Advertising in Stories for bloggers on Instagram

Stories are at their peak. This is disappearing content and it gets more attention than regular posts. Even if you miss a post of your favorite blogger, you can go to his page and see the publication for any date. In the case of Stories, this will not work. Therefore, stories should be used as one of the independent channels for attracting customers and traffic. In particular, order mentions from opinion leaders (bloggers).

The main advantages of advertising in stories among bloggers include nativeness, lack of tagging advertising, as well as the audience’s trust in the author himself.

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In this article, we will tell you how to order advertising in stories from bloggers, how to select bloggers with the right audience, and how to make an advertising layout. For convenience, we will consider practical examples on the platform Storiesgain

Tips for ad placement in Stories from a blogger

When placing ads in a story with a blogger on Instagram, try to make it more native and interesting. Look for bloggers who have the highest concentration of your target audience.

When choosing an influencer for placement, focus not on the number of followers, likes and comments, but on the actual reach. In Storiesgain, you can see statistics on the reach of the stories of any blogger registered on the platform.

That being said, try to avoid spammed profiles – who have too many ad integrations. The more often a blogger publishes an advertisement in a story, the worse the response of his audience.

Place additional elements such as geolocation and hashtags to give the blogger’s story additional reach.

Check the publication after the release – control at what time and in what form the advertising publication was made.

When placing ads, use intermediaries – advertising exchanges, which are the guarantors of the deal between the blogger and the advertiser. Storiesgain ensures the security of the transaction, guarantees payment for the blogger and protects the advertiser from fraud.

How to order Instagram Stories ads from bloggers

Let’s go to practice. We go to the site and press the button “Registration”.

In the window that appears, select “I am an advertiser”, enter your email or phone number for registration.

After that, you will receive a code to confirm your registration. Enter the received code in the same window and the system will automatically redirect you to your personal account.

We create a layout for advertising in Stories

The next step is to create an advertising layout for stories. You can make it in advance and just upload it to the system, leave the creative at the discretion of the blogger, or do it yourself using ad constructor Storiesgain. Let’s talk about how to make a layout for advertising in a story.

We click “Add advertisement” and go to the constructor.

We create a layout for advertising in Stories

The ad campaign settings window will open. Let’s go through all the points.

Advertising campaign name

Write such a name so that in the future it is convenient to compare different campaigns and analyze them. Separate by the promoted product, promotions and other parameters.

Date of publication

Choose a date when you can predict the highest activity of your target audience. According to statistics, it is better to give preference to weekdays.

Content type

There are 2 options here: custom and improvisation.

Improvisation – this is a blogger’s creative, that is, the blogger chooses how he will advertise you.

Custom – we make the layout of the stories ourselves. We recommend setting a custom one, that is, one that we create ourselves.

Photo / video

Let’s move on to loading the background for our ad. If you have a video, you can upload it, but a photo will do. Keep in mind that Stories are vertical and you need to upload vertical media. The aspect ratio is 9:16.

The loaded photo will be displayed on the right side of the screen.


If you want to place a link to the site, then enter the link to the desired page. For example, if we advertise a manicure, then to the landing page about manicure, if we advertise hairdressing services, then also to the corresponding page.

Please note that when specifying a link to a site, you will need to select bloggers who have more than 10,000 subscribers to place ads, since placing a link in stories is only possible in this case.

If we advertise a profile, then we skip the item with a link to the site.


We write the nickname of the profile that we are promoting.

Geo Location

At this point, we indicate whether it is necessary to attach a sticker with geolocation to the story or not. To add a geolocation, just start typing its name, and then select the one you need from the drop-down list.

Choosing a geolocation

Please note that this is not a condition for selecting bloggers and audiences, this is the design of our layout.


Introduced without the hash sign. Also, like geolocation, it is attached in the form of a sticker.

Writing a hashtag for Stories

Write a hashtag where potential customers can find you.

When added, all stickers will be displayed on the layout of the stories and you can reduce and enlarge them, move and change the design, just like when you post a story on Instagram.

Story stickers

You can also add captions and other elements using the regular Stories interface. Be sure to add text and a call to action. All other elements are optional.

Stories layout design

After we have created the creative for the advertising Story, click “Select bloggers” under the advertising layout.

How to find bloggers to advertise

After creating the layout, we find ourselves on the page for selecting opinion leaders. Suggestions of all bloggers on the platform will be displayed. At the moment, Storiesgain has over 37,000 bloggers. This allows you to launch ads not only throughout Russia, but also in small cities and regions.

To select bloggers who are suitable for our advertising campaign, we will use filters.

How to find bloggers to advertise on Instagram

Account subject – allows you to display bloggers by the desired niches. For advertising beauty services, the topics Sport / Health and Fashion / Beauty are suitable.

Geography – we indicate the city of promotion. If we are not tied to geo, then we leave it blank.

Advertising price and number of subscribers… You can specify intervals by price and audience that we are ready to consider.

Also, you can specify additional parameters, such as the percentage of confirmed ads, hiding publics, the price of impressions per 1000 or the number of stories per day.

Before choosing a blogger, you can go to his page and see data about his audience. To analyze whether it suits us or not. In the case of manicure advertising, we are interested in a female audience. Below you can see data on audience gender, growth dynamics and engagement. If the advertisement has already been placed, then examples of advertising stories and the frequency of publications of their stories. We talked about this above – give preference to those bloggers who often post their stories and do not abuse advertising in them.

Blogger Audience Checker

In order to select a blogger for an advertising campaign, click the “Select blogger” button on his card. You can choose any number of bloggers for one campaign. This information will be displayed above the list. The number of sites, coverage and price will also be shown there.

Story advertising cost and reachTo launch ads in Stories, click “Launch Advertising” – before that, do not forget to top up your balance.

Track results

After publication, see if the story was published at the right time, you can do this in your personal account in the “Statistics” tab.

Story ad statistics

Data on all placements and spent budget will also be available here.

How to make money on Stories: affiliate program

In addition to placing advertisements in stories, you can attract new members to Storiesgain platform and receive a percentage of their income if it’s a blogger or expenses if it’s an advertiser.

In the section “Become a partner” you will find an individual referral link. Publish it on your website, Instagram or other social networks, and get income from each attracted participant. Taking into account that the platform is new and just starting to gain momentum, it is better to start doing it right now.

How to make money on Stories

Affiliate program from Storiesgain allows you to earn up to 50% of the service’s income. The service receives income from the actions of advertisers, and you receive a portion of this income.

The percentage of deductions depends on the total turnover of the people brought by the partner.

If your link is registered advertiser, then the turnover is the amount that he spends on advertising.

If your link is registered blogger, then the turnover is the amount that he earned on the successful completion of tasks.

Percentage of deductions from the turnover of referred clients:

  • less than 10,000 rubles per month – 20% of the profit;
  • more than 10,000 rubles per month – 30% of the profit;
  • more than 100,000 rubles per month – 40% of the profit;
  • more than 1,000,000 rubles per month – 50% of the profit.


Today we learned that advertising in Stories is an effective way to promote. We figured out how to order advertising in stories from bloggers on Instagram, through the Storiesgain platform, as well as create an advertising layout for Stories yourself.

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