Advertising exchanges on VKontakte: placement in groups, public pages and with bloggers

VKontakte Advertising Exchange is an intermediary service between page / group administrators and advertisers. Here, the owners of promoted publics can sell posts, and businesses can find platforms to place their ads. These platforms provide users with a quick search and analysis of sites, a secure transaction. For this, they charge bloggers, customers or both parties a commission of 10-25%.

In today’s article, you will find an overview of the popular exchanges for advertising VKontakte.

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How to choose an advertising exchange in VK

The selection options for the advertiser and blogger are different.

For blogger:

  • conditions for adding to the base;
  • the cost of placing an advertising post;
  • the size of the exchange commission;
  • the minimum amount for withdrawing money;
  • where you can withdraw money.

For advertiser:

  • number of communities and topics;
  • additional functions (analysis of the number and quality of subscribers, the effectiveness of advertising placement, sorting communities);
  • conditions for placing an advertising post;
  • minimum budget for an advertising campaign;
  • the size of the commission;
  • Payment Methods;
  • statistics of an advertising campaign with export.

Review of exchanges for advertising in VKontakte communities

Consider popular advertising exchanges.


The service unites 40 thousand advertising platforms on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Telegram and VKontakte. The advertiser can contact the blogger directly or create public tasks. The customer is provided with access to data on community audience, engagement level and content quality. The advertiser will have to request statistics on the completed task from the contractor individually (this is not provided for by the service functionality).

To add a site to the catalog, a group must have at least a thousand subscribers. The service commission is debited from the blogger.

How to order advertising:

  1. Determine the target audience and the purpose of the advertising campaign… Draw a portrait of your audience: gender, age, hobbies and interests. Choose your goal: increasing loyalty and brand awareness, increasing sales, etc.
  2. Form a task… Based on the data from the first paragraph, develop a technical task in the “My tasks” tab (“Add task”). Indicate the title, description and format of the advertisement, provide a link to the site or product that you want to advertise.
  3. Find a contractor and negotiate… Click on the “Search for artists” button and sort the list according to your criteria. After choosing a suitable blogger, click on the “Suggest” button. You can also create public tasks.
  4. Top up balance… After that, the performer you have chosen will be able to start work.
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How to earn:

  1. Add site… After registering for the service, you need to add your community to the database (section “My sites”). The minimum activation threshold is 1000 live subscribers.
  2. Write community description… It is required to indicate the topic of the group, features of the published content, data about the audience – this information will be seen by the advertiser. Sites without descriptions are not displayed in the feed.
  3. Indicate average prices… The calculator from the main page will help you with this.
  4. Make a deal… You can offer your services in public assignments for bloggers or wait for a direct request from a customer. If the advertiser confirms his consent to cooperation, the deal will receive the status “In progress”. Place an advertisement in the community and provide a link to the result of your work in a special field – after that the advertiser will have five days to check.
  5. Withdraw money… After the customer accepts the transaction, the agreed amount will be credited to your internal account.

Additional functions:

  • sorting by number of subscribers, views and rating;
  • search by subject, age and gender of the target audience;
  • statistics by device, geography and demography;
  • reviews from other customers;
  • examples of content;
  • budget, reach and traffic forecast.

Financial questions:

  • For bloggers… Withdrawal of money to bank cards and online wallets occurs within 1-3 days. The minimum amount is one thousand rubles. Exchange commission 10% is charged to the performer.
  • For customers… There is no fixed price, but the service recommends replenishing the balance by 10 thousand rubles – this is enough for advertising from 2-4 high-quality bloggers. You can replenish your internal account through bank cards, QIWI, Yandex.Money and WebMoney.


Subscribers.Pro - an overview of the advertising exchange in VK groups

The VKontakte advertising exchange operates on the Cost Per Click model (pay-as-you-go for a subscription or transition to a website). Performers independently choose the time of publication, the format and content of the post. The cost of a click / subscription is determined by the customer.

In the personal account, both parties have detailed statistics on payments, each click and subscription.

How to order advertising:

  1. Add order with a link to the resource that you want to promote.
  2. Set promotion parameters by geography, subject matter, age, gender.
  3. Create Promotional Entries with gifs and images, or choose ready-made templates that the performers will have to post.
  4. Specify CPC / Subscriber
  5. Top up balance

How to earn:

You can add a community to the base with coverage of 5000 people per day. There is a manual and automatic monetization mode. In manual mode, the contractor independently chooses the order, time and content of the publication – suitable for a more accurate selection of tasks. The automatic mode assumes the selection of a system of optimal orders in accordance with the community theme, gender and age of the target audience, statistics of the income of past posts. The blogger only needs to indicate the publication time and the number of posts per day.

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The personal account displays statistics of publications with information about each click and the person who subscribes. After completing the target action, payments are instantly credited to the internal account.

Additional functions:

  • filters by topic, geography, number of subscribers and visitors, coverage, age, gender;
  • calculator of future income / advertising costs;
  • complete reporting and statistics in your personal account.

Financial questions:

  • For bloggers. Instant payments to bank cards, Qiwi, Yandex.Money and WebMoney.
  • For customers. The price of a transition to the site or a new subscriber is set by the advertiser – from 0.8 to 3 rubles.


Publicfast - an ad exchange for bloggers on VK

The platform works with VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages. The contractor needs to link their accounts – the service itself will form the price of your advertising posts (but you can change it). After that, you need to choose interests and create a personal profile. The “Available Campaigns” section will display ad campaigns that you can respond to. If the advertiser approves your candidacy, you will receive a notification. Your task is to write and publish a promotional post. After checking the publication by the customer, the money will come to the internal account.

How to order advertising:

  1. Create a campaignby specifying the placement, campaign goal and deadline.
  2. Choose an influencer
  3. Check the post created by the performer within three days
  4. Track posts and statistics
  5. Pay for the result… The minimum budget for the free plan is $ 250.

How to earn:

  1. Fill out your profile and check your statistics.
  2. Choose the right brands for your sponsored posts.
  3. Create and post content.
  4. Get paid.

Additional functions:

  • filters by category, geography, age, gender and rating;
  • campaign cost calculator.

Financial questions:

  • For bloggers… It takes one to five days to withdraw money to a bank card or PayPal account. Withdrawal fee – 15%.
  • For customers… There are two tariffs: free STARTER and PRIME – 199 $ per month. The free version has limited functionality and the commission is 25%. Commission on premium rate – 10%.


FeeClick - advertising exchange

The service is focused not only on VK, but also on all popular social networks. It works on the model with click-through payment and the ability to pay for the selected region. Due to preliminary autotesting of all communities / pages, it attracts live visitors. There is a rating of the quality of the sites.

Advantages for performers: fee for each click and instant withdrawal.

How to order advertising:

  1. Add task to the exchange… It is necessary to fill in the main parameters of the task, set the parameters of the traffic filter and payment for clicks.
  2. Top up account
  3. Find a performer personally or accept applications from bloggers.
  4. Check and pay completed tasks.
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How to earn:

  1. Add a site to the catalog… At the same time, your group will undergo autotesting (it is checked that the site is live and active, the approximate number of clicks is calculated).
  2. Send request, discuss the terms and wait for confirmation.
  3. Place an ad post with a link to the advertised site.
  4. Get income for every click… After the application is closed, money is credited within 4 days.

Additional functions:

  • filters by topic, desired click-through traffic, geo-targeting;
  • detailed statistics on clicks.

Financial questions:

  • For bloggers… Instant withdrawal of earned money in automatic mode and 1-2 days in manual mode. The minimum withdrawal amount is 150 rubles, only on WebMoney.
  • For customers… You can top up your account through WebMoney and ROBOKASSA service. The minimum budget for starting advertising campaigns and the cost per click are determined by advertisers.

Exchange commission – 25%. For advertisers, it is taken into account in the cost of a click, for performers it is charged when calculating the fee.


Sociate is a platform for advertising VKontakte

The advertising exchange works with various social networks, including VKontakte. Provides fast advertising launch and transaction security – funds are debited only for successfully completed orders. All posts are automatically checked during the entire posting period.

Customers can review group statistics with update rates, daily views, and ad coverage prior to selecting an artist. For the implemented advertising campaign, the advertiser will receive automatic screenshots of placements, data on the number of clicks and CPC, advertising coverage and CPM, ER and socio-demographic portrait of the audience.

How to order advertising:

  1. Top up balance
  2. Create a new task in the “Advertising” section… You can find sites yourself by sending applications to administrators. Or offer the task to all communities that match your parameters.
  3. Choose a suitable candidate and wait for the task to complete.

How to earn:

  1. Add your pages and groups to the section “My sites”.
  2. Set conditions for placement, indicating the subject and price of one advertising post.
  3. Accept orders from customers or independently respond to advertising assignments.
  4. Receive a reward immediately after completing the order.

Additional functions:

  • filters by the number of subscribers, topics and prices;
  • shared access for multiple employees;
  • extensive reporting on the implemented advertising campaign with export to the CSV table.

Financial questions:

  • For bloggers… The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 rubles for WebMoney, Yandex.Money and QIWI. Processing takes about three days.
  • For customers… The balance can be replenished through WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money, bank cards.

The commission is charged from the advertiser, it is included in the cost of placing an advertising post.

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