6 ways to find a person on Instagram with a minimum of data on hand

Have you ever looked for someone on Instagram? For example, a child or his friends to understand what he is interested in outside the home? Or do you run a business and want to find out who influences the community in your industry?

You know that these people are on Instagram, but finding them can be difficult.
In this article, we have collected popular and effective ways to find a person on Instagram.

Search by first and last name

The easiest way is to enter the name and surname of the person you want into the search box on Instagram. The technique can be safely called popular, because tens of thousands of users do this every day. True, only a fraction of them are found.

More than a billion profiles are registered on the social network, the first and last name should be really rare. Otherwise, you will have to look through hundreds of namesakes and log into a stranger’s account more than once.

Still, it’s worth a try – what if the person we’re looking for ends up at the top of the list?

Take action:

  • Turn on the app. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the magnifying glass icon.
  • A search bar will appear at the top, click on it. The list of categories immediately below it will change.
  • Select “Accounts” to limit your search to people only.
  • Write the name in the line. Choose the profile you want from the list below.

By the way, many accounts can be with someone else’s photo. Are you sure the right one is not among them?

If you are unlucky and did not find what you need on the first few screens, try another search option. Or scroll to the end, but the result is unpredictable.

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Perhaps the person is registered under a pseudonym. Then it is useless.

Search by phone number

Finding a person on Insta by phone number is much easier. If the contact is saved in the phone book, the site’s search algorithm will instantly indicate it among the millions of registered users.

If Insta is linked to a Facebook account, subscribers from this social network can be added in the same way as phone contacts.

The process is simple:

  • Go to your Instagram account, to your personal page.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the three strips – a side menu will open.
  • Select the Interesting People tab.
  • Allow Instagram to access the phone book, then find the desired contact in the list that appears on the screen.

It remains to allow Instagram access to the phone book
It remains to allow Instagram access to the phone book

But what if there is no number or name of the person? There is an exit.

Search by photo on Instagram

Instagram strictly protects users’ privacy. All images and their digital prints are securely encrypted on Facebook servers. Insta does not allow you to find the author who uploaded the original image – well, okay.

You can try it outside – through Google and its Photo Search service.

Reverse image search is a handy technology for finding the source of a photo. If you upload an image to the service, similar photos will be shown with a link to the place of publication.

If the URL points to Instagram, you can find the user’s profile. It’s a pretty hopeless idea, though. Rather, it will turn out that way to find a person in other social networks, where he could leave a link to his Instagram.

Just a few steps:

  • Go to an image search service.
  • You will see a camera icon in the search bar. Click on it.
  • Upload or drag the desired photo from your device to the search bar.
  • Study the search results.
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Search for a person on Insta by photo
There is also Yandex.Images and several services for searching images on the web. The principle is the same – add and check

If this method does not work, go to the next one.

Search through VKontakte

There are options here. Let’s start with the obvious.

VK profile

Go to the page to the person you are interested in and click on the “Show detailed information” tab. Often people indicate other social networks so that they can be contacted outside the site.

What you need can be found in the “Contact Information” column.

Invite friends on VKontakte

You can invite friends from another social network to the Instagram application, including VKontakte.

  • Go to your Instagram profile settings.
  • Select “Subscriptions and invitations”.
  • A menu will open in which you need to select the lower tab – “Invite friends using …”.
  • Choosing VKontakte, you will have two options – publish the invitation on the wall or send it by message.

How to find a person on Instagram via VK
If your message is not answered, do not despair. Try the following method

Parser Pepper.Ninja is a service that helps to find clients on social networks. I made a portrait of the client, configured the application – and the algorithm will collect the target audience from all sites, taking into account the specified parameters.

But we need to find the right person’s Instagram account. This can be done without any special settings.

The parser has the required option. It’s simple:

  • Register at Pepper.Ninja.
  • Click on the big green “Quick Scrap” button in the upper left corner.
  • Above, you can specify a link to the profile in VK of the desired person, if you have one, or to the community to which he is subscribed in VK.
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Search for a person on Insta
Enter the data you have. For example, a profile in VK

  • Below there will be a filter where you can enter all the information you have about a person.

How to find people on Instagram
Block with general information …
How to find a person on Instagram
… and details

  • You will receive a list of suitable Instagram profile IDs and links to them.

You can return to the collected list in the “Tasks” section.

Searching for a person on Insta using services
Depending on what you need, you can download links to profiles or just a list of IDs

If you know a person’s nickname on VKontakte, try entering it into the Instagram search bar. Perhaps you are lucky and he used the same nickname for different social networks. If you don’t see a familiar name, you will have to check each nickname on the list to find a specific person.

Or not found. Then try to narrow your search.

Search Instagram by mail

Some people use their first name, last name, or nickname in their email titles. And they leave a mailbox as a contact on their page.

Fill in the first part of the email, before the @ sign, into the Instagram search. Perhaps you will be lucky.

Search for a person on Instagram by mail
The system will show user nicknames that will be at least somewhat similar to an email address

If none of the above methods helped in the search, go ahead.

Finding a blocked Instagram account

Nothing helps? Maybe you are looking for an account you previously blocked. Then Instagram does not show it in the SERP for you personally.

To be able to view the page of a friend or girlfriend again, remove it from the blacklist in the Instagram settings.

Four easy steps:

  • Go to Instagram settings.
  • Select “Privacy”.
  • Check the “Blocked Accounts” tab.
  • Remove your account from the blacklist.

How to find a person through Instagram if he is blocked
Check this tab. Maybe the contact ended up here in a “magical” way;)

Finding a person on Instagram is more difficult than on other social networks. Registration on the site does not require you to indicate your real name, place of residence, gender or age.

But, as you can see, this is still not a dead end. You can find a user even with a minimum of data. Bookmark this article for use whenever needed.

Well, if none of the above helped, it may very well be that the person simply does not have an Instagram profile, and we are looking for something that does not exist.

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