$5 million for Influencers: Admitad launches first affiliate earnings platform for bloggers


Social networks with the exception of YouTube and TikTok don’t share their ad network profits with bloggers. This forces opinion leaders to depend on partnerships with brands. Admitad has launched ConvertSocial, a platform that allows Influencers to profit from affiliate work with businesses and gives them full control over their revenue. During the beta-test of its tools and formation about 10 thousand active bloggers have already received payments of more than $5 million, and the amount of orders through them has exceeded $250 million.

According to Admitad statistics, in the first half of 2021 the average order check through bloggers has doubled. The number of sales at the same time increased by 12% compared to the same period last year. The sector is growing, but the profits of bloggers themselves are not adding up as fast – the bulk of Influencers still have to rely entirely on income from direct advertising integrations:

“Social networks, messengers and video services are struggling for content to be created by as many opinion leaders as possible. At the same time, they often do not share the profits from advertising with the creators themselves. Or they constantly cut that profit and toughen the conditions for getting it – for example, Youtube-bloggers have been complaining about that for the last few years. That’s why we’ve created a separate platform for Influencers, which will help talented authors to monetize their activities and content without suffering from the limitations of a platform or client brand”, – said Alexander Bachmann, CEO and founder of Admitad. The new ConvertSocial platform took 11 months to develop.

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How do bloggers earn?

ConvertSocial allows Influencers and thematic community owners to monetize their social media activities at the expense of more than 30,000 advertisers worldwide. Bloggers and content creators receive remuneration according to CPA and CPC schemes, i.e. for every targeted action of their subscribers on the brand website – purchase, conversion, installation or further clicks on other pages.

In this case, bloggers do not need to contact the advertiser, sign a contract or coordinate publications with the client. All they have to do is choose from a list of suitable brands or marketplaces, generate ad links and include them in their content. The author does not adjust to the advertiser – he chooses when and on what topic to publish.

All of the platforms launched in this area in the past were oriented more toward advertisers. Brands at their discretion would choose from a list of bloggers to buy direct ad placements and send them promotional offers. Influencers had only to wait for them to be noticed.

Such tools gave them no predictable income and no control over their work with advertisers. In addition, the author sometimes encountered a flood of hyperactive managers from advertisers offering inappropriate or unprofitable options.

ConvertSocial is an alternative solution for monetization, especially important for microbloggers who can’t boast of hundreds of thousands of subscribers and may not be interested in advertisers, but still gather the target audience around them. The prototype of the platform was developed by Adgoal, which was acquired by Admitad. While the tools were being polished and integrated into a single platform, the opinion leaders had time to attract $250 million in sales and receive $5 million in remuneration.

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How much do bloggers earn?

The average monthly income of bloggers actively working with the platform is about $3,000 for pages with several hundred thousand subscribers. But authors with a much smaller audience also earn significant sums – a lot depends on how often the publications are published, how much the goods in them are needed by the author’s audience, and how solvent it is. For example, the owners of a Telegram channel about gadgets with about 200,000 subscribers earn over $2,000 per month. At the same time, the author of another channel about discounts and fashion with 8200 subscribers received a record $6400 remuneration for the same month.

To get a significant profit on the platform can owners of pages in any social networks. A fashion blogger on Instagram with 35,000 subscribers received more than $1900 in payments on ConvertSocial in a month. Another fashion-focused Instagram page with 11,000 subscribers was able to earn $3400. The owner of a Twitter account with 11 thousand followers earned about $600 during the same period.

It is important to remember that this profit is additional. Bloggers are still free to sign advertising contracts with brands and earn money in any other way.

In the first version of the platform, affiliate link generation is only possible from a personal account adapted for mobile devices as well. You can also create links in Telegram with Admitad Bot or copy them directly from the address bar on the page of the desired product with Admitad Extension, but for this you need to have an account in the Admitad Affiliate network. But in the first half of 2022 bloggers will be able to do this through ConvertSocial as well.

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The service already has available integration with Admitad Pay, which will allow the platform’s clients to receive payments faster and in a convenient currency for them, not the one in which the advertiser pays. In tools that will increase the speed and convenience of payments Admitad plans to invest more than $20 million by 2025. Also, ConvertSocial’s immediate plans include further development of the technical component and active marketing expansion among Influencers worldwide.

Now the company is inviting bloggers to cooperate as Ambassador and experts: with the support of the platform authors will be able to share their experience in creating content and its monetization with other opinion leaders. This will help with one of the main tasks in ConvertSocial’s mission – to help microbloggers develop, increase their profits, and grow the community of Influencers. You can learn more about the terms of cooperation by emailing [email protected] A referral program will also be launched in the near future.

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