8 ways to download or save Instagram photos

It will be difficult to find a person today who would not use Instagram. This service is one of the most popular for those people who like to share photos, thereby telling about their life. At the same time, many users sometimes want to download or save a photo from Instagram to a computer or phone. But the developers for some reason did not think of a method by which it would be possible to do this without any problems.

This article will introduce 8 ways to save or download photos from Instagram.

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How to download a photo from Instagram to a computer or phone

Downloading a photo means saving a specific image on a device – a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Needed when you want to save yourself a photo for later use or sending to someone.

Setting up saving the source

The user needs to go to his profile and click on the “Settings” tab. Then in the list that opens, find the button “Source photos”. Thanks to this method, the user can save all edited photos, as well as those that have just been taken.

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This method is worth taking note of, since it is the main one and also the most simple. It is especially useful when the original photo has been lost.

Taking a screenshot

Any device, be it a modern smartphone or a computer, allows you to take a screenshot. On smartphones, to make a screen, most often you need to hold down the On / Off button of the phone. But you need to remember that this way the entire area of ​​the visible screen will be saved and after that, you need to crop the unnecessary part of the picture.

For a personal computer, the procedure is as follows: open the desired photo and click PrintScreen. This button allows you to take a screenshot, after which you can safely upload the photo to your PC. In addition, using dedicated screen recording software, you can pre-select which area of ​​the screen to save and post-processing is not required.

Download programs

This method is effective when you need to download many files at once. To do this, the user needs to use the service Instaportspecially designed for such purposes. All you need to do is download the application, log into it through your Instagram account and choose how to download a set of files (there are download options in a .zip file, as well as an option for uploading photos to your Facebook account. In this way, you can upload both your own and other people’s photos.

There is another option for downloading a photo to a personal computer – Instagrabbr… This service allows you to download any photos and is suitable for those who do not want to bother too much. All you need to do is enter a username and access to download its content is open.

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Save image from code

Right-click on the opened photo. Next, in the action menu that opens, select “View Code”. A plate will appear at the bottom, where in the upper left corner we click on the mouse icon in the square.

View Code

We return to the screen, and we move the mouse over the photo, and when it is highlighted, we click on it. After that, a code with this photo will appear below, in the appeared plate. Find the image, right-click again and select “Open link in new tab”.

Keeping the original version

The image will open in a new tab where you can save it.

Downloading the source on iOS

This method is for iOS users. In Instagram installed on this system, there is a special menu under the photos. In this menu, you need to find the “Copy URL” tab. Then it is exactly the same as in the previous method.

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How to save a photo from Instagram to a computer or phone

When we say save, we mean to mark it in a certain way so that later it was easy to find and use. Saving the image is required if the image contains something useful and important for you, but at the same time you do not want to clog up the memory of your phone or PC.

Send yourself an email

This method is relevant for owners of androids. The Instagram menu on Android is similar to the menu on iOS. There you need to find the “Share” tab. In the new window that appears, the user needs to select “Email”, and then “Share URL”. After the performed actions, access to the image is open.

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Send yourself to direct or messenger

Almost the same as when sending by mail, with the only difference that we send the post with the picture we like to our personal Instagram messages or messenger.

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Save to collection

Also, you couldn’t help but replace the checkbox icon next to each post. When you click on it, the photo will be saved to the collection. Collections can be divided into destinations and folders. This is the most convenient way when you tag certain pictures for inspiration.

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