4K Stogram review – programs to download photos and videos from Instagram


4K Stogram is one of the 4K Download products. The program can save photos and videos from Instagram by account name, hashtag or location.

In the article, we will analyze in detail the capabilities of the software – how to download and install on a computer, what are the options, how to use them.

4K Stogram at a glance

Briefly the tools and capabilities of 4K Stogram:

  • downloading photo and video posts;
  • downloading stories and highlights;
  • support for closed accounts – the ability to download content from closed accounts to which you are subscribed;
  • viewing a friend’s Instagram feed – the ability to subscribe to his subscriptions in the program and watch the feed as your friend sees it (you do not need to subscribe on Instagram itself);
  • automatic renewal of subscriptions * – regular check for new content from accounts you subscribed to and its automatic saving;
  • export of posts with descriptions *;
  • commercial use permission *.

* these features are available at the most expensive Pro tariff

PS 4K Download has a few more useful services, we advise you to familiarize yourself with them too:

How to use 4K Stogram

We analyze the process of installing the program and its functionality.

Program installation

To start working with the program, you need to go to the official website, download and install the software on your PC. There are 2 ways to download the program:

1 way. Click on the big orange Download 4K Stogram button. The download of the Windows 64-bit version will start automatically.

Method 2. Click on the “Download” button on the top panel.

A page with all 4K Download products opens, select the desired version for your OS and click “Download”.

The program is installed as usual software – just click “Next” everywhere.

Installing 4K Stogram

  • After installation, we are offered to immediately switch to the paid version with advanced features.
  • We launch the program, by default we have a free version – it has 2 subscriptions and the ability to download 200 posts per day. If you have a paid version, after payment a letter with a key should come to the mail. Click on the “Activate” button.
  • Click “Activate License”.
  • Specify the key and click “Activate” again.
  • To use all the features of the program, you need to log in with your Instagram account.

Download content by login

In the search bar, enter the desired username and click “Subscribe”.

PS Subscribing to 4K Stogram does not mean subscribing to Instagram. This is the terminology within the service.

When searching for an account, hashtag or geolocation, you should immediately specify what content to download – this parameter is configured by clicking on the button with sliders (to the right of the Subscribe button). These settings need to be done every time you select a new object for download.

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By default, there are checkmarks in front of all types of content: downloading photo posts, videos, stories and highlights. You can uncheck unnecessary checkboxes and select the content download period, for example, for the last month.

Important: If you do not change the program settings, then it will automatically download all the content that is on the selected account. At the same time, you cannot select specific publications, for example, only the first 2 posts out of 10 – that is, if there is a checkmark in the download settings in front of the “Download photo posts” item, then absolutely all posts will be downloaded.

After you have specified an account in the program and clicked the “Subscribe” button, it will automatically search for and immediately download content to your computer. The downloaded content is displayed in the program window. Each type of publication has its own icon: a man in a circle is a photo of an avatar, a circle is a photo post, an arrow is a video post.

Content viewing

Each publication has a folder icon – if you click on it, the selected publication will open in the folder where it was saved. Also, if you click on the 3 dots, you can open the content in a large window or share it on Facebook / Twitter.

What other functions are there:

– Icon with two arrows – used to update the list of publications.

– Pin icon – needed to pin an account (if the program has several accounts, you can pin the most important ones in a conspicuous place).

– 3 Points – another menu with several sections:

  • show details – opens all publications;
  • show in folder – opens content in a folder;
  • open Instagram – opens the selected profile on the social network;
  • more – allows you to copy a link to a profile, export posts, subscribe to this account’s subscriptions *;
  • delete – removes the account from the program.

* “Subscribe to subscriptions” is a feature to view a friend’s feed.

You can also click on the arrow to the right of the posts – all posts, videos, stories and account highlights will open (this is an analogue of the “Show details” button).

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Share photo from the program

Above the publications there are filters by content type, for example, if you click on “Stories”, only stories will open.

If you hover the mouse over any publication and right-click, an additional menu will open, allowing, in addition to the functions that we described above, to copy the link to the post and its description.

Downloading content by hashtags

To find posts by hashtags, we advise you to immediately write them with a pound sign, for example, #food. The program will display all the hashtags with this word. If you write just “food” without a lattice, in addition to hashtags, the software will additionally show profiles that have this word in their account name.

Choose a hashtag and click Subscribe. The program starts downloading all publications with this tag. Here you should also specify the type of publications in the settings in advance.

Save photo from Instagram

All other buttons work the same way as in the previous section – each post can be opened in a folder, shared on social networks, a link to it can be copied, and so on.

Important: If you choose a popular hashtag, free up disk space in advance where the photos will be saved. Better to use a separate hard drive.

Downloading content by geolocation

The principle of saving content by geolocation does not differ from the two previous points. Enter the address, for example, “Moscow, Russia” and in the drop-down list we find a line with a geolocation icon.

Search by geolocation

To find content faster, we advise you to write the full address or the word “Street” in the address. For example, if you write simply “Moscow”, the program, in addition to geo, will give out dozens of accounts and hashtags with this word. And if you write “Moscow, Russia, Street”, the program will show a list of Moscow streets.

Downloading content by geolocation from Instagram

After finding a geo, click “Subscribe”, and the program starts automatically downloading content related to this geo.

Settings overview

The program settings can be found by clicking on your avatar.


The second way to enter the settings is to click on the “Tools” – “Settings” section in the top panel.

What can be customized:

  1. Folder for saving content… By default, this is a folder on the C drive, in which an internal folder with the account name is automatically created for each account, hashtag or geo.
  2. Sort posts – by default (in the same order as in Instagram), new first or old first.
  3. Tongue
  4. Auto update – if you leave this function enabled, then as soon as the selected accounts have new content, it will be automatically saved to the appropriate folders. You can update all accounts / tags / geo, only pinned ones or disable this feature altogether. The update frequency is 6 hours, 12 or 1 day.
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It is possible to manually update the content – this is the icon with two arrows, we wrote about this above.

  1. Putting the program in the background when the application window is closed.
  2. Automatic start of the program at system startup.
  3. Safe mode

Important: Safe mode is on by default, it is better not to turn it off, it adds pauses between batches of downloaded content, minimizing the risk of being blocked from Instagram for exceeding the limit on actions.

Overview of settings in the top panel.

In addition to the settings described above, there are also settings in the top panel. We disassemble each one:

  1. File… Allows you to import and export subscriptions and export posts.
  2. Edit… Here you can subscribe to your own account and save the content to your computer – in fact, you create a backup of your account, if it is blocked, deleted or lost access to it, you will have all the content. Here you can also manage updates – manually update all subscriptions or only pinned ones, pause or delete all subscriptions.
  3. Tools… Here you can log out of your account, check your license, start checking for updates, or enter the standard settings window.
  4. Help… This section contains links to the help center, video tutorials, contacting technical support and company social networks.


4K Stogram allows you to download any content from Instagram in a couple of clicks by profile name, hashtag or geolocation. The program has a minimum of settings, everything is intuitive, even beginners can figure it out. The software is suitable for SMM-specialists, story-makers and ordinary users for inspiration and analysis of other people’s content. For example, with the help of software, an SMM manager can study the content of competitors and develop his own strategy for filling the customer’s account. A useful feature of the service is the function of subscribing to your account, which allows you to make a backup of your content in case of unforeseen situations.

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