5 minimalist Instagram accounts


We continue to collect for you the best Instagram profiles worth subscribing to. This time it’s a selection for those who have long given their heart to minimalism.


Luís Octávio Costa | @kitato

The geometry of Portuguese streets in Luís’ photographs embodies the fusion of man and architecture, but does so without being overly complicated.


Manuel Pita | @sejkko

A journey into surreal minimalism is how you could describe Manuel’s profile from Lisbon. The line between fiction and reality is completely contingent here, and one is organically woven into the other.


Ibrahim Hammada | @ibrsoul

“Words have power, and I speak through my photographs,” Ibrahim writes in his profile description. And indeed, words are superfluous here.


Andrew Bartholomew | @surfistatomato

The architecture of Australia dominates in Andrew’s account, although one can trace other motifs. But all the shots are united by minimalism. And the brevity of the framing and perfect geometry will make your inner perfectionist scream with delight.


Daisuke Yasumura | @whitesque

Gray, white and brown are the color palette of this Australian instagram account. Wooden fronts, stone details, spiced with a pinch of coffee – fans of all things authentic will love it.

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