Advertising in VK publics: select a group and launch advertising

Let’s figure out how to choose a public for advertising on VK, consider the points that require attention, and also explore certain tricks.

It is recommended that you follow four important steps when choosing a public on a social network for placing advertising posts:

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  1. We make a selection of popular publics that may be of interest to us;
  2. We carefully study their statistical indicators;
  3. We analyze the content and select the most popular by the number of visits;
  4. Finally, we adapt the ad post to the selected group or page.

Let’s take a closer look at how this works in practice.

Advertising in VK publics – choose a community

Step 1. Make a selection.

To select a list of publics suitable for our advertising campaign, just go to the advertising office. Click “Advertising” on the left under the main menu. Once in the personal account, from which the RK is managed, we click first “Advertising in communities”, and then “Available sites”.

As you can see, here you can find the desired community by name, topic, price per post and other parameters. Let’s take a look at what public indicators are worth paying attention to first.

  • Geography. If your products or services are provided in one region or city, is it worth ordering advertising in a community with subscribers from all over the world? Of course no. For these purposes, some regional public is suitable, where the bulk of the peers (70-80%) are from your city.
  • Floor. Everything is simple here, if your target audience is women, then look for women’s pubs, if men, then vice versa. If these are both, we recommend to split the advertising campaign, and make one advertising post for girls, and another for men.
  • According to the age. As in the previous case, the target audience acts as a guideline. We select the required number of age groups. Important! It is recommended to pay special attention to the segment under 18 years of age: subscribers of publics in this age category demonstrate a lot of involvement. Despite the lack of solvency, such a target audience is extremely useful. Advertisements for games, cheap accessories and small items can be especially effective;
  • Dogs and bots. Of course – the fewer bots and remote pages (dogs), the better. However, they are present almost everywhere, but if there are more than 20% of the total, then such a group should be treated with caution;
  • Category coverage and involvement… This parameter is one of the most important. Since VK has introduced a ranking system for posts, the priority is to show more popular publications, and there may be a situation when there are more than a million subscribers in the public, and posts gain no more than 3000-4000 unique views. It is important to keep in mind that engagement – comments, “likes”, etc. – can be artificially increased, then coverage cannot.
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Unfortunately, not all publics are represented in the VK advertising account, in which case you should contact the community administrators for advertising placement, request group statistics from them, and check all other indicators manually. Having compiled a list of the most interesting public places for advertising, you can move on.

Step 2. Statistical indicators of publics.

To study statistics, just click on the name of the public. After that, it will open in a new tab. You will need to go to the group itself and evaluate the frequency of posting. The ideal option would be a community where posts are posted at least 1 time per hour. If there are significantly more publications, then the post with advertising content will rapidly lose positions.

Back in the ad account, rate coverage of posts by day… Click the diagram icon next to the community. After examining the activity schedule, you can find the most favorable period for creating an advertising publication. For example, in the group “Do You Know?” – there is no peak activity, but a noticeable drawdown is visible on certain days – they should be avoided if you expect to get the maximum effect from your advertising.

Important! Rapid changes in the activity graph should be alarming – the activity can be cheated. Also, you should be wary of such a phenomenon as a massive exit of participants. This may be due to the attraction of an uninterested audience, which, after looking around, is in a hurry to leave the group.

You can also study growth rates, demographics – the gender of visitors, their age, and geographical spread.

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Step 3. Content analysis.

The content of entertaining publics with memes, films or music is unlikely to tell something new about its subscribers, but thematic communities publishing content of a strictly defined focus should be studied better.

Advertisement of the game in the style of Civilization in the corresponding public.

Reveal popular posts. Understand why they became popular. And take into account when creating an advertising post. What should you pay attention to?

  • Text formatting (whether the text is divided into paragraphs or is written in solid text, whether emojis are used, whether the spelling of words is used in capital letters, and so on).
  • Picture (is there any text in the picture, are images of people, animals, children used, is there a corporate style of pictures for posts).
  • Contact with the audience (Does the text of the post end with a question, is there a call to leave comments or share a post, etc.).

Step 4. Adaptation of the advertising post for the public.

Now all the data obtained must be taken into account when creating an advertising post. Write text, choose an image and make a cool call to action to achieve high CTRs, conversions and ROI.

Use the pains of your prospect to gain attention. Suggest part of the solution in a post, and post the rest on the site. At the same time, do not try to sell immediately – first trust, then sale.

Or give something for free – a webinar, a trial lesson, and more.

Work on the uniqueness of the content, no need to copy from competitors or from any sites, create unique content in the form of articles, photos, and more.

The nuances and tricks of advertising in publics

So, the right group has been selected. Now is the time to create compelling ads. There are a number of tricks you can do:

  • When launching a campaign for the first time, it is recommended create from 3 to 5 publications for different audience segments… It is better to plan accommodation in small groups with affordable prices. Pay attention to which of the ads users liked more than others, and after that, let’s advertise in large public pages;
  • Also, pay attention to which of the posts in the public where the advertisement is planned to be placed by the subscribers the most. The publication can be adapted to the most widespread and popular format;
  • It is also necessary to pay attention to which of the posts evoke the greatest response – their subject matter, design, as well as the direction of the public where they were posted.
  • Before placing an advertisement through the VK exchange, contact a community representative directly and try to get discount
  • Collect VK retargeting database – set a tracking pixel and the system will flag those who have already visited your landing pages.
  • If the ad moves to the community, pay special attention group design
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Placement of advertisements in public is not only one of the many effective tools group promotion in VK, but also with the right approach, high-quality and conversion traffic source

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