5 parsers for Facebook. Audience scraping for ads from groups, emails, posts and IDs

A Facebook scraper is an invaluable targeting assistant. Collects and uploads information on the target audience necessary for a specialist to the advertising office, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the campaign.

In this article, we review: what data are collected by parsers, how to use it for an advertising campaign. Let’s present a brief description of 5 Facebook parsers.

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Why scrape Facebook groups

Targeted advertising works even without scraping, but with the same investments, the conversion will be lower. This is due to the fact that the settings for the ad cabinet can provide for a lot, but not everything. No target is 100% guaranteed that profiles that match the campaign by criteria are potential customers.

Therefore, the main goal of scraping on Facebook is to ensure that it reaches the target audience without errors.

The meaning is as follows. Let’s say you’ve published a cookbook and are looking for a target audience to advertise. Target married women between 25 and 36 years old. Are you sure that all these women are interested in cooking? Most, but not all, of course. And why not launch a show on men, because among them there are also cooking lovers? It will not be effective, since cooking is a rather rare hobby in this segment.

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But you find a group on Facebook called “Recipes for All Occasions” and has 150 thousand subscribers. These people have already stated that they are interested in the topic. Do you think it would be effective to show your cookbook ad to them?

Scraping will allow you to upload a list of Facebook users who have subscribed to a group to a social network’s ad account to launch a retargeting campaign for that audience.

Apart from this, parsers may have other functions:

  • Search for competing communities for parsing potential customers (by keywords, number of subscribers, interests, religion, amount of content).
  • The parser will help unload users by parameters that are not in the advertising account: parents by the age of children; wives whose husbands celebrate their birthday in a week; people who liked / repost on content similar to yours.
  • Collecting a database of phones / mails / accounts in social networks of potential customers to upload to an advertising office and create a look a like audience.
  • Monitoring of competitor communities: you can configure the display of ads to new subscribers of a particular group or, conversely, to people who have left it.

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5 best scrapers for Facebook


The service analyzes the audience of social media pages using advanced algorithms.

Unloads contacts and direct links:

  • user’s friends;
  • group subscribers;
  • people who like a specific page / group.

There is a function to find a Facebook page by linking to a person’s Instagram profile.

Due to Facebook restrictions, the service notifies customers that:

  • looking for an audience only in Russia and the CIS;
  • coverage of parsers is 10-80%;
  • Facebook prices are more expensive than other social networks due to the complexity of the work.
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The cost: from 200 rubles / month for 1000 profiles (surcharge for each additional profile 0.2 rubles) up to 3000 rubles / month. for 100,000 profiles (surcharge for each additional profile 0.03 rubles).

Test period: it is to work with Facebook that you need to purchase the full version.

pros: user-friendly interface, processing large amounts of data, cleaning the collected audience from bots.

Minuses: high price.

FB TargetZ

Parsing Facebook - FB TargetZ

The program is called a “harvester” for promotion. They note the convenience of its interface. Offers basic and advanced parsing.

Basic parsing:

  • Parsing of subscribers, posts, likes, comments, contacts of the group administration with data upload.
  • Collecting data about newly joined the group.
  • Uploading IDs of groups that a specific user is subscribed to.
  • Convert username to user ID and vice versa.
  • Getting information about users in Excel format (gender, age, birthday, geolocation).
  • Search for users, communities, public pages by email / phone number

Advanced parsing:

  • Search for target audience.
  • Sample statistics (gender, geolocation).
  • Extended information about the user (marital status, relatives, studies, etc.).
  • Parsing of partners / relatives.
  • Search by hashtags.
  • Geolocation fee.
  • Filter groups / public pages / events / locations by name.
  • Collecting marks on the photo.

The cost: FB TargetZ Original (basic) – 7,000 rubles. license, tariff FB TargetZ Ultimate (extended) – 10,000 rubles. license.

Test period: no.

pros: the ability to work with several accounts at the same time, import / export of data from the program.

Minuses: the developer does not tell you how it works with Facebook restrictions, that is, it does not guarantee security and successful parsing.

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FB Group Parse Pro

FB Group Parse Pro

Macro for Firefox browser that allows parsing Facebook groups for a given request.

It is possible to set limits on the minimum and maximum number of subscribers. Creates a 3-column database (link to group, name, number of members). Saves it in * .txt format.

The cost: $ 6.99 license.

Test period: no.

pros: performance, bypassing the limitations of the social network.

Minuses: work only with a specific Firefox browser.


FBSender: Search and collect target audience on Facebook

A program with a search function for target audience on Facebook. Allows:

  • collect a subscriber base of groups / friends of competitors’ pages;
  • search users by specified parameters / by content of posts / by likes to posts;
  • search posts by comments / keywords;
  • find groups by specified criteria.

The cost: free, but for full operation you need to use paid captcha bypass services, proxy servers, VPN.

Test period: no.

pros: wide functionality, simple interface, free access.

Minuses: the developer does not tell you how it works with Facebook restrictions, that is, it does not guarantee security and successful parsing.

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The use of parsers on Facebook is complicated by the restrictions of the social network administration, but most of the services continue to function successfully.

Scraping makes targeted advertising more effective, which allows you to increase its conversion with less investment. Recommendations from the article will help you to select the target audience as accurately as possible using this tool and achieve the best results.

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