Affiliate program for YouTube: TOP-10 best affiliates

The YouTube Affiliate Program is a service that allows you to monetize your content. You can start earning even after connecting to Adsense, but if you are the owner of a young channel, then it is better to connect to an affiliate program, since at the initial stage of development you will need help.

Many affiliate programs not only provide manager’s advice, but also help in development, giving advice on how to increase the number of views and subscribers. When connecting to Adsense no one will help you develop, and by writing a letter of support, you can wait for a long time for a response from her. Therefore, it is better to start working on YouTube with affiliate programs, and when your channel becomes successful, work directly with Adsense.

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In this article, we will tell you about the best affiliate networks, how to choose the right one and how to start working with it.

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Criteria for choosing an affiliate program: conditions, rules, how much they pay

When choosing an affiliate program for cooperation, pay attention to these features.

Number of videos posted… Some affiliate programs work with channels that have uploaded at least 10 videos, while others only need 3-5. And if you have only 3 videos posted on your channel, then not every media network will agree to conclude an agreement with you. In this case, choose from those who have minimum requirements. If you want to become a partner of a certain network, add a video to the channel and when it fulfills all the requirements, apply for connection.

Income distribution… For many YouTube channel owners, the first place when choosing an affiliate program is the question of income distribution. Someone is ready to share no more than 20% of their earnings with the media network, while others do not mind giving even 30%. Most often, affiliate networks offer such a division of income: 70/30%, but if the channel develops and income grows on it, then many affiliate programs are ready to offer you cooperation on terms of 90/10%.

Way to withdraw earned money… Affiliate systems offer different ways to withdraw funds: transfer to a card, qiwi wallet, webmoney, paypal, Yandex money, etc. This issue is very important for channel owners, not everyone has the opportunity to receive payments to webmoney, qiwi. In addition, channel owners live in different countries, which is why media networks offer their partners different ways to withdraw funds. Equally important is the size of the commission when withdrawing the earned money.

Minimum payout threshold… Depending on the payment system, the minimum payment threshold starts from $ 2. Some affiliate networks withdraw funds only if there is more than $ 20. And if you have a small channel, then you should choose a media network with a minimum threshold in order to receive at least a little money from YouTube every month. Adsense has a minimum withdrawal amount of $ 100, and therefore young YouTubers prefer to choose affiliate programs for cooperation.

Many people mistakenly believe that income directly depends on the affiliate program to which your channel is connected. The size of your earnings is influenced only by what kind of ad is shown on videos and whether viewers click on it.

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TOP 10 best affiliate programs for YouTube

There are several dozen affiliate programs for YouTube. Some of them are aimed at honest and long-term cooperation with partners, and there are also such media networks that have earned only negative reviews during the period of their work. And if you don’t want to run into such companies, read our article where we will tell you which affiliate programs you can trust. Below are the top 10 English and Russian media networks that are profitable in terms of channel monetization.


According to the partners, this is one of the media networks that offers favorable conditions for cooperation not only for experienced bloggers, but also for beginners. Every channel is important to the company, whether it has 2,000 or 100,000 subscribers. Distribution of income occurs at a rate of 75/25%. But for this, it is necessary to regularly release videos, otherwise the rate will be revised to 70/30%. But if there are 10,000,000 views on the channel every month, then the income distribution can be revised in your favor 85/15% or 90/10%. To connect, it is enough to fulfill simple conditions: link the channel with Adsense, have at least 10 videos, design the channel and add text to the “About channel” section. In addition, you must be free of community and copyright violations.



This is one of the largest partners with which many well-known channels cooperate. In addition to the fact that your channel must be related to AdsenSe, it must have at least 1,500 subscribers and 5,000 hours of views in the last year. The distribution of income is standard – 70/30%, but if you consider yourself a fast-growing channel, write to support and this number may change.



The main advantage of cooperation is a profitable distribution of income for channel owners. Count on an 80/20% rate from day one. And with high channel activity, it can be revised in favor of bloggers. In order to become an affiliate, you need to activate monetization on the channel, fulfill the YouTube requirements and link your account with Adsense.



This is one of the first media networks that used to have another name – VSP Group. If your channel is connected to Adsense, it is more than one month old, and there are at least 7,000 views on videos in the last 30 days, you can connect to an affiliate program. The primary income sharing rate is 70/30%, if your channel has more than 500,000 views per month, then the partner’s income increases by 5%, if the number of views per month is more than 1,000,000 rubles, then count on the 80/20% rate.

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Before deciding to cooperate with a media network, its employees should get statistics of your views for the last week. The primary revenue sharing rate is 75/25%, but if your channel has more than 50,000,000 views per month, then cooperation continues at a 90/10% rate. If your channel has an average of less than 1,000 views per day over the past week, then you will not be able to become an affiliate. Well, the obligatory requirement is to connect the channel to Adsense.



MediaCube successfully works with bloggers in more than 60 countries, is in the TOP-10 partners in the world. To connect to MediaCube, monetization must be enabled on the channel, the minimum number of subscribers is 10,000, the author must create original videos, observe community principles and copyright.

MediaCube offers a loyal 80/20% income distribution. It is worth noting that the affiliate program also offers its authors express payments, which give authors the opportunity to withdraw money at any time, without waiting for the payment date.



Most of all partners in this media network value the possibility of increased earnings, since the distribution of income is 80/20% from the first day of work. The media network does not have any special requirements for connecting: the channel must be monetized and linked to Adsense. And for this you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views over the last year. Also, your channel must have copyright videos and it must not violate community guidelines.

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One of the advantages of working with this media network is the profitable distribution of income – 80/20%. To connect to the affiliate network, fulfill the minimum requirements set by YouTube itself: at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours on the channel over the last year.

LCN Orbit

LCN Orbit

To connect to this affiliate program, you must activate monetization on the channel, link it with your Adsense account. Additional requirements include: at least 10 videos on the channel, at least 300 views over the last week, regular content release, meaningful channel topics. The primary income distribution rate is 70/30%, with high activity, the blogger’s earnings can grow up to 80%.



The standard connection rate is 65/35%. The main disadvantage of this affiliate program is the lack of communication with Russian-speaking managers. But these are not all disadvantages, recently it is impossible to revise the income sharing rate, as in other media networks.

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How to connect to the YouTube affiliate program

If you decide to partner with an affiliate program rather than monetizing your videos directly through Adsense, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the media network that’s right for you. Read reviews from former and current partners, study the payment regulations, requirements of the partner network, find out all its advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Check if your channel is eligible for cooperation. Usually, all the requirements of the affiliate program are spelled out on the official website.
  3. Apply for connection. This can be done on the official website of the selected media network. The duration of the decision can be different: some affiliate programs send a response letter after 1-2 days, when there are those from which the answer will have to wait 5-7 days. Usually, the site contains information on how many days it takes to consider an application.

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