A cover for a VKB group: how to make and put a community header


The cover for VKontakte groups appeared back in 2016. It became an alternative to the vertical avatar. According to representatives of the social network, community covers give more opportunities for creative experimentation. On them you can place not only attractive photos, but also inscriptions, logos, additional calls to action.

Thanks to this material, you will learn how to make beautiful and memorable covers for your VKontakte group. You will not have to master the intricacies of graphic editors, download the software and buy a license. Bright design for a community VKontakte easy to do with free online tools.

What should be the size of the cover in VK

The recommended size of the cover for the VKontakte group is 1590×400 pixels. However, community owners can use graphics of other sizes. For example, when viewing the page of the community from a computer, the cover is displayed at the size of 795×200 pixels. For mobile device users, the community “header” is adjusted to the screen size.

A universal cover, which will be equally displayed on both computers and mobile devices.

Smartphone users see a “cropped” version of community covers – 190-200 pixels are cut off on the sides. When creating graphics for the VKontakte publisher do not forget about this feature, otherwise the call to action or the logo will be cropped, and this will have a negative impact both on the brand and on conversion.

If you have made a photo or found in a photobank picture that perfectly describes your business, but does not correspond to the recommended size VKontakte, do not get upset. Such graphics can also be put on a community cover – just specify a visible area and crop the picture in the built-in editor of the social network.

What should be on the cover of your community

Creating a “header” for a VKontakte group, remember that it should have only the main information and nothing unnecessary. If you are accepting customers in your offices, be sure to include branch addresses, phone numbers and opening hours on the cover. If you are going to sell any products, such as original stuffed animals, showcase them in the cover.

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Use the following memo if you don’t know what elements to put on the community cover:

Header. Don’t overdo it with creativity. Potential subscribers should immediately understand from the title where they got and what useful information they can learn from the publisher.
Subtitle. You can use it to decipher or supplement the title. Try to be succinct in wording.
Logo. If your company has a beautiful and quality logo, place it in the “header” of the group. This element will increase the recognition of your brand.
Contact information. Phone number or email can also be listed on the cover of the group. For example, if you are engaged in home food delivery and your company has a single phone number for taking orders, place it in the “header”.
CA photo. Another way to let your future subscriber know that the group will be useful to him. However, before you place a photo or a picture of your CA, don’t forget to analyze and make portraits of potential customers.
Product photo. If you’re going to sell products through the publick, use quality product photos in the “header.”

To give you a better understanding of how to properly design a VKontakte group cover, take a look at successful and unsuccessful examples.


Examples of good covers for the VKontakte group header

Let’s start with the successful examples. The owners of this publika made a glorious graphic – the cover has a title, sub-title, logo, contact information, UTP and a call to action.

Another example of a successful cover. “Header” is not overloaded with information – it has only the title, logo and product photos. Detailed information on the activities of the community is placed in the status.

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Пример обложки сообщества



Now that you have roughly figured out how to make a VK group cover and what to put on it, it’s time to move on to practice. The simple and free online editor Canva will help you with this.

How to create a VK covers in Canva

To sign up for the service,

To create a cover, go to the main page of the service: canva.com and activate a 30 day free period (later you can cancel the subscription and use the service for free). You can use your Google account or Facebook profile to sign in.

Step 1. After logging in to Canva, start creating the cover. You can do it in two ways – manually, by specifying the size of the “header”. When you click the “Create cover for VK group” button, Canva will open a new template with recommended dimensions – 1590×400 pixels – and layout options.

Step 2: If you don’t know what to put on the cover, experiment with free layouts. Try on cover options, try changing the background color, and the position of lettering, frames, and logos.

Step 3: To change your cover background, upload your image to the editor by clicking on the “Upload” icon and clicking on the “Upload Your Own Images” button.

After pouring the image into the service, click on the image. It will “drop” on top of the design. To make it the background, hold down the left mouse button and drag the image down. If you’re not happy with the visible area on the cover, double click on the background and move the image the way you want it. Click the check mark at the top to save your changes.

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Step 4: To apply text to the cover, click on the “Text” icon and check out the types of captions and fonts.

You can determine the font, point size, color, letter spacing and line spacing for any caption. Don’t be afraid to experiment – it’s easy to remove all changes with Ctrl+Z.

Step 5. When the cover is ready, save the image by clicking the “Download” button at the top of the menu.

The service will prompt you to choose the format – PNG, JPG and PDF (standard and for printing). For VKontakte it is better to use the first two formats.

The only thing left to do is to click on the “Download” button, and in a few seconds the cover will be on your computer.


How to add and install a cover in a VKontakte group

  • To upload a cover to the community, click “Manage” and go to settings.
  • Scroll down to “Community Cover” and click “Upload”.

VKontakte will prompt you to select the file on your computer and upload it. After selecting and uploading the cover, you don’t need to save the changes – it happens automatically.

Not so long ago, representatives of VKontakte announced another bright way to design communities – live covers. Most likely, they will eventually displace the usual static design. Live covers are a collage of changing images (up to 5 pieces) or short videos. They are displayed in mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Now only verified communities that were able to get Prometheus fire can use live covers. However, recently the administration of VKontakte pleased the owners of the pubs with good news – by the end of January everyone without exception will be able to try the new design.


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