A directory of organizations will soon appear in WhatsApp. 



In the “business directory” of the messenger it will be possible to find a cafe, a hotel or other establishments. Also in the list of users’ contacts there will be a new tab “Nearby businesses”.


The messenger will make it possible to search for companies not only by name, but also by category, such as “Food and Drink,” “Banks” and “Hotels.” A list of active business profiles will appear where brands can post their products and services and respond with users.


More details:


  • Only companies connected to WhatsApp* Business will be available in the messenger search.
  • The new feature is being tested in Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
  • According to the company, as of October 2020, more than 175 million people worldwide used WhatsApp* daily to send messages to business accounts.
  • The main goal is to make it possible for users to find a company, send a message to it and buy products in one WhatsApp chat.



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