A bell for subscribing to notifications of new content has appeared on Instagram

Many Instagram users have noticed the appearance of the Bell function. With the help of the bell, you can subscribe to notifications about the release of new content on the page of the blogger or any other user.

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How the bell works on Instagram

The “bell” is in the upper right corner on the pages of all users.

When you click on the bell, a pop-up menu appears at the bottom, where you can choose which content you want to subscribe to the notifications of the release.

How to subscribe to bell notifications

You can subscribe to notifications for new posts, stories, IGTV videos and live streams.

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Why is this feature needed and how to use it?

Finally, bloggers on Instagram will be able to say: “Follow me, like and press the bell!“.

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In fact, Bell is a very useful feature. After all, one of the main problems of Instagram is content visibility and reach. And the bell will help you promote your content:

  • live broadcasts – with an additional notification, no one will definitely miss your broadcast;
  • posts and videos – notifications will definitely help you increase your reach. Subscribers may lose sight of you or simply do not go to Instagram, and a notification will remind them to do this and see your post.

For stories, the bell is not the most obvious thing, since the story is always in the most prominent place.

Life hack with a bell: if you do not want to subscribe to someone, but you need to keep track of their publications, you can subscribe to the necessary notifications using the bell. The user whose notifications you subscribed to will not know.

At the same time, a number of questions arise:

  • Will at least the number of notification subscriptions be displayed somewhere and will there be a breakdown by notification type?
  • How will the data on transitions from notifications be displayed in statistics?
  • How will the appearance of the bell in general affect the coverage and will there be any positive impact in the end?

As soon as I have more information on this subject, I will update this material, so I recommend that you keep it bookmarked and check back periodically.

Previously, Instagram began testing a new mode – “Shooting from multiple sources” for stories, and also launched animated messages in Direct.

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