Advertising with bloggers on Instagram with pay per result

Why are brands so fond of buying ads from Instagram bloggers? It’s simple – opinion leaders in social networks know how to present a product or service as if they were using it themselves. The psychology of subscribers is as follows – if a blogger wears these glasses, then they are cool, I’ll buy myself. They trust the opinion of their favorite bloggers, try to imitate them, and unobtrusive advertising from their side is perceived as a friendly recommendation.

Collaborating with bloggers helps build brand awareness and create a passive flow of applications.

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Now there is a trend to order advertising from micro- and nano-influencers. Placing an advertisement with several such bloggers can cost less than publishing one (!) Post for a millionaire. Moreover, the return on the former is often much higher.

Another trend that is just gaining momentum is paying for advertising by the CPA model, that is, for the result, not for posting a publication. Today we’ll talk about what a CPA model is and how the combination of these two trends can help take your business to the next level.

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What is a CPA model and why is it beneficial

CPA-model or “Cost Per Action” is a payment for an action, in our case, for a click on an advertisement. Why is it so much more profitable than paying for an ad post or story?

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As it was before – it took a long time to look for bloggers, compare their prices, check statistics, negotiate, discuss ways to transfer money, send materials for advertising, wait for its placement. Whether such cooperation will be effective is a matter of chance. A blogger may have good reach, but low engagement and, as a result, few clicks. Also, no one is immune from scam bloggers who draw statistics and recruit bots to subscribers. Advertising can be too expensive or not pay off at all.

Service comes to the rescue Storiesgain – an alternative that saves time, nerves and, of course, budget. The feature of the service is that the process of cooperation with bloggers here is simplified to the maximum and automated. You create an ad in the designer or upload a ready-made one, after which you can select bloggers. If the advertiser sets up targeting, then the service shows bloggers matching its parameters. You can select all or manually select several artists. The service also has an auto-selection function for bloggers.

Storiesgain has micro and nano influencers and millionaire bloggers. There are bloggers from 100 and a million subscribers. Each blogger has his own card with detailed statistics – the number of subscribers, views, clicks, ratings, and reviews. You choose those with whom you are ready to cooperate, and they place an ad in their stories. Everything is done in a few clicks. The service has over 250,000 active bloggers.

Advertisers have access to a personal account with transparent statistics, where they can evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. If you choose the CPA model, then you pay only for clicks on the ad, and the price cannot be higher than the one assigned by the service, but it can be lower. There is also a payment-for-placement model.

Now let’s talk in more detail about the process of buying ads in the service.

Paying for ads from bloggers based on results in the Storiesgain service

First, an ad for an ad campaign is created. The service has 2 types of advertising stories, the first is custom, when you create a story in the constructor or upload your promo. The second is improvisation, when a blogger independently comes up with an advertising story based on your wishes.

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Paying for ads from bloggers based on results in the Storiesgain service
Designer appearance
Filter for CPA model
Filter for CPA model

The next step is choosing bloggers. Storiesgain has 4 types of artist matching:

  • manual – you set your own targeting settings and choose those you like;
  • auto-selection based on the most important parameters;
  • ready-made collections on topics;
  • type of advertising “Announcement” – you create an advertisement, any blogger can select it from the list of ads and take it to work.
Types of advertising
Types of advertising

The price is formed based on the number of blogger subscribers, their engagement, reach and viewing of stories (Stories impressions). The recommended price is displayed even at the selection stage in the card of each blogger, that is, it is easy to plan the campaign budget and it is clear in advance what approximately the result should be expected.

Example bloggers

The selected blogger receives a push notification and takes the order to work. Service moderators monitor the correct completion of the task. You track the statistics and performance of each blogger in real time.

A few numbers of how much it costs customers a click on an ad… The table shows that “Ads”, when the client does not spend time searching for performers, are cheaper than manual selection of bloggers. However, ads have a higher number of impressions.

Comparison of advertising effectiveness

This suggests that bloggers who respond to the ad themselves know their audience well and understand how to present your product, so the return is much higher – 2 or more times.

How Storiesgain Benefits Advertisers:

  • automated advertising model – everything is configured in a few clicks, cooperation with bloggers is as comfortable as possible, there is no need to waste time and nerves on long searches and negotiations;
  • smart search – the system selects performers who are most suitable for the conditions of your advertising campaign;
  • the ability to run in the service for nano-bloggers – suitable for advertisers with a small budget;
  • mass launches from thousands of bloggers at once in a couple of clicks – with the usual method of cooperation, it took several days or even weeks to start working with at least three bloggers;
  • convenient constructor for creating stories – simulates the creation of real stories, you can put geotags and hashtags;
  • detailed statistics on campaigns in real time;
  • quick launch of advertising – it will take you no more than 15 minutes to launch one advertising campaign;
  • running a campaign and a personal manager when replenishing from certain amounts;
  • help desk support;
  • consultation on guides and cases;
  • more than 10 ways to replenish the balance of your personal account.
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So, what are the advantages of the CPA model, and why you should try it right now:

  1. You pay for the result – the number of clicks on the link, and not for posting content without guarantees.
  2. The price of a lead received using the CPA model is 2-3 times lower than with a standard ad placement with a blogger.
  3. You save time, money and nerves on the search for bloggers and cooperation with them – setting up an advertising campaign takes several minutes, the process is automated as much as possible, you do not need to correspond with anyone.
  4. You are reliably protected from scammers and bloggers with a low-quality audience (bots, reciprocal subscribers, lovers of give) – there are detailed statistics for each blogger, you can evaluate the effectiveness of his work in advance.
  5. The Storiesgain service has the ability to auto-select performers and the type of advertising “Ads”, which significantly reduce the cost per click.

Go to the official website of the service Storiesgain and test the CPA model to see for yourself it’s profitable.

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