Advertising via bloggers on Instagram: how to book an ad


One way to promote your business on social media is to advertise with bloggers on Instagram. By working correctly with bloggers, you can attract new customers, increase brand awareness and increase audience loyalty.

However, when working with opinion leaders, there are many nuances that need to be taken into account: the quality of the target audience, the presentation of the material in the blog, an objective assessment of the cost of advertising from the blogger, uniqueness and the presence of competitors.

There are several rules, by following which you will increase the chance of getting the desired result. Further we tell you how to choose the right influx of influencers and how to advertise with them in the most effective way.

How to order advertising from a blogger in Instagram

Step 1:

Determine your target audience

Many advertisers make the same mistake. They misidentify their target audience. A simple example: you sell swimwear and advertise with a young beautiful girl who often posts photos in her underwear. But there is no effectiveness. Why?

Most likely the target audience of this girl – it’s guys who like to look at pretty girls. It turns out that you just do not hit your target audience.

You need to be clear about who your target audience is and which bloggers have it. Helpful article: How to create a portrait of your target audience.

Step 2:

How to find bloggers on Instagram to post to

Instabloggers with fewer followers (about 3 to 20 thousand) have a closer contact with the audience. They more often hold live events, respond to comments, like the followers, so there is a lot more trust in them than in the celebrities. But posting with the “stars” is at least cool and a very large reach.

How do you find bloggers for advertising?

By geolocation. If you have a local business – a coffee shop, salon, gym or children’s center – it doesn’t make sense to place with a superstar. You need to focus on finding opinion leaders in your city. It’s worth researching the authors of popular posts by geo-tagging: from your city to the neighborhood you’re in.
By hashtags. If you have a chain of children’s centers, of course, you need to look at hashtags that mention kids and moms. Hashtags like #myson, #kindergarten, #development, #children’s games, #education are a must-see. This method will work well when you’re looking for an Influencer with a blog on a specific topic: travel, fitness, languages, and more. See the top publications by hashtags, as well as Instagram search results for relevant keywords.
Search “Recommendations for you.” To do this, go to the page of an already found blogger and open the section “Recommendations for you. Then simply select the appropriate option.

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Exchanges and ratings

If you do not want to waste time searching for bloggers yourself, special blogger exchanges can help you. At such sites there is a whole database of bloggers. You can register and find a blogger by specified criteria: age, gender, interests, price, geography. The most popular exchangers: trendHERO, LabelUP, Adstamer, Epicstars, DealWay.

For example, this is what a search for a travel blogger with a normal Engagement Rate would look like in trendHERO:

Step 3:

Checking bloggers for addiction

So how do we make sure that the audience, the blogger we choose, is really real? Any expert can gain likes, create the appearance of an active audience.

The index of engagement helps to assess it. It is calculated from the amount of likes, comments to one post, divided by the number of subscribers. A good percentage is ER = 5-6%. The more the better! Of course, the engagement index can also be tweaked, so it’s worth carefully checking comments, looking for publications in the top, looking at subscribers.

You can find out how lively the blogger’s audience is and what percentage of engagement is with the help of such services: trendHERO, Livedune, Picalytics,, Iconosquare, Picaton. These sites will show how many subscribers, likes, and engagement index the bloggers have.

Анализ блогера в Инстаграм

Most services analyze only the subscribers of the account, although it is also important to look at those who like it. In this way you can immediately see whether the blogger is only accruing subscribers or likes as well. Here is an example from trendHERO, which is able to do such analysis:

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Step 4:

Budget and advertising price of bloggers on Instagram

You’ve chosen a blogger, now you need to decide on a budget. Prices for placement vary greatly and depend on many factors: the number of subscribers, audience activity, quality of content and your product (it will be cheaper to advertise a cream than a cure for constipation).

The more coverage, the higher the price tag. You will have to pay immediately, bloggers rarely work on post-pay.

Microinfluencers (up to 5000 thousand subscribers) can offer a barter. If you have a clothing manufacture offer the blogger his product in exchange for a post or stopis. If you have courses, offer a few months of free training in exchange for advertising.

Step 5:

Negotiate terms of cooperation with the blogger

The most effective ads are those that fit succinctly into the content. Most likely, you’ll have to trust the blogger and let him or her come up with their own idea of what the post will look like.

Good integration: the picture is not out of place, the recommendation is unobtrusive and does not alienate the audience.

How to write a terms of reference for advertising integration

It is important to write the terms of reference clearly, so that you do not have disagreements and misunderstandings with the blogger. In the terms of reference, be sure to specify in what context the product description should be, what hashtags and geometrics will be used, on what day and at what time the post will be published, and whether it will be duplicated in posts.

Ask for statistics to determine the most effective time for posting. Clarify if the post will be removed from your feed or if it will stay permanently. Bloggers often remove promotional posts after 24 hours so as not to clog up the feed, but even that’s enough time for more than half of the audience to see the information.

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Prepare in advance a Google or Word document with all the information about your product and posting requirements. You can then send it out to bloggers.

Step 6:

Tracking the result

You have to understand that not every blogger’s ads can produce positive results. So how do you measure the effectiveness of a blogger’s ad placement?

Payback on the post. If within a week you have earned two or three times more than the cost of the post itself, then you can consider that the advertising was successful!
The number of new subscribers who appeared on your profile, because in the future they can become your customers. It is reasonable to calculate how much it cost per subscriber. For this purpose we divide the cost of advertising by the number of new subscribers.
Ask for statistics to see what was the coverage of the publication.
Look at the involvement of the audience – likes and comments.
Count how much it cost you per application. The cost of placement divided by the number of requests received.

To objectively evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, do not order more than one placement per week. So you can monitor which placement gave the result.

If you use several promotion channels, it is difficult to track where exactly the user came from. To do this, you can create a promo code with a discount, which will be shared by bloggers, then you can determine who the buyer came from.


Use different ways to find bloggers on Instagram. Think about who your potential customers might be subscribed to. Make and test hypotheses – which ads will work best and will not only gain an audience but also generate sales.

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