A new block “Similar communities” has appeared in VKontakte communities

A new block “Similar communities” has appeared in VK groups. According to the developers, the new block will help find new interesting pages, and the conditions under which it is displayed will not lead to an audience churn.

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More details:

  • In this block, groups are displayed, similar in subject to the one in which the user is.
  • The block will be shown in inactive communities in which there have been no publications for more than a month.
  • The block also appears when you subscribe to the community. This happens once – on subsequent visits to the community, the block will be collapsed.
  • Also, the block is absent if the community was passed through advertising.
  • In all other cases, the block is collapsed and opened with the “Show Similar” button only at the request of the user.

Earlier, VKontakte introduced the VK Donut platform, which will help monetize public pages, and also made VK videos available to all users.

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