Added voice messages to Instagram Direct

Another update: Voice messages in Instagram Direct.

There was no official press announcement on the Instagram blog, which means the functionality is being tested.

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How to send a voice message on Instagram in Direct

We go to Direct. We select the one to whom we want to send voice messages.

A dialogue will open. At the bottom, press and hold the microphone icon and after the appearance of a blue strip of audio recording, dictate a message. The maximum length of a voice message is 60 seconds or one minute.

How to record a voice message on Instagram

While recording, the message can be deleted by swiping it to the left. After finishing recording, the message will be sent automatically.

Why there are no voice messages on Instagram

What does this mean? Instagram continues to develop add-ons to the main app to add value to the social network itself. Remember when the updates were about something other than Stories. In addition, the main goal of the developers is to fill the application with functionality so that users do not leave Instagram.

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Why there are no voice messages on Instagram

As usual, there are several problems and they are trivial.

  1. Old version of the application… Just upgrade.
  2. If, after updating the application, the function of voice messages is still not available, wait, usually the launch occurs in stages and its “wave” has not yet reached you.
  3. Also, as an option, the functionality has not yet come out of the “test” and is still available only to a limited number of people.

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