A bright Letual account: how to write about cosmetics in an unconventional way


In 2020, the beauty industry, like many other areas of business, suffered greatly. The revenues of Russian beauty salons and hair salons decreased by 35% compared to 2019, and 10% of these businesses closed altogether.

With cosmetics, too, everything is difficult: because of the quarantine and the mass transfer of employees to remote work in the makeup and perfume is not much sense, because the volume of sales of such products has fallen all over the world. By comparison, in the crisis year of 2008, the decline was negligible.
That is why brands and stores that sell decorative and care cosmetics had to work much harder on their advertising this year.

Despite difficult times for the whole niche, L’etoile maintains a positive style in its Instagram account, conducts drawings and contests, and showcases new products.

Account Features

In the Instagram accounts of stores it is very important to show their products from the most advantageous, attractive side. That’s why high-quality photos and videos are very important, to the point that makeup brushes, jars of creams and lipsticks survive as many professional photo shoots as some models would never dream of.

But L’etoile went even further. On their account, they post posts in a certain style, according to the time of year and the events that take place during that period.

And we did not do without the traditional winter and New Year’s attributes: snowflakes, Christmas trees, mittens, Christmas toys and the like.

But the main thing: regardless of the colors used, the time of year, additional “decorations” of the visual (like those cats or Christmas trees) in the majority of the publications L’etoile products are very well visible.

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And so it looks more interesting than if just a product was photographed.
We, by the way, have ideas for creative product photography with interesting backgrounds and mise-en-scenes.

Another interesting trick in the visual content of the L’etoile account, which can be used for a conditional emphasis on any changes or important events – a grid of parts of one image. Practically a mosaic.

Quickly make a similar in your Instagram, you can use special applications that are downloaded from PlayMarket or AppStore.

The overall profile design is the same approach.

In the winter we changed both the profile picture and the icons for the topicals. This is a good move, because in this way you get a complete picture of the header and posts.

In Topical they put all the important information for clients: promotions, novelties, contests, reviews, and the like. There is also content that is simply interesting to subscribers: Lifestyle (mostly music selections or articles from L’etoile’s blog), videos from their TikTok account.

L’etoile posts news, notifications of new posts, makeup and skincare tips, and importantly, they actively try to interact with the audience.

Types of posts.

L’etoile’s careful approach to visuals makes the L’etoile account stand out very much from the accounts of other cosmetics brands, including major ones.
The text is treated just as responsibly. The brand talks about its products in an interesting way, shares useful tips (in particular within the “Beauty School” rubric), offers to discuss some topical issue for the target audience.

The style of the posts is very far from the popular “slapstick” approach in the beauty niche: the use of diminutive suffixes and an abundance of emoji.
This further emphasizes that L’etoile is studying its target audience. The trend of sweet talk in SMM for beauty niches is gradually receding, at least because so very small percentage of the audience communicates with each other. Therefore, “Girls, sign up for a nail” significantly loses to an adequate story about why this salon do a good manicure.
The same goes for cosmetics, hair care or cosmetology niches.

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If it’s difficult to make a content plan outside of these “nails,” you can use a ready-made content matrix.


With the help of entertaining posts the brand unobtrusively advertises its product and increases activity in its account.

L’etoile also has something to watch or read outside of Instagram as well. As mentioned above, they make videos in TikTok and blog on their website.
They collect the most interesting materials for a week in the digest, publish the link in the profile, and in the post in the feed they tell about new articles and offer to read them by clicking on the same link.


Every day in the account they publish a horoscope for the day with recommendations.

It’s especially good that the predictions are not copied from free sources and, even more so, they don’t make them up out of nothing, in the format “Well, let’s have a Capricorn meeting with a loved one, and Sagittarius get some advice to dive into work with your head”.

The emphasis on the fact that the horoscope is compiled by a professional astrologer increases the value of the content in the eyes of subscribers. And a big brand can’t afford to publish content for the sake of content.


L’etoile’s makeup posts unobtrusively talk about their products, seamlessly mixing this with really useful tips.

That is, there are no obvious things in the account like “Lipstick on your lips and lashes on your eyelids, and don’t get it mixed up.” Even if the tips are simple in the format of a short guide, they can be interesting and useful to the audience, and therefore they will be read.

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The post below talks about caring for makeup brushes. There may be nothing new here for professional makeup artists, but for amateurs there is something to take note of.

The account also has full-fledged videos of the makeup process.

There is no direct call to action, because it’s obvious that if a customer likes an item in the video, he’ll want to buy it. And he will find the information about what the item is and how much it costs more useful than the “Buy”, “Order”, and “Checkout” messages that are already popping up from all the businesses.

Educational videos or filming the process allows you to show customers how to use the item properly.


Informational posts tell subscribers the news, tell them about their special projects or promotions, and showcase products.


Considering that L’etoile is one of the largest stores in the Russian Federation, there are products in the range that are not available anywhere else. This increases their value, and the hashtag #TOLKOVLETOile goes with them in the posts.

In addition to the brand talking about its products as part of other types of posts, there are also publications devoted only to the presentation of products.

The result is an organic combination of juicy visuals and informative, concise text.

Again, there is a call for activity in the profile: users are invited to tell what era they would like to be in. Everything is organic and on the topic of the post.

There are posts where they talk about several products at once.=

It is especially important that at the beginning of the post it was explained what “micro-needle patches” are, because not all buyers can understand what they are, and the word “micro-needle” is also frightening. In general, it is advisable to briefly tell what certain products are intended for if they are new to the market or their purpose is not obvious.

In general, products can be grouped together in different ways. We have a detailed guide on how to make a selection of products with examples.

This is a great approach to product presentation. Videos show how a product feels on the skin, and it’s very reassuring: the customer can see how the product behaves. A photo doesn’t provide this kind of comprehensive information.

You can also give useful information in the text, indirectly related to the products, which will be listed below.
The post below told how to do a quick makeover, and supplemented the tips with specific products.

Discounts, promotions, specials

If there’s a promotion in the store, the account unobtrusively talks about it in almost every post. First they describe the goods, and then they remind about discounts.
Therefore it turns out unobtrusive: customers are happy to save money, because the store gives them useful and pleasant information that, yes, you can buy these products cheaper.

News about specials, interesting facts

Letual briefly talked about their special projects in Actual, and tell a tape in more detail.

For example, in the “Eco-school” project, the brand talks about the importance of reducing consumption, gives specific recommendations. And not just talks about such a topic, but confirms its initiatives, and shares them in the posts.

This is important because now many brands and bloggers are trying to blindly follow trends in order to be on the same wave with their subscribers, but they do not understand the real meaning of trends.

They also share events from the life of stores, new arrivals.

The post is accompanied by a video, so it’s easier to see.

To increase coverage

L’etoile’s attitude to increasing activity on the account is clear from the previous examples: the brand really tries to make sure that subscribers leave comments, like and react to posts.

Contests and giveaways

The goal in such contests is to increase activity. Subscribers like, repost, and tag their friends. This all affects coverage, and at the same time can attract new clients.

Contests are held with or on behalf of someone.
In one of them, they once again showed their astrologer and indirectly reminded us that L’etoile’s horoscope is unique, not “copied” from someone else’s.


The number of comments is also important. Almost every publication asks a question or offers to discuss a certain topic. In addition, customers sometimes write something in the comments about the work of the store: they leave feedback or complaints, ask to solve a problem.

Separately, in the L’etoile feed there are posts for communication only: they do not talk about products or share news.

When brands post content with an appeal to communicate, but leave only 2-3 comments under it, it looks pathetic. In the case of L’etoile, there is no such thing: there are enough likes and comments.


Departmental employees talk in posts about themselves and their cosmetics. By doing so, the account reminds us that behind the shelves with products, interesting content, and beautiful advertising are the real people who create it all.

This is especially important in social networks, where personality, the human factor, matters.

VkusVilla’s SMM people use similar tactics, but more actively: chefs show the cooking process, suppliers answer subscribers’ questions, employees from different departments share their opinions on products, and so on. See how they did it.

The experiences of other customers influence the formation of brand attitudes. That’s why L’etoile often publishes reviews and even keeps them on their Topicals.

L’etoile created an interesting and original account, thereby showing that the beauty niche can talk to customers in human language and sell products perfectly. Combined with colorful visuals and informative texts, the result is an ideal platform for loyal customers: they quickly learn the information and don’t lose sight of the brand.


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