browsing information. Even if there are already a lot of such videos, everyone has different mistakes, so you can fairly claim the uniqueness of the material.

32. Interview with businessmen. If you manage to interview a successful entrepreneur, it will surely interest a lot of people and you are guaranteed to get new subscribers.

Business video ideas

33. How to hire good employees. A very large number of businessmen are concerned about this issue, so they will definitely appreciate good recommendations on the topic with positive comments and likes.

34. List of the best books on business. Many businessmen read a lot and constantly gain experience of other people, so it will be interesting for them to know where to get new knowledge.

35. How to find an investor. Such videos will be interesting even for entrepreneurs with money. After all, there may always be an opportunity on the horizon for which personal funds may not be enough.

36. Legal support. Which form of legal entity to choose at the very beginning: individual entrepreneur or LLC, which of the taxation systems is most profitable to work in different niches, and so on. The knowledge of legislation among the majority of residents of our country is at a very low level, so legal support can become a topic, not only for video, but also for a separate channel.

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Video ideas for aspiring video bloggers

37. News digest. Theme for weekly issues, where the most significant events and news in any topic are highlighted.

38. Answers to questions. Questions can be collected in the comments under the previous videos on the channel, or you can create a special topic in social networks and collect a list of questions there.

39. Comments popular videos, new clips, conflicts. Go to YouTube trends, choose a video or music video and watch it, disassemble and comment on controversial or downright stupid moments.

Video ideas for beginners

40. Life-video. Going to the store / hospital / cinema, attending an event / tasting / master class and stuff like that. In general, everyday life in an interesting interpretation and with good jokes. Still, the main thing that is interesting to YouTube users is to have fun and usefully spend time watching new videos.

41. A never-ending stream of video ideas – search engines. Collect queries and popular topics in services Yandex.Wordstat and Google Trends.


The main thing is to remember that everything has been said about everything for a long time, written and most likely filmed and there are very few 100% unique ideas, therefore, you should not focus only on the originality of the video, it is better to concentrate on HOW you do it and HOW you present it to the audience. Work more over your serve and over what is interesting to you personally. Then you will definitely find your audience.

And further, after the chosen idea is implemented and the video is recorded, think about a good one clickbait headlineas well as during loading, do SEO video optimizationto get views from YouTube search and possibly traffic from search engines.

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