About me

Dear friend, I am very pleased that you wanted to get to know me better and have come to this page. I’ll tell you briefly about me.

My name is Lilly Dickinson. I was born in Ukraine in the small village of Skala-Podolskaya, which is located in the Ternopil region, but all my adult life I have lived in Russia in the city of Togliatti. Over the past ten years, fate has moved me to different regions and countries, and finally I settled in southern Finland, in a town named Porvoo, which is located 50 kilometers from the capital of Finland – Helsinki.

I work, as you probably already guessed from this blog, in the field of promotion in social. networks and the Internet in general. I do it right from home, where I set up a real office for myself. SMM is both my job and my favorite hobby.