Advertising in Yandex.Zen: how to place it, how much it costs, examples, formats, prices

Yandex Zen is an excellent platform for promoting goods and services. The platform continues to grow in popularity, with an audience of over 50 million monthly. According to official information, the daily attendance of the project from the computer and through the official application is about 11 million people.

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In this article, we will talk about the advisability of launching ads in Zen. what effect can be obtained and what tasks can be solved. Consider all types of advertising on the platform, cost, as well as the process of placing and launching advertising.

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Why run ads in Zen

Launching advertising on the platform allows you to reach a new audience and attract customers.

The advantages include:

  • Broad audience over 50 million people monthly (plus it continues to grow).
  • Low cost per click from 3 rubles.
  • Paying audience, since the average age of a user is 55 years old.
    Age of the audience in Yandex.Zen
  • Selection of target audience for goods and services of any type is possible from a car to a movie ticket, from an info course to a proposal for creating an online store.

Types of advertising

Advertising in Yandex.Zen can be conditionally divided into the following types:

  • official;
  • native;
  • branded channel.

Advertising campaign within the platform

Examples of advertising in Yandex.Zen

Advertising campaigns on the Yandex.Zen platform are a way to attract a new audience, its attention and potential customers to your business. Giving preference to the official launch, you must choose one of the proposed goals:

  • Involvement… Aiming at getting the maximum number of readings of the advertising article. One reading – staying on the page with the article for at least 40 seconds. The selection of the most engaged audience occurs automatically, using the Yandex.Zen platform algorithm.
  • Coverage… Aiming at increasing the number of impressions in the Zen custom feed on mobile and PC (depending on the settings). Payment is charged for the number of impressions in the feed. The algorithm independently selects the most target audience, which may be interested in the advertising material.
    Native advertising
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Native advertising in Yandex.Zen

Advertising in articles on Zen

Native advertising is an unobtrusive advertisement located in an article, narrative or video of one of the authors. Disguised as regular content. For example, an ad for a new product from Avon that the brand paid for could be integrated into a review of the best facial cosmetics.

Branded channel

Branded channel in Yandex.Zen

Branded channel one of the ways to advertise your company. To create a branded channel, just create and design your channel in Yandex.Zen. Post articles, narratives, video content.

To attract attention to a branded channel, it is important to focus on:

  • creating attractive headlines;
  • quality of content and presentation of material;
  • triggers to keep the user’s attention and make him come back.

For example, in the case of the MTS channel inside the Yandex.Zen platform these are tips. Even the article “How to block spam calls and ads on your phone┬╗Is an advertisement for an additional function provided on a paid basis and which allows you to filter incoming calls, SMS messages. Unobtrusive and helpful.

How much is

Minimum read cost when using the “Engagement” goal 3 rubles, the maximum is not limited. Having given preference to the “Coverage” goal, the minimum possible budget according to the platform rules starts from 25,000 rubles, there is no maximum amount.

If you set the cost of reading to 3 rubles, you can count on the number of readings in the amount of up to 52 326 for any budget. The number of potential reads can be increased by increasing the cost of one read.

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How much does advertising on Yandex Zen cost?

If the maximum budget is set at 25,000 rubles, the reach will be up to 125,000 impressions. Readings from them up to 9652. The reading rate is approximate, since everything depends on the attractiveness of the ad itself – title, image, description.

Zen Native Advertising

Native advertising can be ordered using special exchanges. For example, promodzen. You can purchase native ads from an author with 23.5 thousand subscribers by paying for the number of impressions or readings.

How to place an advertisement in Yandex.Zen

Channel and content preparation

Channel preparation is an important component of attracting customers to a business through Yandex.Zen. Need to:

  • Come up with a channel name.
  • Put a logo – dMust be beautiful, recognizable.
  • Make a content plan for the next two weeks.
  • Develop the design of narratives, articles (it is desirable to keep everything in the same style).

In the article, it is important to hook a person at the very beginning, analyze his pain and offer a solution with your own product or service.

Choosing the type of advertising campaign and launching

In an advertising campaign aimed at engaging, you need to pay for those views where the user has read the article to the end. goal achieving maximum audience engagement, increasing brand loyalty and shaping the needs of readers for the proposed product.

A campaign aimed at reaching an audience is needed so that more people know about your service or product. The payment is fixed – 1,000 impressions for 200 rubles, the material is shown to the reader once.

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How to place an advertisement in Yandex.Zen

Step by step instructions for setting up:

  1. Choose between Reach and Engagement depending on your goals.
  2. Enter the name of the RK.
  3. Set a start date for impressions.
  4. Choose a region.
  5. Select the devices whose users will be shown ads.
  6. Choose your gender.
  7. Set the cost of reading (or budget for the number of impressions, from 25,000 rubles).
  8. Click on the “Save” button.
  9. In the new window, click on the “+ Add” button.
    Engagement and reach in Yandex.Zen
  10. Create a new article / narrative or select an old one.
  11. Click on the “Add” button.
    Adding an advertising publication to Yandex.Zen
  12. Click on the “Top up” button to top up the balance of the advertising campaign.
  13. Agree with the offer and click on the “For payment” button.
  14. Enter the amount and click on the “Deposit” button.
    How to top up the balance on advertising in Zen

After the account is credited, the advertising campaign will be launched on the date you selected.

Track results

It is necessary to track the results according to the following indicators:

  • Post CTR (the ratio of impressions to clicks).
  • The number of readings (reading is considered to be spending at least 40 seconds on the page with the article).
  • Readings map (available in the Statistics section when Yandex.Metrica is connected).

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Advertising in Yandex.Zen a great way to attract additional customer flow to your business. The bulk of the audience is solvent, the cost of advertising is much lower than in most Yandex services. And when ordering native advertising, you can save money by selecting bloggers with your target audience.

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