49 Tik Tok Video Ideas


One of the undying SMM trends is video and Tik Tok is direct proof of that. The app is overtaking such giants as Instagram and Facebook in terms of traffic, and it still has room to grow.

To get your video into Tik Tok’s recommendations more often, you need to be trending. But at Tic Toc, trends change very quickly. A new hashtag or challange appears, tens of thousands of videos are shot on it at once, and then it becomes mainstream. To stand out, you have to constantly look for new ideas for videos or add creativity to old ones.

In this article, we’ll list ideas that are still popular and you can safely work with them in 2022 to promote your Tik Tok account. Try not to just copy the videos, but bring something of your own to it.

What to shoot at Tik Tok in 2022? Some ideas.

1. Animal videos

The theme of animals is always relevant – they elicit a hoot or a laugh. But there’s a problem here – animals don’t know how to work from a script, and videos about how you walk your dog or feed your fish don’t interest anyone. A few ideas to keep in mind:

1.1 Animal training

1.2 Hashtag #chef pet – make videos of your pets helping you “cook” food

1.3 Pet Pranks

1.4 Animals from travel

1.5 Cute videos are always and everywhere popular

1.6 A separate account for the pet

An example of this idea is Homura Ham, a hamster that goes through all sorts of quests invented by the owner. People watch to the end because they wonder if the hamster will pass the tests or not.

Just don’t make up some traumatic pet quests for the sake of likes or get yourself a hamster on purpose.

2. Slowmo

These are slow motion videos, often with additional effects.

3. Follow the hand

You have to repeat a certain hand gesture, and the camera is shooting at that moment.

4. Tricks

This type of content always attracts attention because of the effect of surprise, such videos want to watch until the end. You can actually show tricks or just learn a few editing techniques and quickly become popular in TikTok. What authors to watch for inspiration:

4.1 Montage

Zach King – Made a name for himself back on Youtube as the King of editing. 32 million subscribers on TikTok. There’s nothing wrong with the editing itself, the plot, and the author’s charisma. This is the level to which you should be guided if you decide to shoot such videos.

4.2 Tricks and editing

Max Vinogradov is already a Russian-speaking blogger, and he is a magician. But from time to time he also uses editing techniques.

5. Video tricks

These are emotional vines, sketches, pranks. Since Tik-Tok is primarily an entertainment app, the humor goes down a treat here. But before you go into this niche soberly assess your strengths – at a minimum, you (or the actor) must be charismatic, as a maximum – you must be able to generate really funny content. Look at what your competitors are doing:

5.1 Home Videos
Most of the video shoots in an apartment, no complicated editing, a minimum of props.

5.2 Parodies

5.3 Sketches
Christian Delgrosso – sketches.

5.4 Video with Funny Effects

5.5 Just funny videos on any subject

6. Social videos

These are clips about current issues – problems in society, help for animals, treatment of people with disabilities, the theme of kindness, charity – in general, that’s all. You don’t have to make any sad videos, but there are more of them among videos on social themes.

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7. Cross-dressing videos

The cross-dressing idea isn’t as popular as it used to be because most ticktockers know how to make such videos. If you want to make a cross-dressing video, add some creativity, like in this video:

Here’s another good example from the band Little Big, here they combined dance with cross-dressing:

Example with humor:

8. Beauty Blogger

This is a video, which shows how to do hair, makeup, give you some tips on how to take care of yourself. There are a lot of videos like this on Youtube, and quite a few already on Tick-Tock. You can get your niche in time.

9. A music video for a song

Shoot your own version of a music video for a popular song. You can also make covers with your voice or funny parody videos.

10. Text on video

You can add a caption in the video editor in Tic Toc. This feature can be used as subtitles for those watching videos without sound. But more often, text is used as a full-fledged idea for a video. For example, this video has no plot – the guy’s just lying on the sofa – and the whole point of the video is in the text.

11. Art, handmade, any kind of creativity

The main principle here is that videos should be beautiful and catchy. Examples of unusual art with a beautiful presentation:


11.1. salavat.fidai – makes mini sculptures from pencils

11.2. rivkawilkins – artist

11.3. DenisThePhotoholic – photographer, shows the process of shooting behind the scenes in a very unusual way

12. Lifechecks and tutorials

This topic will be popular for a long time, there are even tutorials on how to shoot and edit videos for Tic Toc himself. But we advise you to choose your own niche.

13. Food

You can shoot cooking recipes (for some reason, they always get more views everywhere).

Or just beautiful

videos with food.

14. Sports

In these videos you can show some tricks, jumps, just shoot how you do sports. The main thing is, without fanaticism and injuries.

Example #2 from Alexei Merinov’s account, there are many other interesting tricks.

15. Auto

In this subject, you need to focus on beautiful cars. Or on the shooting and the idea itself. Auditorium Tik Tok not interested in watching how you start the engine in the cold or clean filters.

If you decide to make videos about cars, here’s a great example – car blogger, world champion on NFS. He travels, goes to international shows and shoots very nice cars.

An example of how NOT to shoot about cars. Here and the quality of filming lags, and the plot, as such, is not. These videos will be interesting except for a narrow circle of friends. However, all is evident by the number of likes and subscribers.


16. Educational videos

For a long time, it was thought that this kind of content didn’t catch on because people came to Tic Toc to have fun and waste their time. But recently, hashtags like #better self-development with millions of views have begun to appear, which means that educational content has been launched. But you need to shoot it with an age-appropriate audience. That is, clips about string theory or the reasons for the collapse of the USSR will still not catch on. But the theme of psychology, personal growth, foreign language teaching, the principles of photography, and so on, can shoot.

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17. Professional Shooting

You can choose any idea for your video, even sketches, even a music video, the main thing is the quality of the picture. It is not necessary to shoot such videos in the studio and hire a professional operator – if you have a good camera, props and editing skills you can do it yourself.

18. Guess the scene from the movie

You shoot a scene from the famous movie and ask participants to guess what movie it is in the comments. You can post clips not only about movies, but also cartoons, TV shows, talk shows, and songs.

19. Video at Work

Capture interesting moments during work or breaks. This is definitely an idea to adopt for those who want to use Tick-Tock to promote their brand.

20. Relax videos

These are sticky videos under the hashtag #relax that you want to revisit. For example, videos of something melting, crumbling, breaking, being crushed under the press, and so on. The hashtag itself has already garnered more than 600 million views.

21. Philosophical thoughts, quotes, motivators

In the description there is the phrase “Time slips away imperceptibly, like sand through your fingers. And every grain of sand is unique, like every moment of your life…”. And this phrase is clearly demonstrated in the video, where he takes the sand in his hands.

22. Travel videos

Capture your travels, business trips and just trips to interesting places.

23. Unfinished or abstract videos

The essence of these videos is that a person is waiting for some kind of denouement in the video, but it doesn’t come. In this case the user doesn’t notice how the video starts playing in a second loop because of the expectation. But don’t overuse such videos and don’t build your entire content around them – subscribers may react negatively.

An example of such a video is “Look who I met in the subway”. The user is staring at the people in the video to see who the creator actually met, but it turns out he’s just walking around taking pictures.

24. Videos on ecology, protecting the environment, saving animals

By making such videos, you can not only get a portion of likes, but also contribute to the improvement of this world. An example of such a video – a guy bought a live crayfish in a grocery store, took it to another country (or city) and released it into the sea. I don’t call to do the same thing, but the video made me want to watch it to the end.

25. Funny Costume Videos

Buy a funny costume and take a picture in it. Below is just an example, there are already a lot of videos with the alien, it’s better to find some other costume.

26. Action Camera Videos

If you do physical activity, take an action camera, it turns out impressive videos. You do not need to shoot action shots, you can show how you ski, snowboard or bike.

27. Street Photography

Take a walk through the streets of your town (or someone else’s if you’re traveling) – you’re sure to come across something interesting. You can take pictures of street musicians, beautiful buildings, and nature.

28. Unsuccessful takes

If something went wrong during filming, you can post that too. It’s possible that your video will turn out better than the one you originally planned.

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29. Competition with a friend

You can invent games with friends and compete who will be faster and better. For example, the fastest person to eat a watermelon. To make it more interesting, you can add humor.

30. What’s left out of the picture

Make a cool video and then show your followers how the process went and what was left behind in the footage.

31. Videos with Relatives

Ask your relatives to do a video with you. Don’t rehearse too much, improvise. These videos most often turn out funny because the relatives either don’t get something right or they just look funny.

32. Experiments

The main thing here is not to overdo it and do not risk health and property for the sake of likes. The most banal and trite idea (just as an example) is to show what happens to a bottle of Coca Cola if you throw a mentos in it. Google what safe experiments there are or find other people’s videos and do it your way.

33. Pranks

These are pranks on other people or friends. The main thing to remember here is that not all pranks are safe and funny. And not everyone likes pranks. Nevertheless, such videos are still popular. In order not to scare anyone and not to get on the teeth for a bad joke, you can agree with friends – let them play along, show genuine surprise, as if they knew nothing about the prank.

34. Unpacking

You can take pictures of you unpacking gifts or purchases. Since everyone is wondering what’s inside, the video will finish.

35. Reactions

Capture your own or someone else’s reactions on camera. These videos are usually emotional and get a lot of views. You can film reactions not only people but also animals.

36. Videos from unusual angles

Come up with an unusual angle or shooting method to stand out among the selfie videos and regular vertical videos. Most likely, you’ll need helpers to shoot such a video.

37. Videos about children

If you decide to shoot your own or someone else’s kids, we want to warn you about the risks right away. In Europe and the U.S. there is a law protecting children’s privacy on the Internet (COPPA). You can read about it in the original on the website of the Federal Trade Commission. It is not yet clear exactly how this law works and what the punishment is for breaking it. For example, Youtube has already stopped showing personalized advertising for videos with children’s content. But still, Tic Toc is a Chinese application, and there are still many videos with children.

Tips to avoid accidentally getting banned because of this law:

  • children must be in the frame with their parents;
  • Children should not be naked;
  • There should be nothing that could violate the rights or reveal the personal information of a child.

If you come across a video on Tic Toc that doesn’t comply with these rules, that doesn’t mean it’s okay. Maybe the algorithm hasn’t gotten to those videos yet. This, by the way, applies to all videos that violate Tick-Tock rules in general.

What doesn’t already work in TicToc

  • lip-sync – moving your lips to the music;
  • primitive dancing;
  • cross-dressing without a twist.

This is where the popularity of TikTok began, so now the competition in these niches is so high that it’s just not interesting to anyone anymore.

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