Added a button and a sticker “Order food” on Instagram

Instagram added a “Order Food” button for food in Russia, as well as a corresponding sticker for the stories.

To order the food they like, social network users must click on the corresponding button or sticker. The app will automatically redirect them to the shipping partner’s website, where you can place an order.

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We will tell you how to add the “Order food” button to your Instagram profile, and how to use the sticker of the same name.

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How to customize the “Order food” action button on your Instagram profile

First you need to connect to the Deliveri Club or Yandex.Eda affiliate program. After you select a partner for order processing, proceed to setting up the “Order food” button in your Instagram profile.

Step 1… Open your company profile and click “Edit Profile”.

Step 2… Scroll down and click Action Buttons.

Step 3… Select the “Order food” button.

Action button

Step 4… Choose a partner who will be responsible for order processing and food delivery.

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Food Delivery Partners

Add an affiliate link to your page in this service. You will receive this link after connecting to the affiliate program.

Affiliate link to food delivery service

Finally, click Finish. People will now be able to order food from your company using the button on your Instagram profile.

notethat if you add the “Order food” button, then other active action buttons will be automatically removed from the profile.

Food order sticker in history

To add the Food Order sticker to your Instagram story, select a photo or video and upload to your story. Then click on the button to add a sticker and select the desired sticker.

How to add a food order sticker to your Instagram story

Further, the process is similar to adding a button to a profile. The page “Sticker setup” opens, where you need to select a partner.

How to add a food order sticker to a story

And in the next step, provide a link to your page on the delivery partner’s website.

Link to restaurant

When using a sticker, any user can specify a link to a restaurant or cafe from the Dealvery Club or Yandex.Food service and will be able to use this sticker. The sticker itself will indicate through which service the delivery is carried out.

Order food on Instagram Stories

When you click on a sticker, a plate will open at the bottom where you can go to the site for ordering – the “Order food” button, and share the sticker in your story – “Add a sticker to your story”.

What is ordering food on Instagram Stories

Previously, Instagram began testing the display of the story feed in two rows, and also added a “Guides” section in the profile.

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