Activity chats on Instagram: what is it, how to create or join

Instagram posts no longer receive the same reach as they used to: only 10% of your audience sees posts. Social media algorithms work to artificially reduce reach and make people pay for ads. Some users decided not to adapt to algorithms, but to look for “workarounds”, such as an emphasis on hashtags and bot services. Others turned the innovations to their advantage, having united in chats of mutual activity.

In this article, we will tell you in detail about what activity chats on Instagram are, what there are, how to join such a community or create your own.

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What are Instagram activity chats

These are groups in instant messengers and social networks, where account owners exchange likes. Here they communicate and post links to publications, stories, videos. In one such society, users gather, to whose accounts approximately the same number of people are subscribed, and also the niche and geography coincide.

How it works: one of the users uploads a link to his post to the community and asks to be “liked” or leave a comment. Before that, you need to answer similar requests from other group members.

Interest groups on Instagram can be divided into 2 types: paid and free… The difference is how many passive members are in the group and whether the community owner checks the quality of the content, as well as its topic. In paid chats, users are motivated to “not sit still,” but to actively like and comment. They offer discounts on subscriptions, advertising in the profile of a well-known company or blogger, and other bonuses. Another option is conditionally paid communities: only those who want to “raise” their account pay.

Chats are needed to increase average ER on Instagram and the coverage of the account as a whole. More activities, higher coverage for the following publications, which means more users see your posts.

In addition, you will have a growing number of likes and comments, and not only from those who did it on request. The herd instinct works even on Instagram 🙂 Several people wrote that this product is just a find, and then your subscribers decided to keep the conversation going. As a result, the trust in the product / service increases, and the page attracts the target audience.

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Join the activity chat or create your own

There are 2 options to increase activity on the page:

  1. Independently or by invitation to join an already created “by interest” group.
  2. Create your own community.

How to enter an activity chat

To join such a group, search for posts on your Instagram / other social media feed, or contact Google for help. No matter what platform the community is created on, links still lead to your post.

How to enter an activity chat

What to do next:

  • send a request to be added to the discussion;
  • wait for the administrator’s response. Why they may refuse: due to a small number of subscribers on your page and bad content;
  • find and read the community guidelines. Most often, the process is “controlled” by a bot, which, at the slightest deviation from the rules, can block the user without warning;
  • put likes / comments under the posts of other users;
  • throw your links.

Do not join dozens of groups at once, because you simply will not have time to “like” the posts of all users. And the sharp increase in comments and subscribers on the page is strictly monitored by Instagram. Choose communities that do not have an instant ban, and you can rate posts up to 3 times a day and at different times of the day.

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How to create an activity chat

If you are the owner of an activity chat, then you do not need to think about the rules, you write them yourself. Plus, you can also make money on communities. The administrator can come at any time, post his links more often, comment on a new entry only once. But you have to solve organizational issues, look for a team, help users and quickly answer questions.

We will tell you step by step how to create your own chat activity on Instagram:

  1. Go to Direct and click on the plus sign.
    How to create an activity chat
  2. Choose up to 15 people.
    Add chat participants
  3. Enter and send a message to invite people.
  4. After posting messages, name the discussion.

Change your name at any time and invite not only your subscribers to the team, but other users as well. You can also enable / disable notifications. The same principle can create a group in WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber. In messengers, you can fill the chat with no limit on the number.

Let’s compare 2 options:

Your activity chatAlien Activity Chat
the freedom of actionStrict adherence to community rules
Fewer comments under the posts of other users (1 time under a new post)You need to leave a certain number of comments and likes per day under other people’s posts (about 3 Like Time per day)
You will post your links more oftenLimits on the number of links per day
You need to look for a team, organize the whole process, provide supportNo need to organize
Earnings on paid and conditionally paid groupsThere is no earnings on someone else’s community

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Is it worth using activity chats

You decide. Our task is only to convey how activity chats work and what they give. By using such groups, you increase the level of audience engagement, and posts appear in the first positions in the feed.

What else is the benefit:

  • the entry can be included in the “Recommended”;
  • the post will be the first when searching by hashtag;
  • new subscribers;
  • simulation of activity on the page.

It may seem that constant monitoring of chats, likes under posts takes a lot of time. Organize the process correctly and you will spend only 30 minutes a day to increase engagement. The main thing is that your real subscribers do not understand that you are “winding up” likes, because then you will lose the trust of the audience. Make sure that the same profiles do not often appear on the page, and the comments are similar to how real people speak.

A couple of tips on how to use communities properly:

  1. Filter posts. There is no need to dump every post from the feed into the discussion. If customers notice this, trust will drop to zero.
  2. Don’t be limited to one format. Post not only publications from the feed, but also Stories, videos, live broadcasts. Pay attention to Stories, they are viewed more often than the feed.
  3. Ask not only for likes and comments, but also to save the post. User engagement is least influenced by likes, followed by saves and comments.
  4. Choose publications that are most likely to “miss” your audience. For example, direct advertising of a product. Many likes and comments under the post will attract the attention of the audience and a chain reaction will start: your potential customers will already be interested in the product.
  5. Don’t overdo it. If you have 10 posts in your feed and 9 of them are “dead”, a new post with 50+ comments may raise suspicion. In this case, add a postscript to the post with a limit on the number of comments.

Readers trust accounts that have people on them more than silent pages. Activity chats help to neatly bypass Instagram algorithms, while acquiring new subscribers and attracting the attention of existing ones. But remember: without quality content, you will simply be wasting energy and you will not achieve the main thing – increase in sales and audience loyalty.

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