7 inspiring Instagram accounts of food brands


A selection of Instagram accounts of food brands that look as delicious as the food itself. Beware, the following content is appetite-inducing!


Street food chain VLAVASHE is awesome at wrapping not only shawarma, but also their content on Instagram. What to note. Stylish product presentation, engaging content in the form of mini-games and polls in stories. Also, the brand constantly monitors and plays around with infomercials in its posts.

2. Baskin-Robbins Russia

Everyone probably knows Baskin-Robbins ice cream. But not everybody has tried it. And not everyone knows what a cool page the brand keeps. It is decorated in its signature colors, which are punctuated with animations and collages. The account regularly features engaging mini-games.

The brand actively reposts UGC content in stories, which increases audience loyalty in general and motivates users to tag the account in their publications.

3. Bouchet bakery chain

A team of talented St. Petersburg designers work on every post of the Buche Bakery Bakery Network on Instagram. They treat every bakery detail in the profile with love and special attention, actively use IGTV, where they introduce subscribers to the team, hold broadcasts with experts and share tips.

4. Food Soda

It’s a legendary account, so we’ve included it in the selection. First, baking soda is in almost every home, and second, it also starred in almost every post on its Instagram account. Due to its unconventional presentation, the account is interesting to a young audience, which is engaged in communication through interactive content, situatives and infostuffs.

5. Dodo Pizza

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Dodo Pizza’s Instagram is characterized by live photos featuring people (employees, customers) and many posts with an appetizing main dish.

The content is emotionally charged with positivity: all publications are bright, and the brand colors yellow and orange prevail. Also the account has strong moderation. Despite the large number of comments, the brand responds to every post.

6. Matteo Stucchi is a pastry chef and his brand from Italy

The purpose of this Instagram account is not to sell you a service or by all means encourage you to buy yourself a cake sooner. The confectioner wants the user to love his brand with all his heart, to get into his creativity and history, and on his next birthday, maybe buy a cake from him, thereby bringing a bit of art into the celebration.

In this case, the old site mechanics work, where users like the posts so visually that they subscribe to them and don’t need additional engaging content.

7. American restaurant chain Denny’s

Denny’s is characterized by really funny content and creative play around with the product. The brand is good with infomercials and knows exactly how to capitalize on current events, the latest pop culture trends or breaking news to draw attention to its own content.

Restaurant account captions may seem like an aimless stream of consciousness, but every post ultimately comes back to one topic: food.


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