Advertising in VKontakte stories is available for all business pages

From today, all Business Pages can advertise in VK Stories. With the help of such advertising, you can talk about discounts, share new products, and increase the recognition of your company. The new full-screen engaging format will not go unnoticed.

Ads in Stories are promised not to be intrusive – the number of ads depends on how many regular stories users view in a row.

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Advertising stories look just like regular stories. They are shown on behalf of the advertiser community marked “Advertising” in VKontakte applications for iOS and Android, and will soon appear on the desktop version of the site. At the same time, they are not displayed in the general list of friends’ stories.

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How to set up ads in Stories in VK

  1. Go to the ad account and select the “Advertising in Stories” format.

2. Create your ad – upload a photo or video (you can add up to three frames).

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advertising in stories

3. Add a call to action button, link to your site or group.

4. Set up targeting. VK advises not to select too narrow an audience, because such ads work best for reach campaigns to a wide audience. For example, when advertising an online store, it would be reasonable to indicate all cities where delivery is available. The targeting settings here are the same as in the News Feed ads.

Ads in stories are purchased only by impressions (CPM), with a rate of 50 to 1,000 rubles. You can only promote those Stories that are created in the ad account (you cannot promote a previously created regular Story).

Technical requirements for materials:

  • up to three frames from a photo or video can be uploaded to one ad;
  • the image or video must be vertical with an aspect ratio of 9:16 and a minimum size of 720x1280px;
  • video must be up to 15 seconds and no more than 10 MB;
  • acceptable image formats – JPG, PNG, GIF (no animation);
  • acceptable video formats – AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, MOV, FLV, WMV, MKV;
  • It is better to place labels and other elements closer to the central part of the story.

Who is this ad format suitable for?

This format is perfect for both large and small businesses. First of all, it is designed to solve the problem of increasing brand awareness. Thanks to the full-screen format, the user is completely immersed in advertising.

For small businesses, this is a chance to increase reach at a fraction of the cost. Big business will get another option for traffic generation.

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